Time for a new paddle

I would like to pick up a new paddle. One thats a little better for going faster and longer trips.

I currently have a Perception Carolina 14.5 and use a aquabound string ray (220cm).

Would i notice a difference in the aquabound Eagle Ray paddle? Anyone use this?



Faster-THAT will be about your technique and endurance. Unless you’re out racing,paddle blade design won’t help you go significantly faster.

Actually,if you’re interested in performance, you may want to upgrade your boat.

What kind of a Stingray do you have? Yellow or white blades, carbon,fiberglass or aluminum shaft?

I used a 220 yellow blades/f-g shaft stingray on 2 occasions, once when i rented a CD Sirocco and once with a Necky Looksha II rental. Never liked the paddle,period. it wasn’t BAD but i just didn’t like it. I now own 3 AB paddles, an Expedition AMT(white blades,f/g shaft,220),Tsunami(210,all carbon), and the Tripper AMT(215,carbon shaft/black plastic blades)

Here’s my take. Expedition-good feel, tough, but on the heavy side at 38oz.

Tsunami-powerful strokes if you want, to go fast in a narrow boat,light as a feather,but same big blades put more strain on you over long distance and also big blades are somewhat of a liability in strong wind.

Tripper AMT, only one of the 3 i bought new, last purchase of the 3. Smallest blades,less strain over distance, no speed concerns what so ever. significantly lighter than the Expedition, overall similar feel but nicer.

I’ve actually emailed Aquabound when my tsunami had an issue with water getting inside and mentioned not being crazy about the Stingray, they suggested that i should like the Eagle ray because it’s similar to the Expedition but lighter and nicer basically.(btw the water leak issue-they quickly sent me replacement foam plugs even though i got the paddle used, thumbs up AB:)

Light and strong
ONNO paddles best bang for the buck.


I’ll second that
My ONNO is maybe three or four years old and I have mistreated it regularly and it still looks great. Give Pat a ring and you won’t be disappointed.


I’ll 3rd it…


I’ll 4th it…

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Pat's the man! Love my Onnopaddle Endurance Wing.

But if you want results, I'll second the comment about getting a faster boat. One of my boats is a Carolina and I hardly ever use it. Feels like a barge compared to my other two boats


You cannot beat ONNOPADDLES for bang for the buck.

Way cheaper than off the rack Werner, Lendal, etc. At least as light if not lighter for comparable paddles, love the index rib for rolling and paddle orientation, and its custom fit for you and your kayak and conditions! And it’s high quality with GREAT customer service. What’s not to love? It’s a no brainer in my book.

Add me to the list
I love my ONNO paddle!


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by Eddyline. I have used one for 10 years. I always go back to it. For a 14.5 ft boat, you really do not need a large blade to drive it.

This is great : 0 thanks guys !!!

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Chuck, you gotta try my Feather paddle one of these days.

I’d suggest the ONNO also, although
its gonna cost you maybe $100 more than your aquabound as my paddle for the past 1.5 yrs has also been a stingray. I got an ONNO a couple months ago and I have to tell ya that you would be quite impressed with one, they seem to weigh about the same as air! ONNO can make you a paddle out of 3 different materials with probably 5 different blade config/sizes to your liking. Just be sure to tell Patrick exactly how you intend to use and abuse it and he will build it accordingly (build it and they will come…heheh).

Absolutely, ONNO
Over the long haul, you’ll probably be happier spending a few more $$ now and getting a really nice paddle like an ONNO considering you’re almost there (cost wise) with the Aquabound.

Example: my paddling partner had bought a boat, paddle (an Aquabound Manta Ray), gear, etc. from REI just prior to our meeting. The first time we went out paddling, she asked to try my old ONNO and was sold the first time she dipped it into the water. She ordered one for herself right after that. The Aquabound now pulls back-up duty on the back deck of her boat.

Werner Corryvrecken or Ikelos Carbon.

Werner Shuna or Cyprus
Ok, I guess that makes me less of a man, using smaller blades.

That being said I used my ONNO mid tour on a recent trip after paddling the Cyprus exclusively (well Cyprus and some GP). For straight ahead efficiency The ONNO was quite the pleasure. But I think the Werner will remain my main paddle.


