Thought it was my forever boat :(

What do they cost now new?

For carbon composite, about $7500.

:scream::flushed::scream: yike’s

It’s never going to be that much less even 6500 :scream:

DOUBLE YIKES!! :sunglasses:


Hire me I’ll drag a 50 lb. hull around for you.

680 bucks 48 lb.

No such thing even for the universe :joy:

Insurance companies are filthy rich because they know how to cover their bases. They have had millions of claims through many years. If they get burned they change their policies. Their experience is way beyond a person filing a claim. They’ll ask for a police report or affidavit. Then your subject to insurance fraud.

I need one

Update: Great news!! Talked to Joey at Turning Point Boatworks today (as per Overstreet and Paddledogs suggestion). He’s pretty sure he can get my boat looking like new and back on the water. Might take some time but I’m overjoyed that it can be done at all, and very happy with the estimated price. Moreover, he says that the weight gain will probably be in the ounces rather than pounds range. He said if it were not an infusion layup, the boat would probably be a total loss.


Cool winter now anyway. It will look like new. What range is repair in? If you don’t want to say that’s ok too.

Had my Corvette race car sitting for years 7-8 paying insurance on it. Cancelled insurance. Two or three weeks later wind storm hits 14 " + x 25’ diameter oak limb falls in car. Perfectly healthy limb and just had the trees trimmed. Neighbor watched it all happened. Wind twisted giant limb back and forth. Near vertical limb cracks tip of limb hits ground then busted end hits back of the car. Just my kind of luck.

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That’s great news! Now you just need to find a temp boat to use while that one’s at the doctor.

Probably less than $3K. So far far less than the original/replacement cost.

I’m not too much of a winter paddler but if the desire arises, I still have my previous boat. About a month ago I ordered replacement hatches for that boat (my old ones had turned to dust practically) not thinking I would need them for anything other than perhaps selling the boat and wanting it to be in “ship-shape” condition. They just arrived last week, so I can do without my Grand Illusion for a bit. Also, if he keeps the boat until April or so, that would actually work out pretty well as I could drive up to VA to pick it up and then spend a week or so paddling around the area. I grew up near the Chesapeake Bay and still have a bit of an affinity for the area.


Oh, damn! Sounds like something from that Alanis Morissette song.

I found out, as a result of this incident, that my Homeowners Insurance (Homesite through Progressive) has a $1K cap on watercraft. Once I get my boat back I will be looking into some sort of supplemental insurance.

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Yep…I’ll be taking the Chatham 17 out of mothballs.

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I purchased marine riders on each of my kayaks for full replacement value. Not at all expensive.

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If you feel that kayak was your lastest and bestest, start searching for another one. Pay up…you’re worth it. Otherwise, you’re setting. Are you going to live to be 200? If you love it, get another one. I’ve done this with Volvo 240s, Vintage Bach Stradivarius trumpets, and Old Town Canadienne canoes (the best!). When you know what you like, stop searching. And start searching for another one of those kayaks., ebay, Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, etc. Start trolling and be patient. Someone is out there taking care of one for you…find it! (And let us know how it goes.)

It’s being repaired.

Joey does good work.

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Wow. So nice to hear that it is repairable. We got boat riders for our boats since they were stored outside. Hate paying the bills but after seeing that damage I’ll gladly pay that bill!

God Bless Moth Balls.

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