Thought it was my forever boat :(

Man I am sorry for your loss, the branch came down on the worst possible spot too!

That sucks, but @PaddleDog52 is right it can be repaired or … you could exact some revenge and make a dugout canoe out of the tree.


I thought they were all my forever boats.
Some wore out. Some I traded up. Some got tiresome.

forever is a long time

The only forever in my life is our marriage and some days feel like forever.


Your combing looks undamaged.

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Thanks Overstreet and Paddledog for the tip about Turning Point. I’ve called a couple of times and left a message based on your recommendation, but still waiting to hear back. That would be a great solution.


Keep us posted. Any other pictures minus the tree?

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This is the weekend/week they Turning g Point are/were going up to Maine for a paddle symposium with Guillimont Kayaks.

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Looks like a relatively calm wind forecast !
Sounds like great fun.

OK, thanks for that info. I will call back mid-week.

Did get a message. Suggested an email be sent to overcome some loss of service. But call mid next week would likely be good.

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Hey Monkyhead, you should send Sterling a picture of your boat. He might make you an offer. Rule of thumb: Don’t trust trees. They are not your friend

Trees in the wind are called widow makers for a reason.

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Trees are not our friends…
Bushes are OK as they don’t take out powerlines in the storms…

My trees sometimes rebel… They do a nice job of keeping my house cool in the summer. I only hate beech. Power? Meh… we have a generator that powers the house. Power goes out a lot because of the four feet cited below.

More of an enemy are rodents. They eat powerline insulation and anything foamish in boats.

Here in the land of condos, some of which collapse after 40 yeas, generators are few and far between especially at the smaller ones.
After Hurricane Andrew one tree took out our power for nearly two weeks.
Now in the Keys, which is built better, the power is much more stable.

In spite of periodic power outages, we love our huge oaks that keep the summer sun from getting really brutal.
The neighbors on both ends of our street don’t feel that way. Several had oak trees in their living rooms this past year.

once a week here… It’s all forest. Maine is over 90 percent covered in trees. No condos around. Ice storms can and do take out power every year. In 1998 it was three weeks and hence…the permanent in concrete standby generator.

What galls me the most is the little blips of interruptions. Our power lines run through the woods with no cleared ROW for a mile from the road. The blips happen every day and every "smart " appliance has to have a “beep” to remind me they need to be reset. The smart TV is the worst… needs a full reboot.

I’ve contacted Sterling. Jim is now the shop manager. I explained the situation. He sent me an estimate for a new boat which is just the price for a new boat which is very high and difficult for me to justify. I’m hoping Joe from Turning Point Boatworks can make me a more attractive offer on a repair.

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