Tempest 165 vs. Tempest 170 ?

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Happy new year everyone.

You all have been very helpful in the past and I thank you for it. About six months ago I asked for help choosing between a Tsunami 140 and a Tempest.

The conclusion was the Tempest is a superior boat. So that will be my boat. Now the size?

I am 5-4" and 200 lbs... and I maybe 180 in two more months. For a "short" person like me, which size would fit me best? And why?

Give me as much input as possible please.

Another detail you will ask me... "What is the boat for?"

Mainly for excercise. I need to excercise! I live very close to the Occoquan river here in VA (22192) and so I probably will do most of my paddling there. I hope I can put in two hours after work :) Although I would like to do some overnight trips or even a three day/2 nights trip, on other locations of course; but I seriously doubt anything longer than that. I also doubt I will do more than 3 overnighters this year. Next season, who knows.

Please give me your valuable input.



The 170 is a big boat. At 5’11" my knuckles get crunched paddling the 170, at 5’4" you may not be able to see over the foredeck of the 170.

(disclaimer): Try both on though.

two very different boats. Both great. I started with the 170 at 6 ft and 235. Now down to `95 and in the 165. the 165 has more rocker and definitely a much more maneuverable boat. Plenty of room for a three day overnighter with good packing.

don’t pull more than you have to for the intended uses. for exercise, and every once in a while camping go with the smaller boat. You will be much happier in the long run.


I am 5’8" and 160lbs the 165 fits perfect and the 170 is a litle big for me. At your wieght you might need to remove the hip pads or at least some padding from them. But you will love the boat.


paul-you must have missed
flatpick’s post a while back about the rocker issue…

they are the same…someone in marketing said that…and it stuck…

unless you bent it-i have done that to other boats…a little more rocker and a little left hand curve…OOPS…but i can turn well…


Definitely the 165
I tried a 170 before purchasing my 165 and, at 5’6, felt lost in the cockpit. The 165 fits like a dream…and the really cool thing is, you’ll love paddling it so much, you’ll be down to 180 in no time!


good memory!

rocker profile ‘should’ be the same. occasionally they will be a tad different caused by cooling after being molded but we have cooling fixtures (actually f/g hull forms) that hold the shape.

what they said about size. you may find the thighs on the 165 a bit tight but…try 'em on.


you don’t need the volume of the 170

the Tempest is faster…

Thanks :

Now down to `95 and in the 165
Congrats on the '95… ans it seems the 165 is the one. :slight_smile:

I am 5’8" and 160lbs the 165 fits perfec
Great! I should be fine then in the 165.

Thansk :slight_smile:

you’ll be down to 180 in no time!
Now that would be SOMETHING! :slight_smile:

That is why this WEBSITE is so FANTASTIC!.. Very nice people and they HELP!

OK, the 165 will be.

but we have cooling fixtures
"We?" :slight_smile:

You sound as if you actually make the boats… Do you?

So you are saying both boths should be the same, stability wise. Correcct?

(if you cool the presses fast engouh - LOL)

Thank you and to everyone who gave me input. You made the decision rather easy. I am going with the Tempest 165. I think I will get it from REI, unless you have better ideas? better prices somewhere else?

I will be back as I need help with other items

he does make them… sort of.
Steve (flatpick) works for Confluence/Wilderness Systems and was one of the designers of the Tempest series of kayaks.

Slow Down, Now

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Boat dealers will let you try boats before you buy. Go try 'em out. Love my 165... but I weigh 165.

I once met a guy who BUILT a boat before he did much paddling. Turned out he built a boat he didn't like. That's gotta hurt.

Dear Rique, I just got a new
Tempest 165 on E-Bay for $910. A shop in Easley, SC was closing and selling off their last kayaks. I looked for almost a month before finding it, but I’m sure others here might know of used Tempests for sale. ( Not many people want to part with them though). I’ve paddled a lot of different kayaks but so far the Tempest is the best fit (for me) by far and the most fun. I’m paddling about 25-30 miles a week in the Gulf ever since I got mine and the biggest “problem” is wanting to stay out in it instead of going to work. Definately try it out before buying. Good luck on getting a good price and have a ball!


yep- we
I get to work on/off at the factory but my real work is done here in Washington state…testing and coming up with ideas…and answering p.net questions…:wink:

I am pretty involved in many new CWS designs and QC from the field. I also get to travel to a variety of shows and sympos and educate folks on paddling and our stuff.


Tempest 170/165
dont forget if you are using the kayaks for an expedition kayak dont forget to take the weight factor in to mind. I weight 239 kg and when i packed my 30 lts of water, well guess what my submarine was hard to push until the weight got done. According to Willderness systems the boat can only handle 325 pounds

just my two sent worth