This is The Sea

with lots of fans of TITS out there i know that i am really looking forward to TITS 2. i hear it is coming out soon, anyone have any greater insight?

keep your blade in the water…

I’m a fan of TITS too!

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I'm going to get slapped for that sooner or later. I wonder if that acronym has occurred to Justine yet. Anyway, latest info, here ya go:

Two is better than one…

Sea 2 Clip

View the quicktime version if you have high speed…

Saw some scenes
from it at the WCSKS, Justine was one of the featured speakers. Looked good to me.

Well someone on this site called it
"Porn for sea kayaking junkies"

I wonder if Keith Wikle got his mug
in there somewhere. He was on that trip with Doug VanDoren.

GREATLY looking forward to 2-TiTS
I hope it’s not a flop

Seeing that Justine padded her bra for the initial sequence to “This is the Sea” for more “dramatic effect”, I imagine that she would have a good chuckle over this.

Greg Stamer

…I don’t think she’ll get in a sling about it…


So Justine…any comments?
Us “Yanks” would like to give you a moment to respond if you will…


Ho hum,
Except for the rock gardens it looked kind of dull …

Try this …

This Is The Sea, by the Waterboys
Ever heard of that 80s classic CD. Has the hit single “Whole of the Moon”. It is by the Waterboys, an old English pub band that made it big on…well…that one CD and song, actually. The director of TITS might consider using that CD or song as a soundtrack; I am sure the Waterboys would sell the rights to you for the equivalent of a plastic yak and a used Greenland paddle since they’re likely stirring malt mash at some Liverpool brewery these days.

Listen here

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Listen to Whole of The Moon, because there is no way in heck that you'll know any of the other tunes, and it is highly likely that Whole of the Moon won't jingle your waxy 80s memory either.

Worth a purchase for collectors that must have EVERYTHING related to This Is The Sea.

Spoken Like A Jaded…
adrenaline junkie. :wink: Kinda like “creekers” thinking that anything running with out some major drops and waterfalls is boring. And river runners thinking that anything with out some good push and foamy stuff to it is boring.


justine said that my stupid mug is in
there mucking it up while doug looks cool doing rolls under water.

Late November
We just heard from Justine and it will probably be available in late November. will be among the first to have it available. I’ll keep you posted.


ex college radio DJ
And yes, I not only know the band but have their CD, love it. Lots of odd stuff in my music collection.


point& shoot certainly pornolicious
enough for me, but I really like the professional cinematography that Justine brings to bear. That camera-on-boat stuff is just fun, and begins to explain the appeal to non-padlers.

This kind of video is all good!

Stay tuned
I bet Vince’s next full length Video will rock your world. He should get it on Pnets Shopping page too.