Think Legend Surf Ski

Wondering if anyone out there owns one of these. I’m seriously considering one in kevlar. I have one friend who has one, but am additionally curious if anyone has gone from a ski like a V10, Mako 6, etc. to one of these, and the pluses and minuses, before potentially (Cha ching!) pulling the trigger. Thanks!


…aren’t you ever happy!!! lol

now what is wrong with the S1R???

You go through boats like Wesley!!!

But, if you are serious about the Legend would you part with the Huki (because my buddy with the S1X would be all over it)

See you at the Mayors Cup…

No, Nooo…
Hello my friend,

No, I’m nowhere near Wesley’s rate; he’s my boat acquisition hero, as I tell him all the time. :wink:

Hanging on to the R-love that boat and it will remain as my ‘chicken boat’ for big water-it’s so stable. Have been spending some time in the V10L and the increased glide on the flats is noticeable-that 3% matters. Will keep a high perf. ski and a more stable ski and maybe sell the EFT-great, great boat, but I’m just not using it anymore (Shhh…Doug…).

The Legend interests me, but have only paddled it on the flats and not downwind, where it’s designed to really shine.

Mayor’s Cup looms on the horizon (enter music from ‘Jaws’). Should be quite the turnout this year.


Don’t you dare
sell your EFT without letting me test paddle it first and have first option. I’ve been trying to test it out for a long time.


No worries, my dear. You may take it out anytime. Use it as an excuse to come and paddle with your southern NE friends (and try out a selection of skis as well). :wink:

Now you have two…
…friends that have one! Feel free to paddle my new stealth rocket as long as you bring your flamed S1-R!!

(note: Epic paddle not included; side affects such as blurred vision, fevered muttering, and ski-envy may occur. Consult your boat physician (Wesley) before attempting without proper medication)



Can’t commment
I can’t comment on the ski itself, but I have to admit that Wesley and Kathy are certainly my boat procurement and aquisition idols! I know that, through absolutely no fault of my own (I totally deny any and all responsiblity, it’s all Kathy’s fault), I too have the fever for random boat aquisitions. I have to say that I’m not seeing any downside to this acquisition phenomena. This could be due to the fact that I’m probably a candidate for a 12 step program, but as they say, first you have to want to quit. :slight_smile:


In case you haven’t seen this…
here it is again…review of the legend by Brandon Nelson…


Boat Acquisition
Andy, thanks for the post on the test. Susan, I’ve heard about your addiction as well (laughing), and Scott, you’ve found the yellow and black beauty of your dreams. I must still defer to the ‘Grand Poobah’ of BA (boat acquisition)…the W man, who was going to leave his Legend with me for a week, having no room on his roof rack due to purchasing yet another boat at the MC from (Who else?) Kathy. Alas, my bubble was burst as he found a ride up for his gray and yellow vessel. It was almost in my hands…just THINK.

and to THINK that
about 7 years ago when Susan got me to get her into kayaking (notice my attempt at denial that her addiction is my fault - lol), she came over my house one day, saw all the boats, and thought to herself, “Why would anyone ever need more than one kayak?” We still joke about that to this day.

The “W” is my acquisition hero too. While I might at any given time have more, his turnover rate is incomparable! LOLOLOL


It’s true!
It’s true! It’s true! hanging head in shame I honestly wondered why anyone would ever need more than one boat. Of course 7 years of Kathy’s influence later (thus throwing the fault squarely back on her!) I’m now sitting with, geez, I don’t even know for sure how many boats are in the back yard. And yet there is always room for more. :slight_smile:

Now I’m curious
How many boats do you ladies have and what are they? Actually, there are quite a few boat whores here. I have a mild addiction with 4 boats, but find myself constantly lusting for more.


How many boats?
I think Kathy has me way beat on number of boats.

Mine are all listed here: . I’m down 3 because I sold all my surfskies, one of which went to, big surprise, surfski collector Kathy. Although in fairness I suppose I should admit that I think I have a Kirton Tor on the way, so that’ll need added to my boat list, although I won’t count it until it’s actually in my hot little hands in a few weeks. Kathy, ever fomenting further boat aquisitions, may have convinced me to look more seriously at an S1-X, even though just 6 months ago I swore I sold all my surfskis because I wasn’t going to be into surfskis any more. As I said, it’s all Kathy’s fault.

