Thought it was my forever boat :(

Thought I had bought my last and best-est, boat but a big pine tree in my yard had other plans (that’s the branch that broke off). So now I’m thinking about how to proceed. I really really liked this boat and may just replace it but it’s god-awful expensive in carbon composite. I need/want a very light boat (I’m 60 and not getting any younger, and have a pickup) and a very sea-worthy craft. Speed and maneuverability are nice but of somewhat lesser importance. If anyone has any suggestions for a boat that fits the bill I’d be interested. This boat was 41.8 lbs I believe. Oh, and by the way, if you have an expensive boat you might want to check your insurance policy. I found out that my homeowner’s insurance has a $1000 cap for watercraft.


That sucks! My condolences for your boat. It looks like the branch karate chopped your boat exactly in half between the saddles.

If you’re just day paddling surfskis are as light as your can afford and can be up to ~24" wide. If you need storage life is heavier as you know

Uhg, that’s painful to see. Maybe a Stellar?

What is it?

ouch, that looks painful! Looks like the kayak was protecting the truck. Gotta love a selfless kayak even if it is damaged goods…

Can you go through your auto insurance seeing that it was attached to your truck at the time?

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A stitch and glue kayak kit can be made to be light weight.

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It is repairable.


I love 42lb. boats… just breaks my heart…
I had a rec boat crushed in a storm and that hurt…

Send pictures to turning point for an estimate. There work is flawless.

That’s just awful, Monkeyhead. So sorry it happened.

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It’s a Sterling Grand Illusion.

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Apparently not.

Ugg that seriously hurts. As others have commented, composite hulls are fixable although it may take quite a while to have it done by a competent shop. If you do get an estimate that makes sense from TPB you might be able to get by for a while with a lesser (and heavier ) kayak.

Winter is the time to get it done cost nothing for an estimate. I know three boats done there and the returned better than knew.


Do you have pics of before and after? Looks like you have some experience I looked at TPB website and don’t see a boat quite as crushed.

Unfortunately no. I have seen many offshore race boats come back from unbelievable damages.

They’ll tell him fixibke or not, price, and weight gain. I’d like to see more pictures with the tree off bent straight top and bottom.

Fixable but price will be determining factor. One boat I did see had a fight with a parking garage front busted really badly. It came back like new. 4500 dollar boat that was new.

Here’s a Sterling that had a run-in (while atop a car) with a parking garage a few years ago (from TPB facebook page):


That is so sad. We had a big limb come off an old oak and go through our garage roof. Damage was a total of 10 grand but there is insurance. Roofs are meh… kayak loss is heartbreaking.

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