To Repair or Not???

I ordered an OT Charles River in Green Royalex from the factory and it just arrived at the retail store with a large scratch in the bow above the waterline. The scratch is deep (into the core) and fairly long, apparently from the forks on a lift truck. The retailer said they would either order another boat (another five week wait?) or give me $200 off list price.

Question One: The dealer says the scratch can be repaired by applying epoxy to seal the core. Is it possible to repair such scratches that way, and how bad will it look when I’m done?

Question Two: The dealer is offering $200 off list. It seems like a major “blemish” liuke this should be worth more than $200 off. Am I right?

Thanks for any input

John Huheey

Dayton, OH

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If there is a scratch into the core of

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my boat, I want to be the one to put it there. Sure, you may be able to seal it, however, if I were to buy that canoe from you right now I would want more than 200 dropped from the price.

I don't mind scratches on boats, it means that they are being used, but a gouge from a fork lift isn't use. Its abuse.

I personally would have them ship me another one... and loan me one in the interim. The screw up is not yours.

no way
I would have laughed out loud when the sales guy suggested $200 off the price. Order another one.

As for the loaner boat idea, it’s a good one if the retailer is the one who scratched the boat. If it came to the retailer that way, than they probably won’t go for the loaner idea.

Good luck.

$200 off is an insult.
I’d offer $200 for the canoe. I bought a demo w/ no scratches for $280 off list, second canoe, 3 scratches for $600 off list, no scratches into second layer.

How about this
order a new boat, and $200 off the price for making you wait. The scratch may not be the dealers fault, but it is not yours either, and you are the one being ‘harmed’. A good retailer would offer something for the inconvience.

I Was About To Say
take the 200 and the repaired scratch. Then I read the other posts and started thinking back on new boats, cars, and toys that I have purchased through the years.

Two related issues here. First, do you want a prestine boat? And second, how much do you want it? I have not looked up the price for that boat but 200 seems about what 10 percent of retail would be. I have looked at various websites recently at other canoes and it seems that right now 10-15% off retail is offered by many retailers. (I assume that if you are looking at something where demand outstrips supply that discount would disappear.)

So, assuming that you paid retail for the boat in the first place, and assuming that 200 is equivilant to about 10% then you are now looking at a normal deal for a normal boat if the boat were perfect, or you are looking at a good deal for a high demand boat with a blemish.

I would likely ask for a replacement.


How about the repair side?
If I do get a decent amount off the list price of the boat, any thoughts on how good or bad the repair will look when I’m done? (I’ve never worked with epoxy or other resins) Will it look like a long grey scar across the bow? Do these OT Royalex boats have “GelCoat”? If so, can I apply this over the epoxy to make it look green again?

Cost of the Boat
The original list price was $1299. The dealer agreed to pay shipping and “give” me a 10% credit for instore purchases of other items. Now he is offering me $200 to take the boat as is, with an 18" scratch that runs above waterline from the bow seat toward the bow.

If it really is into the core
filling it with epoxy or anything else is not gonna work … sorry. Would not take that boat.

Don’t Take IT !!!
Bite the bullet and wait the few extra weeks…you’ll be happier in the long run!!! I HAVE wrked with epoxy resins… they’re great for thier intended purpose…repairing royalex isn;t one of them…you would still need to “Paint” to match…

5 weeks may seem like a long time now to wait… it won;t in 5 years. You may also wantt o call the manufacturer yourself and see if they can expedite the order.

Epoxy Repair on Scratch
Some of you are indicating that an epoxy repair to a scratch that is deep enough to have damaged the “core” will not work. Can anyone who has experience with epoxy repairs on deep scratches in Royalex materials provide some details as to the problems or effect of such repairs? I don’t know anything about such repairs, and would like to know more. I always thought an epoxy repair was stronger than the original material.

if it was a white water canoe
… it would be tempting. In that case it’s going to get some patina anyway so why not let them buy some outfitting?

But, on a none WW canoe, I’d probably pass on that particular offer and continue trying to negotiate.

Simple transportation of the new canoe is going to cost them at least $75.

Thanks To All
I have contacted the OT District Rep and I’m going to see what he may be able to offer in terms of delivery on a new boat and/or additional discount…after all, they were the ones who took six weeks to deliver and then used an LTL shipper who wacked the boat. I imagine they are the ones who will eventually have to pay freight to get the boat back if I don’t buy it, so maybe they can add something to the dealer’s offer.

Thanks to all who responded, I really appreciate the advice.

Make a counter offer
Order the new boat and take the damaged one to use until it arrives.

My local dealer
gives me 10% minimum off accesories no matter what. Bought one boat 5 years ago and the other this year. 10% because I’m in their records. When I asked airbag price he gave some crazy number, then matched the price I saw in the Wenonah catalog when I told him about that, even though I had decided to pay more for the convenience of getting the in-stock bag.This dealer sounds like one to compare to others, then figure out what to buy.

Take the 5 weeks wait for a replace
ment. I could do an adequate repair, with epoxy and kevlar/carbon weave, but the cost including my labor would approach $200. How about threatening to cancel the order?

cryin’ out loud
just dawned on me I can buy a pretrashed- rented- whitewater disco 16.9 at another local dealer for $125-$175. Doubt if he’d throw in any free shuttles though ;-). I’d be leery of anyone using forklifts on canoes…WHERE IS THE LOVE???

Actually I think epoxy would work
since it’s not just on the outer layer of the Royalex. I recently dropped my Royalex canoe of the roof of my truck when loading it so it’s not new anymore – it looks mean now. See how much you can get him to lower the price unless you want something to look great the first time you take it out for a paddle. Make sure you take pictures though, since it won’t look like that for very long.

Epoxy won’t work. Do an archive search for “Crack Fix”

$200 too little off
You can fix it. It won’t hurt its functionality, but it will look like an 18" scratch was repaired. If that doesn’t bother you I’d offer maybe $700 for it, $800 if they fix it.

Otherwise, walk away. It’s an Old Town, everybody sells them and they’re always on sale.

I don’t know why you have to wait 5 weeks. I would think you could walk into a different dealer and buy a green Charles River off the shelf. Call dealers within 100 miles of you, one of them must have one, and then drive over and pick it up.