Tilley hat knock-offs

Good news for those of you who cringe at the thought of paying over $60.00 for a hat: Panama Jack “Tilley” knock-offs are available for under $20.

Yeah, they are made in China, but each one has a tag sewn in that says “Made with Love and Care”. No kidding! I couldn’t have dreamed this one up.


If your Tilley is knocked off, they’ll
replace it for half price.

Will Panama Jack…
Give you a free one if it wears out???

just send them 20 bucks…


Turn it upside down
If the underside of the brim isn’t a dark color to cut down on glare then it isn’t a real seaman (or seaman wannabe like me) hat.

I missed the mark
This was meant as a humorous post (regarding the Chinese attempt to put a Smiley face on their garments).

“Sir, I have purchased and I wear a genuine Tilley Hat!”

I had no idea Tilleys wouold get so much defense!


What??? You mean they aren’t…

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"Hand made"!!!! HAHAHAHA! I always got a kick out of the "Tilley afficiandos" with that "hand made" crap.

Unless there is a little old woman with a pair of shears & a needle and thread, making them one by one... They are STILL made in a FACTORY on MACHINES!!!!

Still, wouldn't pay $20 for them ugly things. My issue boonie works just as good! ;)

You just pissed off the money for quality people!! LMAO!! Good for you!! But won the hearts of the Kerry supporters!! LMAO!!

Paddle easy,


After Coffee’s remarks…
I am starting to like the idea of buying and wearing a Tilley. Think I’ll get me one now.

Tilley’s set us apart from the rabble.

Nothing like rubbing
elitism right in the faces of the rabble, eh?


(hope I spelled that right)

How 'bout it’s just a good “eF’in” hat
Some of us Tilley wearers are all-but-rabble ourselves and don’t want to see it acquire (too much) of a “high brow” image.

Owners Manual…

Because they didn’t buy it cause it was
A “good eF’in hat”… They bought it cause “it is a true kayakers style” hat. If you don’t have one you are not really a kayaker.

It is called “snobbery”. You can see it in their posts:

“I have a Tilley, therefor I am better than you. With my nose held high & my non-rec-boat, I will paddle circles around you. Using my rudder ofcourse.”

Paddle easy,


*Hint: they are no better than you & me, they just like to act the part.

1/2 price or less
is all I have ever paid for a Tilley. Good quality, brim is stiffer than a boonie, thus, stays at a useful orientation over eyes. Paddle a “rec” yak. Never pretentious unless asking a yachter for some Gray Poupon. Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk.

(Also a bit of a Wise Guy.)


Good grief!
All I wanted to do was comment on Chinese marketing tricks! Didn’t want to start a flame war.


Apparently, a snob according to Coffee’s definition.

Just keep laughing
The whole thing is rather silly.


lol! :slight_smile:

Only if you think so… :slight_smile:

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I am with you, I didn't think that some would take my origional post so literal...

Paddle easy,