tent suggestions?

I’m in the market for a new tent to fit in

my Artic Tern HV or CD Crosswind. I’d like a 2 man(for 1 person and 1 lab)

under $150, light weight and very easy to set up.

I saw in the recent Cabelas 2004 catalog a XPG

2004 2man for $129 with aluminum poles. Anybody have any experience with that kind of tent.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

Mostly used for 1 to 5 day slow river travel.

Thanks conan

Timberlines have given our scout troop alot of good service, Every kid in the troop can set one up in the dark. They lend themselves to being staked out in a wind but are basically free standing. they may not be the best but they are a good tent.


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I got a real nice Kelty 2 man 3 1/2 season for christmas. I forgot the model but I know my wife bought it at campmor.com for somewhere around $100-120. You might look on their website.

Backpacker magazine…
rates that particular tent as a great buy in their latest edition…

Second the Timberline
I’ll second the recommendation of the Eureka Timberline although I had the 4 person version. Try www.Campmor.com they usually have pretty good prices on Eureka tents.

If you’ve got the pooch with you I’d think you’d want a good sized vestibule. I could see the Timberline tents as a viable choice with the additional vestibule. The outfitter’s models especially would be extremely durable.

I went looking online for the tent I bought at REI last year and located 2 other models that are on sale. Marmot has only been making tents for a few years (as far as I know ) But they’ve gotten some decent reviews and these sale prices aren’t bad:


http://www.rei.com/online/store/ProductDisplay?productId=47623280&storeId=8000&catalogId=40000008000&langId=-1 (this one is nice - dual vestibules…)

Here’s the one I ended up with. I’ve been fairly pleased with it. It’s light, and two vestibules is a big plus (especially with a canine companion.) and I prefer clips to pole sleeves for ease of set-up :


Good Luck-



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If you are near a Galyans Outdoor store, they carry a tent, I believe made by Sierra Designs or Eureka but labeled as a Galyans tent, that prices at $99.00. Light (under 5#), easy to set up, well ventilated 2 person. Best and lightest 2 person I could find at this price.

Also check campmor.com for sales items.

Think about a floorless tarp or tarp/tent. very small packsize no floor for the dog to rip.

These are my favorite tents

Coleman tent
You can find these on ebay for about $65 (new).


Free Standing
It is nice for the tent to be free standing because of the chance of camping on sand. I know you can put in deadmen and make others work but free standing tents sure make things easier.

Try these…




I could list hundreds more, but I’ll let you look for your self:



I have the last one on the list I posted & it works excellent!! Although I have a “rubberized rainfly” that goes 100% to the ground…

Paddle easy,


tent options
Depending on the time of year (bug season or not) you should look into using a tarp system. You can pick them up for under $150, fit 2 people, stores in space the size of a softball, and light as a feather. I picked one up from Diamondback and use it for kayaking and backpacking. I just can’t use it in the summer when the bugs are a problem.

You can also…
just buy an 8x10 tarp ($10) and get a bug screen from Coghlins for about $20 & combine the two… Together, they would roll up to about the size of a football.

Paddle easy,


Eureaka Tents
Check out Campmor.com their 2 person back packing tents are reasonably priced, I bought a light weight fiberglass pole model last year. It packs very small and has been on several trips with no problems. I think mine is an Apex model. The rebate looks like a gimmick but they really do pay up after awhile.

Lots of choices, but
stay away from a single wall-no fly tent if the dog ever stays in the tent with you. The humidity will make the inside wet like a rain forest.

Check out the brand new Kelty Sage…awesome 2 person, freestanding, 5 lb tent! It rocks! I just got one recently along with a Crestone 1 for ultralight tripping.

I’ve used Kelty tents for years and I think they are the best value out there!

Eureka Apex
I second Seadart’s opinion. I bought the Apex 2XTA from thetentstore.com for about 125 bucks with free shipping (don’t know if the free shipping still applies). It’s light and packs down fairly small. It fits in my CD Squamish just fine.

timberlines okay…
as long as you it dosen’t storm to bad. i had three timberlines, know i’ve got 2 (gave one away). Got them all cheap used. I’ve used my timberline for 5 years know it’s treated me very well in Yellowstone, Glacier backcountry trips Current River overnighters and everywhere in between. the only problem i’ve encountered is you have to set it up so wind will hit the side in case of rain and in really bad stuff the rain fly doesn’t cover enough of the tent. Granted the only two times i’ve had problems is during spring thunderstorms w/ possible tornado watchs and 40 mile per hour wind, but that’s when you really need a good tent. I want a new one but have two perfectly good timberlines so its hard to dish out more cash. If you do get a timberline make sure you waterproof at least the fly with some silocon basded spray. i’d also check campor, galyans, rei for some good deals

REI Half Dome
I have had an REI Half Dome for a couple of years and I love it. It is easy to set up and very well made. I believe that they can be had for about $150.



Ebay 150!!!