Yesterday Kathy was saying that it would be really fun to map out who has what boats and where they came from because we seem to have a lot of inbreeding going on, LOL! Not only who bought who’s boat, but also who has used who’s boat. For example, I used Kathy’s Laser last year on the 90. This year my Solstice was used by another guy in the 90. Cliff used my V10Sport last year in the Mayor’s Cup. This year another guy used Cliff’s V10 for the Mayor’s Cup. I think Kathy had at least one of her boats doing the Mayor’s Cup this year. I also think there was some interesting provenance to Kathy’s latest ski aqusitions, one came from Lars which originally came from Wesley, and then Wesley bought another ski from Kathy . . . I dunno exactly how it all went but it was very circular, LOL! See what I mean about the inbreeding? LOL! :slight_smile:


Inbred boats…

– Last Updated: Oct-24-08 9:26 PM EST –

I think I've got a few of those. My Mako XT came from Florida, belonged to Hexledge here on (Wil), He bought it for his girl friend, but then they broke up, so he was stuck with the XT (which was brand new) He already has a few ski's so he didn't need the XT. He read some of my posts showing interest in getting a ski. Well, lo and and behold, he sends me an email and the rest is history.

My Artisan Millenium came from a guy in Conn. He gave up the kayak when he finished rehabbing an old 40 foot trawler as a recreational boat.

Lots of boats owned by p.netters here have an interesting lineage.


More Inbreds,
My EFT ended up with potterspoint in Arkansas. My QCC700 stayed in S.Florida but is listed in the classifieds now by a pnetter. Larryn has a ski that belonged to me, he’s up by Fort Myers and Andy has the XT that never touched South Florida waters. An old Seda Glider(purple people eater) is somewhere in Texas. A Kirton Typhoon is in Tallahassee with a very fast racer, it was in foster care for a while with Iceman in Atlanta. Gotta be forgetting some,hmmm


my first ski a Futura II came from Andrew Folpe here on,… that boat moved on to another and did this years Mayor’s Cup.

I bought a Mark 1 from Cliff that bought it from Mark Ceconi,… that boat now resides in Tennessee.

My present boat was bought from Oscar and Greg Barton…lol

The Fun
Of buying and selling boats is just get to paddling them.

I have talked to a lot of people around the country

just from buying and selling boats.

I have only been paddling about 6 years and I have had

2 Epic 18, 2 Epic 18X, Necky Looksa 111, 2 Thunderbolts,2

thunderboltX,3 Efts,Huki S1-X,huki S1-R,Westside Tandem and I only have a EFT and Thunderbolt and a TboltX right now.<br /> I think Im a Kayak Whore and I dont know what to do.<br /> If I see a new kayak for sell I buy it and if someone wants to buy one I sell it. One winter I didnt even have a kayak.

I`m going to paddle a couple of skis Sat at a race and I hope they are not for sale.

number of boats
Currently, as of this minute (things change quickly around here - lol), I have in no particular order, a

Perception Umiak, CD Solstice, Seda Impulse - carbon, Seda Impulse - f/g, Kayakpro Nemo, Necky Phantom, SRS Laser, WSBS Javelin, Kirton Tiger, S1-X, S1-R, Elan Crosstrainer, and a Twogoods Predator. I think that’s it.

And at my mobile home flop pad in N Ft Myers, FL, there’s a CD Kestral RM and a Shearwater surfski on permanent residence.

Oh yeah, and one half of a Struer Makker K-2 … Susan and I co-own it.

And wait, I also have a Think Evo. It’s the one that got mashed under the barge at the Mayor’s Cup. Tom just gave it to me. It needs quite a bit of work and I may end up cutting the seam (REALLY nervous about that) to make all the necessary repairs, but a couple of us paddled it in a shallow lake the other day and consensus was that it’s worth the time to fix it, even though it’ll probably gain about 4 pounds in the process.

I’m down two because I recently sold both my beloved CD Slipstream to a gal in Philly and my V10L to Wesley and am trying to sell the Necky Phantom, CD Solstice, and Tiger now. I really should try to sell off a few more boats, but I’d have to decide which ones.

It’s and addiction I tell ya - LOLOLOL.


Hey Kathy,
next time you are down in Fla. give me a holler and we can go for a paddle. I’m on the east Florida coast but go your way often. Only thing that worries me is you may want to buy one of my boats!


I love your fleet!
Hey Hex,

I love your fleet! Shooting you an email after this. I get out of the frozen north here right after the New Year - will definitely catch up with you down there.