Tilley hat knock-offs

Come on Jim, you know you wanted to
… set off a Tilley Bomb! (Don’t look at the flash)

I wouldn’t wear one either, BUT…
I can swear by the powers of those hats firsthand. Just a month ago, while I was eating, hearing, seeing, crunching, and mushing some kind of mayfly on it’s hatch weekend, Clarion, proudly wearing his tilly, was just paddlin along nonchalantly. I just had to know how he was manageing to avoid these damn flies. His answer? Seems like those tillys are just so aerodynamically designed, they shed all oncoming pesky little critters as well as anything else necessary…Honest to God…

What other explanation could there be?
Those flies were like paddling through a blizzard. Yet, somehow, I alone was completely unaffected. N.T. just stared at me and my Tilley with a furrowed brow. He didn’t dare say a word though. Had he opened his mouth, those flies would have surely choked him.

If they were free it still wouldn’t
look any better…

Silly Tilley?

Like I said, You are living proof
that if you are wearing a Tilly you aint gitin away with the “Oh I know I have my registration here somewere officer” act. That hat cost you 110.00 bucks!

ya got your fishermen

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lounging on a six pack of bud in a canoe wearing a boonie and old tennis shoes and pulling their barges across a scum covered duck pond with $45 paddles...and then you have your well equiped, well heeled paddler sitting in a $3000 kayak, wearing his tilley and water shoes and gliding over the bounding waves with a $450 carbon paddle.
If I have to pick a "hat team", gimme a tilley.

And yet
I still feel like I only paid half price!


no six pack or tennis shoes.
fishing from my yak. did have a few wine coolers, but mostly just enjoying the day. Fine day and finer company. I got to fish with my girlfriend so stereotype all ya want, just be really scared when ya here dualin’ Banjos. :slight_smile: Opps, gotta go pig needs a turnin’ on the spit.

I used my new 12 dollar tilly last night while cutting the lawn. There is one spot near the back line that is still muddy from the last rain. Guess where the wind blew the hat off. I looks used now following a hand wash in the kitchen sink.

Happy paddling,


Everyone knows how snobbish we
Tilley wearers are , almost as bad as that QCC crowd.We have secret handshakes and passwords too.Those get us on to the yachts with the topless babes for high tea.

I don’t get it
what’s the problem with Tilley hats?

They aren’t extravagantly expensive, but are very well made and very rugged. There are many hats to choose from, that do the job well (wide brim to keep the sun off). But there’s also a comfort factor, too.

As for the chinese ‘knock-offs’: well, you get what you pay for, and never a truer word has been said!

This is what we debate when we have no REALLY interesting subjects, such as rudder vs skeg or feathered vs unfeathered.


Don’t you know better than to attempt
reason in a p.net argument?This is about personal bias and emotion.I know many people who spend more on booze in a month than a Tilley costs so they can brag on their made-in-China boonie .

my Tilley
If I ever get a Tilley, it will be an unfeathered Greenland style, and it will definitely have a rudder. A skeg on a Tilley? Give me a break.

Skegged Tilleys are for pussies.

Excellent point!! But, I got your…
Theory beat (atleast for my part) on the beer & boonie.

I don’t drink beer & my boonie was made by Uncle Sam.

My personal view is that $80 is too expensive for ANY hat. It’s a hat for christ sakes!! It is not like its a gold plated kevelar helmet!!

Paddle easy,


Send it back!! Send it back!!
If it gets knocked off they will replace it free!!!

Paddle easy,


It’s now Tilley Time…
Summer is here and the sun is beating down again…

It’s Tilley season for me… and time to change my profile pic to one with a Tilley…

now that I learned how to do that… GH

Got it figured out? Good deal…
Took me awhile to get it too. Had to get an assist from Longshadow, ummm, I mean Bunny or whatever he is calling himself…lol

Paddle easy,


They’re only $62 in American money

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Just because you're close to the border Coffee, don't try getting all "international" on us by quoting prices in Canadian!