The Kayak is suspect

More and more I seem to fall under the scrutiny of different branches of law enforcement while paddling. We have been buzzed by DEC helicopters and greeted by DEC and Border patrol at put in. Not harassed mind you, But under observation. Today I was watched by a local officer but stranger still 2 MPs. Anybody else experiencing this??

Just out of curiosity, where are you paddling? Near any big cities, or terrorist hot spots? I’ve not experienced this before.

Niagara Falls NY
Upper Niagara river mostly. Today I did launch near a major bridge but it’s next to a marina so boat traffic is not unusual

Maybe not the yak
I used to have the same problem a few years ago before I cut my hair, which was well down the middle of my back. Along with the beard, and frequently, tie-dye shirts, law enforcement thought I deserved at least passing notice. I remember riding my mountain bike in the desert near Tombstone, AZ, and being watched by someone in both a black airplane and a black helo. Part of being invisible means that you don’t kayak where paddle-craft aren’t normally seen, or bike where everyone drives. If you are out of the ordinary you get noticed.

Hudson good example
Same results can happen kayaking near the nuclear power plant, important bridges, West Point, along the Hudson River. Especially Greenland paddlers who different paddles are unfamiliar to authorities. :slight_smile:

Maybe its you or your boat
They think one of them is sexy.

But after removing my burkha to get a better look they left me alone.

I fergot
about X-mas 1999 at the opening of the Jubilee Door in the Vatican, still had long hair/full beard, the Poliza frisked me several times on my way in. Come to think, they seemed to enjoy it! (What’s really funny is that I held my raincoat open for them, just being courteous, and they never searched the raincoat.)

do you look guilty?
its been my experience that people that look guilty usually are

ive had some probs with law enforcement on the water… around here a ranger/water patrol agent will hide in the woods along a river, and look for people to bust for littering/drugs/ minor in possesion of alch./whatever.

Im a young white male, clean cut short hair and a goatee (short and clean shaven other than that) but i find myself getting profiled by the water patroll often. But sometimes i look guilty, since I am a young white male, and normally when im on the river im shirtless (tatoo on my back) and weraing a cowboy hat (works well to shade my head :wink:

sometimes I just look like im having too much fun and they pull me over

and back to my first point in this post… sometimes im guilty of something :wink:

(who doesnt like to smoke a doobie while paddling? lol)

When did you loses the dreads?

Shoot them the bird
I do that when I paddle past the video cameras down at Cudjoe Key in the Florida Keys where they keep “Fat Albert”.

I often wonder when I pull up on one of those remote Keys to take a leak if I am on candid camera.



What’s “Fat Albert?”

Absolutely nothing wrong
with a little pot and paddling.

I have been questioned by law enforcement several times while in my kayak, but most of the time it likely due to the grateful dead shirt and the bottle of Bell’s Third Coast beer in my hand… :slight_smile:

I’m betting the OP has been followed for being so close to the border.

The unmarked US gov’t blimp
that is either spying on Cuba or braodcasting our propaganda to them, or is intercepting their propaganda to us, or all of the above.

A few years back, I asked a deputy sherriff who was sitting at the put-in in his patrol car if he knew exactly what they were doing., and he said he didn’t have a clue.



I have paddled near the Ginna Nuc Plant outside of Rochester, NY without any problems. Ginna has a full perimeter, brightly colored buoys marking the security zone on the water, so it is easy to avoid. No issues.

Recently however, I was shadowed and approached by the USCG just south of Peekskill Bay on the Hudson River. I realized almost too late that I was about to enter the security zone for the Indian Point Nuc Plant. I knew the plant was near so I kept on looking for a security perimeter similar to that at Ginna. I realized at the last instant that the only markers were 4 in-line white can buoys way out in the main channel (~300-400 yds), near to where the CG boat was maintaining station. It was the CG patrol boat that was the give away. Once they came around to take a look at me I held up and really took a careful look. I realize I was about 50’ from crossing the imaginary line drawn from the northern most can buoy to the shore. I slowly turned and headed away, as did the CG when they decided I was not going to enter the security perimeter.

Tried that
made bail this morning!!

I’ve had cops in the family all my life.
They do just what you do on your job - follow the directives/rules/goals they are given. There are some jerks, but I work with as few too.Or my coworkers do.

"They do just what you do on your job". Sit around and drink coffee??? :0)

just keep paddling
and ignore them…put the paranoia away…there are security patrols everywhere plus all manner of other agencies…if you paddle near Bath Iron Works in Maine you will be followed by a boat.

don’t put your guns on deck…
stow them inside.