Tilley hat knock-offs

Had a Chinese Co, contact ME…
telling me they had hats better made than “T” along with Chinese " spirit. " Same weight and content materials ( I asked) + WAY ( 25% of ) “T’s” cost… Same warrantee.

Really? That is funny. When I was in
It was pronounced & spelled:



(who-a)adj. [slang used by soldiers primarily airborne/rangers] refering to anything and everything except no.

  1. What to say when at a loss for words. 2. Good copy, solid copy, Roger, good, great, message received, understood. 3. Glad to meet you, welcome. 4. I don’t know the answer, but I’ll check on it, I haven’t the vaguest idea. 5. I’m not listening. 6. That’s enough of your drivel, sit down. 7. Stop sniveling. 8. You’ve got to be kidding. 9. Yes. 10. Thank You. 11. Go to the next slide. 12. You’ve taken the correct action. 13. I don’t know what it means but I’m too embarrassed to ask for clarification. 14. Amen.


    So once again… I have made my point. Maybe he was in a different branch & they spell & pronounce it differently??? I will give him that.

    “If you are gonna be hi-speed, there is no room for drag”

    -CPO Green. CC

    Company 201 Div 21

    A quote from my company commander. We had to here this everyday. Sometimes directly, sometimes in-directly…lol

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Different branch?
I think a certain “spec ops” branch of the USN may pronounce it and spell it a bit differently…


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cowboy hats are cool?
Where I come from, we snicker at 'em.

Now I remember where I heard that…
“Hooya”… Jarheads say that all the time… Never could undrstand what they were tryin’ to say- LMAO!!

And if my military history is correct:

Nobody knows exactly how “hooya” origionated or who first used it, but it was a battle cry that has been used since the later part of WWI.

“Hooya”, always reminded me of someone talking with a waad of chew in their mouth…lol

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Where you come from…? I’m sure

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you look good in your Tilly, Hawaiian shirt with your kaki shorts and black knee socks with wing tip shoes..the sticky sign on your shirt says...Hell-o my name is Jim3727


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Come on Coffee
Mix it up a little. Can’t you mess in your pants once in awhile?

String you’d look good in a QCC,
but I’m sure your much more comfortable in the canoe. And your right, I could explain it, but I’ve got more important things to do, like wash my cat.


Does the fur
on your tongue gag you>


So you are a Jarhead? Or used to be…
Good for you. HOAH! Or as you guys say it HOOYA!

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Hey coffee, what are trying to do
in your profile picture…launch the critter off of a pile of leaves?

A hoah is a person that guys that women
can’t stand go looking for for companionship.

No actually, I was…
Scootching over a ledge of debri on one of the rivers Longshadow, Northman & I went on lately.

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Where were you a firefighter? Atlanta?

Cobb County Fire Dept
It boarders Atlanta

Is there a final answer?
It took me an hour to read through all of this…


…is there any Tilley knockoff links to check them out or is it simply a matter of $50 for a new Tilley on Ebay?

BTW - you guys really have a terrific sense of humor!! I bet you would be great to paddle with - as your quips would make me laugh enough so the miles would slide on by…


No kidding…
A buddy of mine was Army EOD… He is now working on a chain of islands in the phillipines. I dabble in EOD alittle myself…lol… But we just shoot at it till it blows up. LMAO!!

Right now (& past 10 years) I have been building H.A.W.K. missle systems & Patriot missle systems.

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