the best kayak ever?

I know that like with everything, you give up something for gain of another matter, but, even with that, there are often something that creates an approximation that becomes the best of all worlds. no doubt there are a few kayaks that succeed in doing that. I’m talking about a bout that can go on big deep water for overnight trips (mostly lakes).

so, of all the kayaks and their makers and model’s out there, what one’s tend to hit it on the mark, better than everyone else?

ps - what do you guys think of Pygmy Kayaks, they’ve caught my brothers eye.

pps - what do you guys think of Tideline Kayaks, they’ve caught my eye.

pps - being new to this, I’m open minded and like to hear others thoughts and opinions. hearing stuff helps me know what to go look at ‘first’ if I can :wink:

the world’s best kayak was made by Ooglit, on Baffin Island about 1787 C.E. It was sized perfectly, tracked well yet turned on a dime, needed no skeg or rudder, was lightweight and strong.

Ooglit died from smallpox contracted from European explorere, snd his boat was taken to England as an “aboriginal oddity”. It was lost in a fire, and all paddledom is poorer for it.

But seriously, both Pygmy and Tideline have their supporters on this board. Both are quality products.


best kayak
I am no expert but I built one of Pygmy’s Arctic Tern (14 ft). This size is not the best for extended camping but the design is great.

In open water with quartering winds I have no problems keeping on course. My paddling partner has to employ her skeg to keep straight while I don’t even notice a problem. In heavy waves things just get to be fun.

Stability is great, I can lean it over until the water is over th cockpit comming and right it again with just a flip of the hips.

Construction was straight forward, no problems.


Good luck with your quest.

…and I’ll sell it to you for 5000

Prijon Eski
Its a great all around boat.


it is perfect
if you think it is :slight_smile:

After spending some time on this board you will see that a perfect kayak is only a figment of paddlers imagination, sometimes a way to justify money spent…

Ask yourself:

Where do you want to paddle

Why do you paddle

How do you want to paddle

The wet one.

Don’t think so
This is the same problem as someone wanting to know what is “the” greatest violin in the world, and violins are easier than kayaks because they don’t come in every size from 7’ to 22’ and widths from 19" to 30+" in order to accomodate multiple kinds of water and uses.

At least violins are fairly similar in dimensions and get played in similar venues. But no one who plays can tell you there is just “a” greatest one. There are solo performance workhorses, there are violins that shine in chamber work, even in traditional music… and the best of them each have a unique sound that is different from others but equally pleasing to the ear and musically succsssful.

I have the same response to the idea of “the” best kayak as to “the” best violin. There isn’t just one. But as long as the one you have works great for you, whether it is “better” or fancier or whatever seems pretty unimportant.

I’ve liked the ones I’ve tried, but the 14 is the only one that really fits me well. Most of the models seem best suited to bigger folks or carrying gear.

Necky Swallow
too bad it is not made anymore.

I’d want a larger yak…
…so the concern about the violine illustration, won’t fit. I want something big, that can handle a fair load of weight!

btw, totally off topic, I love maynards wine gums! :smiley: munch slobber chew :smiley:

Yup, it works
and if you want a “big” one, exactly the reason there isn’t going to be a best ever one. At least as long as there are also small people out there who kayak.

A nod to the Bic Yakka.

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I know Pamlico_140 would disagree, but this Yakka might be the darned bestest kayak in the entire world when you consider price, size, mobility, weight, length, speed.

Now, if you consider any one of those characterics singly, then no, the Yakka is near the bottom of the list for each. But all told, on average, yep, the Bic.

Thanks for a superb question ;-)

Postscript: I am being flip here, as in totally.

can’t even find a picture…
hey tsunamichuck, do you know of any link or picture of this kayak? even tho it’s not ‘available’ I’d like to see what it looked like. seeing the specs for it would be pretty cool to0 :slight_smile:

the bic’s are nice, but…
…they’re all too small for what I’d like and I want a SINK, not a SOT. but that Scappa is a sweet looking boat! another boat that caught my eye is the Warren Light Craft LittleWing yak’s. well out of my price range, but their design difference is appealing (they look funky).

Send me your email address
and I will send some pics when I get home tonight. It is 16ft x 24-25". Fiberglass. No hatches no bulkheads. Greaqt day boat. I use a sea sock and flotation bags.

email sent…
it has been done.

Pygmy Arctic Tern…

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For camping and fishing.. Light weight and lots of room. Handles well empty or loaded.
Also have a Tern 14 for play...

For running loaded the Nordkapp seems to be the readers choice..

and just ordered the best day boat..

Nordkapp readers choice.
about as odd a boat as possible for readers choice. i wonder how many readers have even paddled one?? if many had, it wouldn’t have made it…

Yo, camvan, check out yahoo, brother

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