Toyota FJ40 Coming Soon

I have been waiting for a while to get to drive one of these. It should be in showrooms in March.

Another Tocoma would make more sense for me, but this sure is cool…

Had one,
Had a 71 FJ40 with three on the tree, darn thing was a mountain goat. Was stationed in Arizona when I had it and it made easy work of the desert terrain around the Huachuca Mountains, would be nice to get one of the new ones.


I Love Toyotas
My wallet suggests my next vehicle should be a RAV4. Wonder if that ugly Matrix would be a good kayak carrier.

Supposedly The FJ40 Will Be Affordable
They are suggesting prices will start in mid 20’s.

Even toyota makes mistakes. I did not buy a 95 Tocoma when they first came out, but waited until 96. The 95 had engine problems. Glad I waited out the first year.

Cute. Looks like Morris Mini on steroids


can’t wait
I saw soemthign about these about 8 monthes ago…now I will be saving. this IS what I want, even if the first modles have problems I won’t care, never bought a new car…this would rock.


FJ Cruiser
Toyota is playing on the FJ40 image to increase the interest level in this vehicle. It is far different from an FJ40, however.

It is using a proven drivetrain, same setup as the current FourRunner - I mention this in case someone is concerned about ‘first year’ vehicles.

I have read about and seen pictures of this vehicle going through the Rubicon recently, it is capable, but I would drive my FJ40 instead of an FJ Cruiser, as it appeared to be at the raw edge of the ‘comfort window’ of the vehicle. Initially I wasn’t interested, but as I learn more I think it might make a decent daily driver/mild offroad replacement for my Jeep Wrangler.

is a good forum to read if you really want to know more.


Looks cool…

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but personally I'm more interested in the 2007 Jeep Wrangler 4-door.


Looks cool.
Dreaming of a simple, slightly underpowered van with a rubberized, hollowed out interior, fire roadable chassis and a body that would never get changed throught out the years.

VW … bring back the Combi and not all pimped out.


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That is cool, two more to check out are the jeep Hurricane and jeep Gladiator. Don’t know if they will be produced but they are cool… I am still waiting for the jeep rescue. However in reality my Sub works great for a Yack hauling trailer towing vehicle. And for OFF ROAD my XR650 will run rings around ANY 4x4… But The new Yoda is cool, wonder what the sticker price will be… also why do all the pics have it with Cheesy tires… They need to sell a Cheap Uni-Mog over here..

'81 vanagon
I had no problem driving on fire roads with it.

My Daughter went to buy a
Matrix and came home with a Scion Xb instead. You have more flat roof surface so you can get the racks spread wider, there’s no roof mounted radio antenna to deal with, the interior room is amazing and it was about $4,000 cheaper than a similarly equipped Matrix. Its ugly, but I have gotten used to seeing it in the driveway.

Years ago when I was living in the high desert in my Tocoma, I met a German guy who had imported one and he was living in his truck, too.

I could really get into it if I knew a place where I could get parts…

If it’s half
the off road vehicle my '67 FJ 40 was, it’s a winner. This one looks like it has a couple more creature comforts too. New cars aren’t even a dream with me right now, but I’d kind of like to find an old Landcruiser wagon (was it an FJ 55?) for the canoe hauler with the family.

Yea but … after three of them…
driven all over Mexico each time saying “Last one” it is hard to get out of ones system. Just would be nice to see a new one like the old.


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This looks like an awesome vehicle. I almost bought an Element because I liked the room and the doors, but couldn't find a decently priced used one (I don't believe in vehicle loans). Now I almost wished I had waited to buy my CRV.

I wonder what kind of mileage this will get? Anything less the 28 on the highway doens't work for me.

I've got an '84 FJ60 as my second vehicle, and except for the miseable mileage its a great truck.

I'm trying to get ahold of a BJ60 with a decent motor so that I can GreaseCar it and have a great offroad vehicle that I can afford to fill with fuel.

Anybody want to buy an FJ60 :)


Had a 78 FJ-40
Robin Egg blue, ARB Air Lockers front and rear, shaved head, headers, non-usa carb, bla-bla…

Vehicle was crazy good off road, but terrible on road. Gas mileage sucked, lousy tow rig, not much room, and you could watch the thing rust while downing a couple of beers. A dirt bike would put it to shame. My cruiser was the most impractical vehicle I’ve ever owned, but as a young guy it was worth the trouble!! Lots of fun, nothing sensible about it. Dodge Cummins 4x4 truck has been a far better vehicle. If you want a durable 4x4 that can haul anything, get 20 mpg and last half a million or more miles do with the truck.

are you saying the FJ 60 was the wagon? I have a hard time keeping them straight. How much you asking & do you deliver to Alaska ;-)?

I agree the Dodge with the Cummins is more practical, but the old FJ 40s were bulletproof. I remember climbing up on the front fenders & hood to load stuff on the roof. Didn’t hurt the sheetmetal, & the paint wasn’t worth worrying about. I wouldn’t want to test any of the newer rigs that way.

Dodge way more durable
Nearly 400k on original engine and driveline. Have replaced U-joints… Still runs like new. Landcruiser…most high maintenance vehicle I’ve ever owned. Sold it at 180k. Granted, it got hard use, but the Cummins powered Dodge 4x4 has been far superior, and way more reliable. It’s endured more abuse. The thing can tow 10k like it wasn’t there, and gets better mileage than most weak SUV’s. Can’t say enough good about it. Nostalgia will sell these new cruisers more than practicality. I’ll bet the thing gets less than 20 mpg., won’t tow much, and you can’t sleep in it. If a peson wants an old Landcruiser, I say get the wagon, as the FJ-40 is basically a farm implement. Just my informed opinion.

i’m a sucker for a celica :-).