Time Shares

Do you own a time share?

We were approached at a Bass Pro Shop about a “free” vacation which involved an introduction to a time share.

Could we be getting suckered into something nasty?

As the saying goes -
There’s no such thing as a free lunch. You can be quite certain that you’re not getting a huge freebie just for wasting a few hours listing to a timeshare presentation.

Wanna bet that free vacation doesn’t include airfare, and requires a $300 per person “convenience booking fee” or some bull like that?

Figure out the details before you blow a day trying to get a “freebie” you can’t cash in.

Yes !!

may be legit, but…
Be prepared for a VERY aggressive sales pitch and presentation.

It may be legit
But it will still cost you money in the end.

Big Cedar Lodge
I swear!! You people have no idea what you are talking about!!! I have been on this particular trip and Bass pro shops Time share resort is gorgous. When I went we had to pay to get there (we drove) and we paid for any other activities. Big Cedar Lodge is amazing and the time share presentation is not high pressure at all. We said no and are still around to talk about it. It is a very cool idea and very affordable. Big Cedar is south of Branson, MO on Table lake or something. the accomidations are great. the scenery is great. Brnason is like 15 minutes north and is worth your time to check out. We did not buy when we looked at it but we were very tempted. Big cedar is in the Bluegreen family of resorts and that gives the time share enthusiast a great variety of vacation options. I think time share is great. We have been able to stay in totally awesome resorts in places we would have never been other wise. Contact me anytime to talk about my timeshareexperience. I AM NOT A TIME SHARE SALES PERSON!!! I AM NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY TIME SHARE SALES PROMOTION but if you want to look at a place in Kissimmee FL I do own at a resort there and it is a great opportunity, kinda pricy but it is the upfront price that keeps many from buying.

perhaps I’m misunderstanding . . .

“but if you want to look at a place in Kissimmee FL I do own at a resort there and it is a great opportunity, kinda pricy but it is the upfront price that keeps many from buying.”

You’re not a time share sales person, but you have some timeshares to sell in Florida, if anyone’s interested? :stuck_out_tongue:

People do get tired of their timeshares
and try to sell them. Does that make them professional sales people?

Just as selling your house does not make you a realtor.

Problem is trying to get rid of a time share if the time comes that you cannot use it. Its like a noose around your neck.

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding his post, which said he owns a resort in FL. I took that to mean more than a single unit, but rather that he owned an entire development, and people could buy timeshares in his development.

don’t own, but been through pitches
I don’t own one, but have been through the sales pitches.

Yes, you can get free stuff. What they say they give you for free, they will.

But, they will have a strong sales pitch and very convincing arguments for why you should be buying a time share. Hard to turn down. Usually when you say no to one person, you then get shifted to the manager for a second try.


“do own AT a resort there”

He doesn’t own the resort.

Funny how my eyes skipping that word totally changed the meaning! :slight_smile:

My apologies for maligning the poster/would-be-real-estate-magnate! :smiley:

Just go armed with a firm ‘NO’ .
The last one I went to, and we drove, was in Gatlinburg. 2 free nights in a nice hotel,free breakfasts,one free dinner,tickets to Dollywood and the sales pitch lasted maybe an hour.Our guy was a hoot to talk to and when we said no, he thanked us and we left. No pressure at all.

I like the part when the sales person gets the manager to make you a special deal.

a rip
Even if you like some place do you really want to always go to the same place. I know often you can arrange trades of sorts so you can stay other places, but they never seem to be the other places you actually want (even if they are nice places) or when you want. In the end you regret and struggle to dump the place for a reasonable sum. 90% of my trips are wilderness/camping anyway so time share don’t help much.

They’ll getcha if you let’em
I house sat for a couple that went to one of these down in Mexico. They were going with another couple and were happy to get free lodging, entertainment, food, etc. just for having to sit through some sales pitches. They were expecting a hard sell but figured it was worth it.

A week later they walked through the door and said, “Guess what? We bought a time share!”

That was a couple years ago and I don’t know how it’s worked out for them. They sure weren’t expecting to buy it when they left for the trip though.


resorts International
Wife and i were young, spending a day in atlantic city, when we got approached on the boardwalk about the offer of a $20 gift cert. if we sat in on a sales presentation. We accepted, were ready to buy, salesman said 'sign here", we said ‘after our attorney looks over paperwork.’ They said “better deal?”, we said ‘sure’, they said “sign here” we said “after our attorney looks things over, we’ll be back next weekend.” They said “it’ll be gone by then” we said “fine.”

2 years later, we get an offer of a free cell phone for going to a pitch in the berkshires. We went, cut to the chase, place was a dump, told salesman to save his time, just give us the phone, we’ll let him get to next client. He says “ah, my friend, nothing in life is free”, I exclaim loudly “JUST A SCAM LIKE YOUR PLACE IN JOISEY!!” 5 guys come down from upstairs, thought I was going to get killed. Boss tripped over a phone cord, phone went flying, I grabbed the wife and we ran. Resorts International, avoid them in my opinion.

Watch maintenance fees…

My parents go all the time, get great deals on weekends, keep on saying 'no, thank you" with an eye on the exit.

It’s a great deal much the same way
that Amway is a great deal.

By that I mean, for some it is. Some folks get very rich with Amway, but for most it’s a big ripoff. Most people who buy timeshares would be better off just saving the money and renting a condo when and where they want to vacation. You can lose big with a timeshare as there really isn’t a big market for selling the things.

If you love the home/condo want to vacation there on a regular basis and have the flexibility to go when it’s your time, a timeshare can be a reasonable deal, but on average, most people don’t/can’t use them enough for it to make sense financially.

And don’t trust the guy who starts his pitch with, “It’s not Amway”…


“it’ll be gone by then”
" They said “it’ll be gone by then” we said “fine.” "

I love when they say that. I respond “wow! so I just happened to be here on the very last day EVER for getting this deal… what are the odds. So since you won’t be selling these anymore what do you plan to do next?”.

I hear they have openings at
Glengarry Glen Ross.


Why would such a large company be pitching time shares if it were not a fair deal? Wouldn’t they value their customers?