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Looking for feedback on the strengths and weaknesses on these two boats. I probably sit the Currituck a little low in the water and not sure if I am to heavy (6' 225-30lbs). The Tempest sits and moves fine on the water for me, but concerned about getting in or out (wet exiting) on the water as I need to remove all pads including the bolt on thigh brace to accomadate my size, nor can I raise a knee once in. I have tried several bigger boats and fit them fine with room to spare (Explorer, Argonaut,Quest and Assateague) just not sure if I need that much volume. All suggestions welcomed

Slight Modification

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I wanted a little more knee/shin clearance in my Tempest 165. The guy at the dealer moved my seat back a few inches for 20 dollars or so. It feels great. He was concerned that the boat would slow down or handle differently. It didn't change the performance at all.

Seat Moving Will
change the trim. Most kayaks weathercock. Moving the seat back puts more weight onto the stern and unweighs the bow. If done to the extreme, the bow will ride higher, catch the wind, and blow downwind – leecocking. For smaller paddlers in relatively larger boats, moving the seat back can prove to be a positive thing by affecting a more neutral trim.


I have a T170
and have been paddling it for a year.I’m 6’ 210#.I love the way the boat fits (very tight),but I had trouble getting in and out.I moved the hip pads back a little which helped.I tried the Assateague,but didn,t care for it.The Currituck was too small for me. I tried the T180,fell in love with it and bought it.See if you can try a T180 somewhere.


Body Type
Since my legs are long and heavy in relation to my torso, moving the seat back probably made my boat perform more like a ‘normal’ person was in it!

I’ve had several students in the same weight range as you have described. Depends greatly upon where they carry the weight. Safety and comfort should be your highest criteria as compared to “do I need that much volume”. My instructional fleet is made up of Impex boat (so yes I’m biased) but I’ve had many larger torso’d individuals in Assateagues and they’ve made them fly on the water. In Curritucks they fit but the boat and student seem to be twitchy and uneasy on the water. So I’d say take the opportunity to try an Assateague. If you have to drastically modify the cockpit of the boat you’re considering something’s ammiss. Let me know if you’d like to come and paddle an Assateague for a bit.

See you on the water,



I’m same size and I love Tempest

You and I are virtually the exact same size/weight. If you haven’t spent some time at Wes Boyd’s “Kayak Place” (www.kayakplace.com) you should. You’ll find some great information there for us “big paddlers”.

In fact, you’ll find an article there that I created. It was a boat review for the Tempest 180. I tried it, loved it, and bought it!!

I also paddle a NDK Poseidon and like it, but for comfort there is no comparison, the Tempest is the best boat.

I think if you tweek the padding a bit in the boat, including removing the padding you don’t need would solve your concerns about the Tempest. I also think that once you configure the boat the thigh hooks will be fine for you. The thigh hooks are one of the crowning acheivements about the Tempest.

As for you paddling the Carrituck(sp). From memory, isn’t that an Impex boat? Wouldn’t the Assateague(sp) more comparible to the Tempest?

And lastly, I assume for your size, you’re comparing the Tempest 180, right? If not, that’s your problem. You are TOO BIG for the T-170 or 165.


what they said…and
you’re too big for a Currituck. IMHO.

it’s an EZ job moving the seat in a 170 which is bigger than a Currituck. and it will help clearances and won’t do that much for trim, as Rex (Kudzu) said.

The Assateauge would fit you better if you like the Impex line or possibly the 180.

the impex line and tempest family compliment each other quite well. in sizes it goes:

XS- Montauk

S- T-165

M- Currituck

L- T-170

XL- Assateauge

XXL- T-180



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It is the T-170 I have been looking at. On the water I do not appear to be to big for it. Do you recommend that for a good and safe fit that one be able to pull a knee up while sitting in the boat? I can get in and out of the boat as it is, but it is a firm fit. That would be fine if I had youth on my side, but as youth as slipped by (mid 50's),I want a little room to spare. Also how many inches back can that seat be moved back before creating a new set of problems? I haven't seen the T-180, but not sure that I need to go that big as I already have tried the Argonaut (liked but even a tad big on me), Quest (similar, but had little time in it), Explorer HV (Liked, reasonable fit, but wished NDK did somethings differently) Because I am a little more comfortable with the ability to lift a knee, knowing what I can do for moving the seat might help.

