Tilley hat knock-offs

The problem is they are goofy lookin
as hell…Forrest Gump looks good in one though…why spend the money to look silly in a cloth hat when you can spend a little more and get a fine fur felt cowboy hat and look cool as hell…

Hey Coffee
Does your boonie have a secret pocket in the crown that you can use to store orange peals? I bet Uncle Sam didn’t think of that one! :slight_smile:


No they use a Skeg!!! only REAL yacks have SKEGS!!!

keep it up…seriously!

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I usually don't put my $0.02 in but I just have to here...

This argument is entirely bassed on personal choice. if someone is to tell you you're wrong for your choice that sounds not only like prejudice but like someone with a dictatorship complex!

But at the same time that this is so childish and ummmmm what's the word " teenage like " seems to fit. It's given me a chukkle or two!


I don’t get it…
I would pay $60, $70, or even $80 for a good pair of shoes that will last me years and years. Why not a hat? Especially a Tilley if they really live up to their hype. Btw, thanks for this thread, gang…you may have another Tilley wearer on your hands. (Sticks nose up in air and trots away…) :wink:

They are very good hats and they
have sizes to fit big heads. Lots of those here.

LMAO!!! I just saw them at a local…
American store… $78.95

Paddle easy,


That’s the funniest thing said in this whole thread :slight_smile:

Actually it does, but…
it is for storing a map.

Paddle easy,


P.S. I get your joke…lol

No Kiddin’
A map pocket. They don’t sell ‘em that way in the surplus stores around here. Learn somethin’ every day.


I was not being facetious. I wear a
7 7/8 .

And I…
a 7-3/4.

Do you have any idea how stupid I look with a “One Size Fits All” cap perched atop my mellon?


7 1/2 myself
funny stuff string

That is because…
Mine is issue…lol…

Paddle easy,


Tilley thought about the same concept
Problem was, GPS units are still too large to fit in a little pocket in a hat. That’s why, for now, Tilley markets their pocket as a place to carry money.

ROTFLMAO! You mean the change that you
Buy the hat… So you can say:

“This is all that is left of a hundred dollar bill… A hat and afew ones… So I keep them together, so I feel as if it is still $100”

Paddle easy,


What a coincidence!
I was in my local hiking store in downtown Newnan GA today, and saw Tilley hats for the first time. I tried several on and really liked them. So I bought the light weight nylon model. I get back home and decide to browse p.net and guess whats at the top of the discussion, Tilley hats!

Is it hand made? Who cares.

Is it overpriced? You bet.

Do I like it? Would’nt have bought one if I did’nt

Do I care what any of you Tilley detractors think? Not a chance.



Hooya? Hooya?..
What are you trying to do sound like a rough & tumble, Hi-speed?

It is pronounced & spelled exactly like it sounds:


Enough of the english lesson. Congrats on your new hat. So now you are just waiting for your “ripped-off membership card”…lol

Paddle easy,


I hate to be the one to say this
Coffee, but once again your mouth has overloaded your judgement.(original statement seriously edited) Someday , maybe Chris will tell you where the Hooya! comes from.

Chris , now I need a QCC.

photo credits
Hey Ric, I want photo credits for the great shot of the new boat and the old Tilley. Tell them how the hat stayed on in that 30 knot breeze…Brian