Thule vs, Yakima?

Just bought a used OT Penobscot 16.

We’re going to use my wife’s Honda Odyssey as the vehicle to carry it as this will allow the whole family to go.

We will use the existing roof rack.

I figure I need a Thule 450 rack and accessories or whatever Yakima sells.

I’ve found a 6-month old Thule set-up with towers, bars, 4-locks and fairing for $300 (maybe less) or I can get Yakima for about $220 (standard towers and 2 round cross bars). This is the price if I install them.

I also found a Thule canoe carrier system 579XT for $40-50 (retails for $80) that would be really nice to keep the boat in place on the nearly 4 hours trip to the coast.

So which is preferred here, Thule or Yakima?

Round or sqaure bars?

Thanks in advance!


If I had an Odyssey,I would think
seriously about and independant front bar. Those that attach only to roof racks make me nervous.

Depends on boat and car
Sounds like you would be getting a lot of bang for your buck if you went with Thule. In this instance, both Yakima and Thule are pretty equal. If you were to be carrying a bike, hands down, look at Yakima.

I like the round bars because
I can lay down my cradles when not in use. You can’t do that with square bars and we use the yaks all year round. I would not worry about attaching to your roof’s rack if you used bow and stern lines.

The best choice…
Thule or Yakima racks are for fools. 2 x 4’s from the garage and a visit to Home Depot, a rack for under $20 bucks. Folks that spend more, are silly fools trying to impress others.

How do you mount the 2x4 racks to
your vehicle?

Be creative or be a fool…
Consider hose clamps within plastic tubing, or super duper cable ties, think, be creative, there are other options, and easier to install. Thule and Yakima racks are way over priced and unnecessary if you already have a car rack, unless you want to impress other fools.

Which rack
I have been using Yakima racks since 1985 and have never had a problem.BTW I live 5 minutes from the Thule factory.

One boat in the road; one car
scratched and dented, and then who is the fool with jury-rigged junk? I used a homemade rack on my F-150 for years, BUT it was adapted to the truck and very secure.No way I would try that with a car unless it was a junker.

I guess I am a fool
I bought my kayak

I bought my paddle

I bought my sprayskirt

I bought my PFD

I bought my VHF

I bought my rack

I bought my car

I bought my pants

I bought my shoes

I buy my food.

I also bought this computer…

I guess there is a sucker born each minute…

And carried plenty of liability ins. nm

Hose clamps to attach racks to my car?
What kind of vehicle will hose clamps work on?

My car doesn’t have factory racks.

I’ve used Thule for years, because
that’s what I got cheap at a garage sale to start with and added to it.

It’s worked fine for 10 years or so, except for the bolt hole on one of my canoe gunwale brackets stretching out so I can’t tighten it as much as I’d like and now needs replace.

I haven’t tried Yakima, so I can’t compare them.

Both are very expensive.

I am such a fool

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I bought every component of my Yakima system on deep discount or used. Same could be done w. Thule components. Such a fool to use the internet for best pricing. Could have been waiting in line at Home Depot (or Lowes) to buy their crappy 2x4x8s and figuring out how to schlep them home.

I am such a fool. I am so worried w. impressing other people w. my Yakima rack that I don't have time to worry about my seakayaks shimmying around on the roof, or flying off my roof at hwy speeds. Should have built something w. 2x4s and tubing so I could have a proper worry.

I am such a fool. Why not drive w. the windows partially cracked open for the straps securing the 2x4s. I am missing out on getting my upholstery washed for free.

Finally, I am a real fool using Hulley Rollers to get my boats up onto the roof of my vehicle. Clearly I s/be using 2x4s and waiting around for someone to lift the boat onto them and slide them down the roofline.

2 x 4s are for fools
Why waste perfectly good wood, when you could just use duct tape? Who are you trying to impress with your fancy 2 x 4s?

2007 Honda Oddysey
And no, I do not want to scratch it up with lumber.


to the heart of it
jam the boat into the car as far as it will go. Wedge it in there and tie it down.

Use a bright colored rag on the end and you’re good to go for MUCH LESS that the cost of 2x4s and plastic tubing.

In fact, why the expense of a rag. Find plastic newspaper sleeves or produce bags in the trash -twist them together and you’ve saved the foolish cost of a rag. Or use the rag to soak up the inevitable mess your boat will deposit in the your vehicle.

Now that
gave me my first good laugh of the day. Thanks Puddlefish

Maybe you I drove by today…
Plastic Carolina on the roof rack that was something jury rigged together. Whole thing was BUNGEED from left to right the width of the vehicle. Will give credit for the bow and stern lines - although not installed correctly as they were anchored back to the rack “bars” rather than the car.

Because the boat was bungeed on, you could take the stern end of the boat and slide it left or right the width of the vehicle. NOT very secure but hey - they saved a few bucks on the rack for sure!

Personally, my boats are too valuable as are the PEOPLE driving behind me for me to not take better care while carrying boats on my roof.


Here’s a tip for the frugal
I have used 1" EMT instead of the expensive Yakima bars. Painted them black and put rubber tips from WalMart on the ends. Saddles didn’t know the difference.