I’ll vouch for my experience with Onno paddles as EXCELLENT both in customer service and a quality product that is priced right. I use the Full tour and have it with the new adjustable ferrule

Also consider Werner Camano.
In either the black shaft with orange fiberglass blades or the all carbon, I like it better than my Bending Branches carbon Spirit with Day blade and my Onno Full Tour carbon. The Onno Full Tour is just too much blade for me - I bought it used without consulting Pat and got a blade that I’m not strong enough to use for several hours at my perferred cadence. Surprisingly, the Full Tour is my wife’s preference, she thinks it feels shorter and I suspect that the 23oz weight and relatively small shaft size are characteristics that she appreciates also. The shaft feels too small to me. I think that I’d prefer the Mid Tour or Feather for my touring uses. Cooldoctor1 tried my Onno Full Tour and really liked it, but my wife won’t let me sell it.

The main things I like about the Camano are the feel of the stroke when I’m using it, it just feels right. Love the 15 degree adjustable ferrule, which is very solid and easy to use. I like the shaft size and shape of the Werners over other brands that I’ve tried, though I also like the bending branches shafts almost as well. The Camano blade power load seems just right for me to maintain my cadence over multiple hours. The swing weight also seems very light and easy.

Having said all of that in praise of the Camano, I must confess that my usage is limited to several outings with my 240cm carbon Camano in my Poke boat and two days of test paddling boats and paddles at Rutabaga this summer.

I also like the Werner Shuna, which has that same favorable characteristics as the Camano, but is intended for higher angle paddling. It seemed to me to have about the same power load as the Camano.

I’ve never used an Aquabound paddle.

Hey Rider,

How’s it going man? Still paddling that Elaho?

I agreee with you on the Aquabounds! I’ve NEVER seen a paddle company with better service than those guys. They are awesome to deal with!

Question for you…have you thought of trying a Greenland paddle? I’m thinking you will like them if you give it a try. Talk to you later man!


PS…I’m back in BC again now, up in Kamloops.

Great advise!

I have the Stingray white blades, carbon shaft.



I did like the Full Tour ONNO of yanoer.

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Nice synopsis from yanoer. He indeed has some nice paddles in his quill. I have a particularity for Werners because i find them well made, lightweight, and although one could claim they are expensive, I have bought all of my half dozen or so Werners used on eBay. I think they combine light weight with "beef" to withstand central IL man-made lake stump bumps and concerete boat ramps. I think the fiberglass ones that yanoer refers to are super light for fiberglass. The transparent blades are really nice looking, and woven structure makes them very stiff (stiffer than my former Bending Branches fiberglass, which I have now sold), and yet light.

Probably the numbr one virtue of the Werners, and I don't think Branches, ONNOs, or any of the other top paddles have this, but I am not sure: that patented variable feather of the ferrule, a multi-pointed male-female system that sure seems slide and wiggle-proof. My Epic and Max Wing paddles have the variable length and SRS system for locking with a screw down mechanism, but the Werner ferrule, although not adjustable for length (buy the right length to begin with) is so superb for no-slippage, integrated feathering system. It is, bar none, supreme.

I think the Full Tour ONNO of yanoer was sweet when I paddled it, very lightweight. As I prefer the Corryvrecken Werner with big, juicy blades (great for moving the boat in a sprint), I found the Full Tour to be of a similar character. However, I did find it to be--and this could be just my impression--more fragile than the Werners. Lightweight, at the expense of some forgiveness on the "toughness" catergory.

Yanoer, I have a new Max Wing all carbon 27 ounce wing -- I have yet to hit the water with it, but maybe we could try it out on a nice day (upcoming Saturday looks decent if the weather does not change-- but it's my wife's b-day, so I'd have to go early and local like Clinton). I may wait until springtime so that a errant wing stroke does not end up in a wet exit.

The Camano, as yanoer suggests, original poster, is an excellent idea for you if you are used to Aquabound style paddle. It is a low angle superb paddle with very light weight and was, of course, the Readers Choice Best Paddle in Dec 2005 Sea Kayaker Magazine.

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