Today’s mystery canoe identification

My dad picked up this canoe recently and was wondering if anyone could help identify make and model. It’s fiberglass with aluminum gunnels, thwarts and fiberglass decks. The weave on the fiberglass seems “thick.” 17 feet exactly. Molded fiberglass seats. Hull number looks like MAO10230676, but has been painted over, so might be missing a digit at the front. In the Chicago area.

Thanks for any leads!

Looks like I can only post 1 pic at a time.


Manufactured in 1976

Cool! Thanks Castoff. I’ve never heard of them and doesn’t look like any info online. It’ll make a neat restoration project one of these days, regardless.

I am doubtful about that MIC. The HIN you list is missing a character. There should be 12 alphanumeric characters.

Secondly, it looks like there is a gap on that HIN plate at the beginning that is the size a missing character would occupy. If that is so, the manufacturer’s identification code is actually “xMA” not “MAO”. If you put any letter of the alphabet from A to Z in front of “MA” you will get a valid MIC.

Lastly, the last four characters of that HIN are appropriate for the “straight year format” that was in use in 1976. The month and year of certification are denoted by the last four characters of the HIN. The characters “0676” would therefore indicate a hull built and certified with the US Coast Guard on the sixth month (June) of 1976. There do not appear to be any characters missing from the end of that HIN so one must be missing from the beginning.

The five characters between the MIC and the last four denoting month and year of certification could be letters, numbers, or a combination of both at the manufacturer’s discretion so long as each five character code was unique to a specific hull.

So you have 26 possibilities for the maker of that canoe but Massimo Marine is not one of them.

You’re right @pblanc. After further inspection it looks like PMA010230676. And I found an MIC table which shows PMA as Precision Marine in Florida. But I’m not sure that makes sense? Precision Marine looks like a dealer… Am I missing something?

Impressive for castoff and good eye pblanc. That’s two well earned cigars.

It looks as if the MIC “PMA” was originally assigned to Pat Moore Canoes, Inc. It is common for an MIC to be transferred when a manufacturer is acquired by another company.

So it is almost certainly a Pat Moore boat. Below is a link to an old thread in which someone was asking about a 17 foot long Pat Moore tandem canoe that was white with a blue interior. Charlie Wilson suggested that it was probably a Peter Pond II.

You might note that the first three digits after the MIC for the boat described in that thread are the same as for your canoe: “010” which may be a model code for the Peter Pond II.

Pat Moore later leased the mold for the Peter Pond II to Mad River Canoe and they produced it for a few years in the 1980s. Here is a link to an old 1987 MRC catalog which gives the dimensions of the version of MRC’s version of the Peter Pond. The photo shows a tandem with three narrow aluminum thwarts that resembles your boat:

@pblanc I believe you’ve done it. Those 4 large rivets in the side look like another giveaway. Looks like Mad River might have added larger decks that extended completely over the buoyancy tanks, but otherwise it’s a match. Thank you to all for the help, that was fun.