Time for a new paddle...

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I am currently using a cheapo field and stream paddle. It works decent, but its pretty heavy (46oz according to weighing both halves on my digital scale), and flexy because of a cheap ferrule design. It also flutters a bit in the water, which I am finally starting to notice as my stroke gets more consistent.

I am looking at the following that should be available at LL Bean. I have a paddling store, but their prices are over MSRP, while LL Bean is 5-10 or more cheaper, and I should be near their store tomorrow...

-Aqua Bound Stingray
-Werner Skagit

and ONLY if it would be really really worth it:

-Werner Camano But that is more than I SHOULD spend.

I am a mostly recreational kayaker, trips are limited to 4 hours max most of the time, so I don't see the Camano a real necessity, and I really need a pair of Teva sandles as well...

Any preferences of the Stingray or the Skagit? Seems all I have read puts them darn near equal...


about equal
in value vs. performance but I would give preference to the Skagit because the ferrules on Aqua-Bound paddles frequently get stuck, and you have to sand the male end down to get it to fit right. The Skagit also has the newer Werner ferrule that is featherable in 15° increments, whereas the Stingray only has 1 feather position. Skagit On sale at REI:


2 Types of ferrules for Aquabound
the twist ferrule hasn’t suck on us yet. Its the one with the push button which is the worst offender. By the way, LLBean has a 20% off item sale this weekend - i received an email - instore purchase.

I really like the
Aquabound that I got for fathers day as an upgrade from my cheepo paddle. Good luck with whatever you choose.

Paddles can sometime be like boats.
I have an AT [Advanced Technology], all carbon with blades a bit wider than my AT, carbon shaft/fiberglass blades. Also have an old Cadence FG paddle plus many others brands. At this point in time, I’ll take the AT carbon/fiber or Cadence over the AT all carbon.

Paddles can be like boats. It may depend on the way you paddle. Wooden Inuit/GP paddles or manufactured. It’ll depend on how it feels in your hands and while paddling. Me I’ll take whatever is most comfortable and gets me through the water efficiently.

As far as weight; I’ll take a lighter paddle anytime.

BTW. For those that are newbies; learn to paddle properly and save your shoulders (note:rotater cuffs [sp]) and body a lot of stress. Been there, done that.

I’ve learned a lot in 16 years by watching others plus videos (there are some good ones here on paddling.net), asking advice from those more experienced (I listened).

Most folks in the paddling arena are more than willing to share knowledge and I’m grateful to all who helped me along the way.

Paddle choice
I’ve never yet kicked myself for buying “too good” of a paddle.

Look for a used Camano
I see them often on Craigslist for around $150 in new condition. Use SearchTempest to do a nationwide search on Craigslist. It’s not that difficult to ship a paddle across the country.

If you feel adventuresome, buy a used kayak that happens to come with a Camano (or even better, a Kalliste). Keep the paddle and sell the kayak. That’s how I acquired a Camano recently.




no used…
I don’t buy used paddles. Especially sight unseen.

REI has a nice sale, but I like purchasing paddles in person, that way I can sort through what is in stock and get what I think is the best. No REI near me…

Will be going to LL Bean tomorrow. See how much I can spend :wink:

You’re missing a great opportunity
Who can afford to pay full retail for a high-end Werner? I can’t. My current Kalliste was purchased right here at pnet, sight unseen. You just ask for close-up photos and a full description of any defects, and talk with the seller by phone to confirm.

I would rather have a slightly used high-end paddle at 50% off than an inferior new paddle at full price. It’s pretty amazing how many people buy Camanos and Kallistes, use them a couple of times, and sell them.

Buying Used from Classifieds
I like buying used from local sellers. Have picked up several paddles and most of my kayaks that way. How do you arrange payment and shipping from unknown people listing on Craigslist? Cl is loaded with risk and the only way to protect yourself is to deal face to face with cash. What am I missing?

Take precautions
When you purchase something via Craigslist or a forum the seller will always require you to pay before he ships the item to you. Before buying it, ask every question you can think of, ask for lots of photos, and call the person to get a sense of his character. For paddles make sure the seller knows how to properly pack it for shipping. Finally, have a written contract, confirmed by e-mail, that lays down every single aspect of the transaction—who is going to do what, how, when, for how much and what your recourse is if something goes wrong.

You do have to be a good judge of character. But there are a lot of good people out there.

Checkout ONNO paddles
Awesome paddles for a lot less than the big companies. One man operation, Patrick makes them all himself, he’ll make them however you want. Pat’s an awesome guy to deal with. He does stay busy though, so it might take him a little while to answer your e-mail/phone call. Definitely worth the wait.

cheap but good
Switch to a Greenland paddle and make your own.

For a little more than a Werner Skagit
You could get a custom Lumpy that fit you perfectly and is a dream to use.

In fact there are a lot of custom carved paddles available for less than $200.

I give up.
I asked about 3 different paddles. There is a reason for that. I am a rec kayaker, I don’t honestly need a custom fit or a $300 paddle at this point.

The Werner Skagit will likely get my pick, I think I might have to order from REI if they are still on sale, too good a price to pass up. Under $100 shipped is a nice price…

Thanks to those that actually read my question and responded to the question asked.

Went ahead and ordered the 230cm Skagit from REI! Figured $97.49 +tax and free shipping, hard to beat that for a brand new Skagit. Also picked up a bilge sponge to go along with it.

Should be here Thursday according to REI, which is good, the girlfriend and I are going camping this weekend and taking the tandem along, since we are going on Cayuga Lake in NY (fingerlakes).

Thanks again!

pump the brakes
On the attitude. Remember we all were rec paddles too. I wish I would have bought a better paddle first instead of buying two before getting the nice one. Same thing with boats. When you ask a question on here you might get fifty answers that don’t apply. But that’s in response to a question with bad options.

Ryan L.

Good Job
You stuck to your budget dispite some well meaning advice to just go ahead and buy an expensive paddle you really don’t need. It’s your money and only you can decide how it should be spent.

I did read your original post and responded to it but deleted mine when it turned into yet another sales pitch for a higher end paddle company that just happens to advertise here on this site.

Werner has an excellent reputation and stands behind their products. You can’t go wrong with that decision.

At least by budgeting my expenses, my bills are paid on time and my credit card is paid off 100% every single billing period.

But, as we all know, that just isn’t the “IN” thing to do in the USA…

And that, my friends, is a shame.

Good for you!
It’s always been the “in” thing at our house, too.