My Experience
I moved my seat back a good 2 to 2.5 inches. The guy who did it thought it was a huge move. Like I said, it gave me plenty of leg clearance and the boat behaves just fine. I don’t just think it behaves well, GPS and my skeg position say it behaves well.

Being able to raise the knee / leg while seated is a personal preference thing. I like it. I like to paddle barefoot but when it’s time to get in or out I want to be able to get foot protection on or off easily. I also like to stretch my knees up toward my chest on very long trips.

what he said and…
it’s personal preference if you REALLY want to lift a knee. many folks PREFER ocean cockpits that are barely bigger than our waist. getting a knee out is more of a comfort issue than safety.

on the 170 you can easily get by with up to a 2" move.


raising knee/safety
I agree that it’s not a big safety issue for touring boats, but the swiftwater rescue class I just took changed my ideas about whitewater boat cockpits. Being able to get a knee up and a foot on the cockpit rim can make a huge difference in a pinning situation.

Big Yak
Take a ride to Jersey Paddler and demo the CD Gulfstream and Tempest 180 Pro. I think you will find the 180 Pro a perfect fit and it is only slightly more expensive than the 170 Pro. Another option is the Eddyline Nighthawk 17.5 which J.P. does not carry. If all you can afford is a poly boat try a Dagger Charleston 15 or a Zoar Sport HV. Bob

moving seat on Tempest question
Was it a Tempest 170 you moved your seat on? The one I looked at today you only have about an inch before the back of the molded seat would start riding up the angle bulkhead. The other problem I saw is that to move the the seat backwards and re drill the holes into the top of the molded seat plastic where it makes contact with the underside of the deck would have the bolts now lined up to hit the back of the rivets/bolts that are used to attatch the velcro strip that hold the hip pads. I could remove those rivets/bolts first, but would rather keep things as simple as possible if I am going down this path.

Mine is a 165
Webshots is giving me a hard time uploading photos. If you’ll email me offline with your return email address, I’ll send you some photos of the fix. All the fix amounted to was this… There are two bolts near the coaming that secure the seat. The mechanic moved the seat back so the ‘front’ bolt went into the rear hole. A new rear hole was drilled. The vacant hole in the front was welded shut. The weld is barely noticable.

For some reason I had more leg/shin room in the 170 than the 165, but I really preferred the feel of the 165 out on the water.

oh yeah.
ww’s another story altogether!

In a WW boat I wish for BOTH my legs to come out at once, not just one at a time!!


the pro (f/g) model is limited to about an inch of aft movement. a little more if you take out the seat and grind down the back of the seat pan. 1/2" more.

the seat bolts should miss the rivits. just hold the seat inboard a touch when drilling.


looking at it that is what I figured would have to be done.

Currituck, Tempest…
I am 5’10" and 215lbs…with a 28" inseam. I paddle an RM Tempest 170 and find it fits like the proverbial glove. I am looking for a much lighter boat and have ‘discovered’ that it is possible that the T170 may be too small a boat for me. I am hearing that although it might ‘fit’ me, that the weight I carry above the deck warrants the ballast of a larger boat (Tempest 180, Assateague, Lincoln Eggomoggin…etc.).

I sat in the Tempest 180 and the Assateague today…both very comfy…felt a tad large at first, but then I would fit out both boats. I also paddled in some more challenging waters this past week in ME while on vacation. Although I am comfortable once in my T170, I believe I would’ve appreciated the larger cockpit of the T80 if I had to exit and return into my boat in the swells I was paddling in.

I plan to demo the Assateague, Currituck (am curious) and the T180 real soon…am real curious to feel the difference on the water.

Let us know what you discover!



you are a inbetweener. you could go either way, the 170 for tight and the 180 for comfy, loose.

I’m leaving right now for a 7 day San Juan Is trip where I’ll be guiding 10 people, so lots of GEAR. I’m taking the 180 and I only weight 175.

good luck. I think you’ll be happy in the 180. it’s a sweetie!