Thought it was my forever boat :(

Yeah, once my boat is back in ship-shape condition, I’ll be looking into that.

Ouch! Sorry, that sucks. We went with solo canoes when we replaced our kayaks. Much lighter and yes, have separate insurance on them for full new replacement value.

"What galls me the most is the little blips of interruptions. Our power lines run through the woods with no cleared ROW for a mile from the road. The blips happen every day and every “smart " appliance has to have a “beep” to remind me they need to be reset. The smart TV is the worst… needs a full reboot.”

For items like your TV, computer, etc., there’s a simple solution, uninterruptible power supplies (a.k.a., “UPS” or “battery backup”). I use them on my PCs, modem/router, TV and heating systems (I heat with vented kerosene furnaces) and they prevent interruptions and loss of setting or data. Since I’ve been working at home, they’ve been a real life-saver when a brownout or interruption occurs during a video call or chat session.

I bought some of them new, but you can often find them cheap on Craigslist or even free at your local dump. Incredibly, people will toss a $200 UPS rather than install $40 worth of new batteries…go figure.

Glad to hear that you can get your boat repaired. I have a policy through AMICA that covers three kayaks for $100/year…actually less than that as I just got a $20 dividend check from them.

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Better than the back up generator. The generator will take up to 30 seconds of power outage before coming on line. Everything has to be reset anyway.

Of course a lightning strike can take out everything. Most battery back ups also protect the primary from surges.

Exactly. I rarely lose power for more than a few minutes, so I really don’t need a backup generator. The UPSs handle everything well and the stable voltage they supply also reduces wear and tear on the attached equipment.