The Independence...Making a comeback!

-- Last Updated: Jun-03-08 11:33 AM EST --

We, Vermont Canoe, have just entered into a formal agreement with Jim Henry to produce the Independence. We are scheduled to begin building the mold in July. Nothing is ever a sure thing until new boats are actually coming out of the new mold, but the process now begins. Think good Indy thoughts. We will keep you updated along the way.

Yee Haa!!!


ps There's another Henry design to follow after the Indy.

Here’s hoping that all goes well with the mold.

go Indy!
Is the hurricane and the typhoon Jim Henry’s design as well?

Just went for a walk and paddle with my Indy, one brown trout for brunch.

go Indy!

What hull construction?

Would be nice to pull the gunnels in about an inch on each side.


Best of luck!
Waaaay back when I was a Mad River dealer (late 70s) it was Kay & Jim henry who gave me a tour of the factory. I am so glad to hear that hulls are rolling out of the Mad River valley again.


Gad Zooks! Dat be good…
Ah’ really like me Indy.


I just
bought a very lightly used Indy this weekend of short cash. I love this boat!

Any updates to the design?
I love the Indy, has a lot of positive attributes and is still one of the prettiest boats on the water.

Would love it even more with a little more rocker in the bow and shouldered tumblehome :smiley:

I’d love to have a kayak named

Good luck with the venture even though I’m a kayaker who is glad when paddle sports gets another boat.

Paddlin’ on


Really glad to hear that
I super boat! I (heart) my Indy.

Indys are beautiful canoes.

I got out on the
water today with mine and three kayakers stopped to let me know how pretty the Indy was “for a canoe”.

That’s good news

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Over the years I've been in many discussions about the Indy as to why Mad River stopped producing it. It is to my eyes a canoe that always makes you stop and take another look. Beautiful canoe, and you may be surprised by the number of Independence owners out there. I can think of at least 7 people I know who keep one handy. I've used mine for every purpose except white water, But I do know of one that has made many trips down Slippery Rock creeks mad mile which is a nasty little class II III. The Indy is a lousy choice for a river like that but it shows what a good paddler can do in the wrong boat. Mine always did everything I ask it to do and went on some eppic trips, like the November 11 2005 paddle in at Kinzua. Coming out fully loaded the wind was howling at +20 Mph to our backs and she never flinched.

A few photos,

The Indy at Indian God Rock on the Allegheny

And the firewood load again

and one more at the bottom of Frigerator Rock on Kinzua

I haven’t paddled a lot…
of different boats like many of those here have but, when I first went out last year in my new-to-me '93 MR Independence, I knew immediately that it was special. Now that I’ve grown accustomed to its traits, I can’t imagine trading it. Mine’s the Kevlar Hybrid lay-up and I really like not having those flotation tanks in the stems. A red gelcoat with gold pinstriping and the stained ash trim, all original, help to make this boat one of, if not the prettiest at the put-in. Don’t change a thing! Bon chance!

Excellent pictures
Here is my Indy. (I recently settled on a final name for her…“42”) : )

Does anyone
know what the efficiency load rating is for the Indy?

I would say
with a 200/220 lb. paddler it will carry 70 to 80 lbs. of creature comforts very nicely.

Hey Elmo
I have one for sale if your interested. Shoot me an email.

and if
you’re in the 240-250 range, we’re getting a bit tight!

cool photos
especially the one with the firewood. now that’s a utilitarian canoe. wish i had one.

Already gots one, but thanky kindly