Tempest: adjusting the Skeg & leak

How do you adjust the skeg length on a Tempest? I’d like mine “down” a little more. I’ve fiddled with it a bit but can’t figure out how to do it … looks like there’s a small brass fitting on the skeg that holds the cable … is that the adjustment? What tool is needed?

Also I’ve noticed that the plastic tube that the skeg cable runs through can easily “pop out” of the pastic fitting where it goes through the hull glass into the skeg box. When the rear hatch is on, I can press down on it and hear the air coming out of the skeg. What’s the best way to seal that up? I thought of a basic clamp, but the plastic piece is hard, so I can’t see that it would tighten up around the skeg cable. Anyone fix this problem?

I tried adjusting mine
at the hand control. I loosened the screw clamp, moved it farther down the cable, then retightened it to get the skeg down farther. It worked… but then the skeg wouldn’t fully retract so I moved it back.

I’ve heard others mention putting a screw-type hose clamp on the cable housing to keep it from popping off the skeg box.

My skeg is currently jammed in the “up” position and I’m going to give it a close inspection to figure out how to make it work better.

Further Down
I just did what you’re talking about. Just tweak the skeg so it just barely shows outside the hull. Then unscrew the bolt at the hand control and slide it to the ‘all-the-way-up’ position. Retighten the bolt.

I don’t know about the other problem you mention.

I tried that as well…
… I have a “notch” in the metal slider where the cable “knob” goes … you can see the cable inside when you move the “knob” outof the way.

If you losen that “knob” you can pull the skeg all the way out. (I had a skeg replaced and that’s how they did it). Then you can see where the skeg attaches to the cable … there’s a brass fitting there … If I could losen that I think I could then adjust the cable length.

Not sure if you way is best, or is what I’m describing the best way go?

as they have said, the adjustment comes at the slider end of the system. looosen the black slider knob and pull the blasde down a touch so that it’s a bit ‘proud’ (sticking out an 1/8" or so beyond the hull) when the knob is in the ‘up’ position. this should give you about 4" of skeg bite.

as for the fitting… the best I have found is to pull the tube out and goop it up with sealant then stick it back in and then goop up around the entire fitting and tube where it enters the fitting. 3M 5200, Rule/ Sudbury Elastomeric Marine Sealant, Lexel or Marine Goop.

Use latex gloves and really goop it up.

i’ll send you a pic.


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flush out skeg tube?
I did that to the Chatham then lubed it with teflon and it helped reduce the effort required to move the skeg. On a first year production Tempest 170 I paddled it had a rustable circlip that corroded off the tube and the hosing popped off. I forget the adhesive/sealant used but a stainless clip went on after that.

on roto we used that clip. he’s got composite and it’s altogether different. go figure.


hey steve:
pic for all of us pleasae?



Hey Steve thanks for the Pic!
… made the fix and now it looks pretty much like your picture. Skeg slides smoothly. Used 3M 5200.

I put a bead on the outside of the rubber skeg tube, and ran that around so that the bottom inch was covered. Made sure none got inside the tube or plastic housing. Inserted the tube … made sure it was fully seated … than put a glob on the plastic housing, and ran that around so that the plastic housing and tube was covered for about 1 inch above the housing. Also put a bead around the plastic tubes where they go through the bulkheads.

Says 24 hours to dry and a week to fully cure … do you think I can use the boat after 24 hours?

Next: adjust the skeg … gonna make it a little proud…

24 or so
there isn’t any stress on the seal so 24 should be fine.

glad it worked! we’re actually looking at another way to put the tube into the skeg box. that fitting is good till you flex the cable and ‘pop’ it outta the fitting.

good luck adjusting the depth!


thanks for the pic steve!
be done this week to my boat…

i did end up adding a pull string (like ph boats) to the skeg just in case when i first got it…but there will be even less jamming potentail with it proud too huh?

thanks again for all the help steve!


check for pebbles/shells…
they jam between the skeg and housing all the time.

I took the boat off the rack this morning and sure enough, 2 big pebbles jammed in the skeg housing.

my skeg
seems like it slides to easily, sometimes is down a little on its own while I am paddling. When I haul the boat on my truck rack the skeg will be down after a bit of driving so I have been tying some twine around the boat at the skeg area so it won’t fall down. Probably doesn’t hurt anything but it bugs me for it to be down. Steve could you send me a picture of that goop job. Thanks . Chris

Damn… and I worked so hard…
to get mine adjusted so it wasn’t proud when fully retracted!

I’d like to get those pics also, Steve, and I thank ya.

As an aside, have you ever paddled a Guillemot Night Heron? The strip-built hull is kinda like a high performance Tempest.


both you guys
send me your email address so I can pipe ya off the picks.

If the skeg moves too easily you can put ever so slight of a bend in the slider tube. this puts a hair of friction in the system.


Oh crap!
“strip built is kinda like a high performance Tempest…”

You mean one that I could keep the hull characteristics and lower the deck in some areas for a snugger fit etc etc? In other words my perfect dream boat?

sigh…my poor wife.

I do want a wood boat but I just couldn’t find one that gave me a woody.


Come To Think Of It…
Mine was delivered proud also… then I made it humble.

My bad.

Anyway, “the pride is back”, he said haughtily as he strutted away from the keyboard.

Proud in the showroom …
… at a local boat shop today … noticed two '06 boats … a 170 and a 165 … both a little proud. Looks like they’re listening to Flatpick back at the factory. The one the they took out of the bag and put on my roof rack was a little lacking, but I fixed that as soon as I got it home.

what color did ya end up with??

yeppers… I’m at the factory right now and yes, they do listen to me. I feel kinda studly carry around my pen and clip board and taking notes!

things are getting real sweet here…finally! There are a ‘few’ boats still in the system that are a touch less than stellar! d’oh.

at least most of the dealers and alot of the customers are figuring out how to get it right!