the best kayak ever?

A fellow paddler of mine adores his NKap

Love mine

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Even Sing the Anti-Brit covets mine.

From what I can find there have been 5 versions of it (two brand new versions) with four of them still available…

Ya gotta like one of them…

is there a website for Nordkapp?
cause if there is, I can’t find it grayhawk. :frowning:


I just paddled the Nordkapp LV… and I am in lust…

GRO Valley Canoe

paddled the Nordkapp LV… and I am in…
The LV is my favorite 'kapp

Yeah, Like The "NoKrap…"
I am not “anti-brit” anymore than I am “anti-go-native.” I think every boat has some merits that meet the needs of some individual. It’s when that individual takes his/her preferences and elevate them to the “ideal” or the “best” that cracks me up. But, and unfortunately, “cultist” behavior is not the sole province of paddlers…


Cults are OK…
…as long as you belong to enough of them… :slight_smile:

I’m not certain but this may be the best


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I certainly have wide enough of an array of boats and paddles and other stuff to join a few cults. Frankly, though, I find most of them boring. And, I am sure, they would find me "inpure..."

I want to start a PNet "boat slut" club. However, You can't join just by saying you have more than a few boats, especially when they are of the same type/brand. (There is something Freudian about seeking the "same" in every "partner.") The boats have to reflect some ecclectic preferences. The more catholic the better.


Strange but
I’ve been called a “kayak slut” by friends. They claim I’ve never met a kayak I didn’t love. :)Not true, I only have 11 (or is it 12?)the latest is a Ginnyak I built a week ago and the jury is still out on it.

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar
Damn Sing, you just made me realize how truly screwed up I am. Thanks! :+)

Don’t know about the boat, bruce…

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but that is, hands down, the best snorkel coat.

Tooksook paddle in cedar, tsunamiC.

It is Derek Hutchinson in drag
The paddle shape gives it away.

hey sing I don’t want to be a cultist…
but if you read what I put in my original post, making this thread, you will see that I pointed out you give up something to make a gain in another area, but despite that, often times a company does a very good job of making a well rounded (not literally!) boat that makes the best of all worlds. it’s a very universal boat.

when I said that, I had a long boat in my thoughts, but as has been pointed out, there are a number of shorter boats that seem to do that.

at the same time, being a current non-boat owner, those that have glowing thoughts about a boat should be taken seriously, when one wants to find a boat. it doesn’t mean I’ll just go out and buy it, but it gives me a reference for something to look at.

sadly, I fear I’m going to be a ‘one kayak guy’, so I need to make the best and most educated purchase I can. :slight_smile:

Well, if you DID want to be a cultist…
… you could look at a QCC 600 or 700. They’ll pretty much do whatever you can. Fast when you want fast, well mannered and stable when you need it. Not the best choice for narrow twisty rivers or extended surf zone play - but top end of the general paddling choices.

Lots of kayaks are good gereralists…

Personally, my goal os to remain “impure”. I have a QCC, a self made skin boat, a surf ski, have had Brit kayak, (all a bit cultish)… Currently kicking myself for letting a Cobra Strike surf SOT go on eBay for $150 and not even bidding…

Would you get back to us about the Ginnyak’s performance. I have been thinking about building Brian Schultz’s boat. Did you add a rub strip to the stern? How is the tracking?



If you start the "Boat Slut Club"
then camvan and I can start the Boat Slut Wannabe Club.

You guys all make me nuts! Stop helping me change my mind over and over and over! :wink:

I have yet to buy my first boat and the way things are going (got that bum arm/shoulder thing goin’ on) I may not get my first one till next spring!


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I tend to be more of a purist!
I buy what’s best at the time I buy…tho if something does treat me write, some customer loyalty could develop :wink: but yeh, those QCC look very nice! I still like the look of the Tideline 19 too. :slight_smile: