thru-hull port for hydration tube

Anybody here seen a thru-hull port like the one on this boat???

Be nice to find one!

That is a great idea !
it is one big pain in the butt when I am racing in rough water and have to feed that tube through the skirt.

Then I can never figure weather to bring it outside the pfd or up through the inside of it.

Many times I’ll just leave the skirt off and take my chances on taking a wave or two.

If you find the maker of it please post it.



Hydration system
Go to

The system is $48, with you supplying the hydration bladder, up to 100 ounces.

They also show a number of other really useful looking items.


Last summer I made the mistake of running my tube up through my skirt. We we landing in the surf and I forgot about the tube. I got bashed by about three good waves before I could get untangled. It musta looked pretty funny. Since then I’ve been keeping the Camelback on the back deck and running the tube around me.


I don’t want all the other stuff,
just the access port, and it appears that they don’t sell it separately.

I just sent them an e-mail to see if they will sell one to me separately.

When you are not using yours and it is closed does water leak through it if you are in breaking waves over the deck?

Thanks for the link


Hydration access port

I have not used this company’s products as yet.

I just saw your question and sent the link.


I just got my reply back from them, and
it stated: “You can’t buy one egg at Walmart” !

The odd thing about it is when you look at their other stuff, they sell some of the pieces separately.

Needless to say they are chocked off my list.



Write them back
"But I can buy one egg from the farmer, and you’re not WalMart."

Drink tube ideas
Let ‘em keep their friggin’ eggs. Nice idea, but don’t look worthy of serious (frequent/rough) use and too pricey anyway.

Option 1: I run my tube out under the skirt over the coaming (at the side). Skirt still seals OK (neo deck). You may need a longer tub/extension. Tube are pretty strong and if it gets hung up - so do you.

Option 2: Strap pack to rear deck. Most lay pretty flat and will ride under spare paddles (and also protect your deck), etc. Does leave it in the sun though.

Option 3: Small hole through deck. Put rubber grommet in hole. Rubber grommet has hole sized to fit tube. Tube seals hole. You’ll need something else to plug it if not using the hydration system (and will have to pop the valve off to thread tube). Pack could be kept in the cockpit behind seat - or in day hatch/rear hatch - with hole positioned accordingly.

Option 4: Recessed rod or electronic (switch) mounts. Many have lids that are fairly flush. Use the the same hole/rubber grommet as #3 in the bottom of the cup - with the cup giving you a place to store/protect the drink valve/end when not in use.

Option 5: Improvise something like #4 from any variety of scavenged parts, or do it as a small fiberglass recess, etc., etc., etc.,…

Point is - don’t settle for limited commercial solutions. All kayaks are different and all paddlers use them differently. Treat the hydration issue as you would fit/seat/repair issues.

Good plumbing supply place
Go to a good plumbing supply house (not Home Depot).

Ask to see a selection of push-in tube bulkhead fittings.

Hydration port
Hi, try redfish kayaks they have a nice system and it keeps the bladder on the floor for a low center of gravity. Here is a link

Nice. Clean and simple.
That’s pretty much what I was trying to describe in my option #3.

I’ll try your option one.

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I have never tried it since the skirt is so tight.

If that doesn't work I am going with your option three.
I had already decided that I would do that .

We have some bad weather coming and I was lucky to get out yesterday, but I'll give it a try next week if I can get out.
If not I'll sit in the yak in the yard and try it. At least that way I won't have withdrawal symptoms !

With the answer that they gave me, it makes me appreciate J & J canoe, NRS, Wenonah, the NOC store, Onno, and Phil at QCC. and I can see why the helpful guys keep growing.


If Grayaks option one…
doesn’t work, I’ll do it.



these are nice too!
The redfish adaptor hole surrounds are nice,

But for a really function smaller bladder that does not get in way of tow systems or rear deck rolls check extrasprot

my reply from octopussy kayaks
was that i should be embarassed to have even asked to buy the thru-hull fitting! i said the same as JackL, that i didnt need all the other stuff!

I will find a supplier for this part…I bet you this guy isnt thermomolding them in his garage and I bet they arent anywhere near $50 !!!

Truly it isnt the money but the principle.

Now back to ideas, the Redfish idea is good too and worthy of study, thanks for that link!

the Redfish hydration thru-hull fitting
please, if anyone contacts Redfish let us know what he/she says, if you can order just the thru-hull fitting, etc.



We have same coaming and skirt…
… so it will work.

If pack is behind seat (plenty of room and can’t really go anywhere - so why not) tube ends up following and angled path over the coaming (whichever side you prefer)- partly due to skirt fit, partly due to limited tube length, which is the only thing that can give you trouble. Easy to remedy with longer tube or extension - which you probably need if you like to clip the valve near your mouth for hands free access. If not, it will lay in the recess around the coaming rim or across your lap.

Gaps in skirt seal around the tube could let small amounts of water in rolling - or in beam wave hits - but very little. Stays with the boat in wet exits with zero interference - the only problem being you are likely to end up sitting on the tube if you forget about it getting back in. Easy to fish it out for skinny guys like you.

Anyway, no $ and no holes - so definitely try it before anything else.

Truth be told I leave the skirt at least partially open more often than not though - due to average temps down here.

I have a simple rule
I don’t carry stuff on my back when I have a perfectly good boat to carry it for me. L This ain’t hiking!

Main reason the PFD packs don’t work for me is I burn through a liter an hour - and like to go 3-4hours. That means my 3 liter pack as a minimum, and extra water bottles as backup in Summer.

1 liter pack might work for cold water/weather, or folks that stop frequently to get out and can refill from water in hatches, but need more volume for heat and/or the occasional race.

i’m with greyak
nothing more on my back than abs. necessary.

BAck to the octopussy kayak thru-hull fitting,after an hour of searching i think he is using a company out of his home town (Reno? Nevada) called Triad Plastics to produce this fitting…maybe his own design, but i’ve seen something similar somewhere else, just cant put a finger on it…his clue about the ‘cant buy one egg’ may mean that he has Triad make them up in a hundred batch…if so then that fitting wont be in any of my boats…a cocky arrogant man to say the least, could have sold many of the fittings too…

back to nothing on the back, again with greyak in that my back doesnt really like the amounts of water i like to carry, and despite differing opinions with 100oz on the back i can tell when i try to roll.