is it ok one day on one day off i only went 10 miles today but im hurting i figure ill train one day take next off.will that still cause me to get endurance? i like to here all ya advice thank you all

Where are you hurting?
Arms, shoulders, legs? I did 16 miles yesterday and don’t hurt at all, and I’m 58 years old.

arms mostly
and abs im still new to this so i may be paddleing wrong

Do us all a favor…
Spelling counts, it reflects on how we may perceive you.

well in that case
bye ill find another forum have a nice day

I think you should have referred him to B&B. None of us spell or type correctly there!

training for what?
Are you just wanting to get in better shape? Or are you working up to something in particular, like a race, or some paddling destination?

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If spelling was really an issue why in the hell doesnt someone yell at fatelmo. Not sure if he is around anymore now that I think about it. This place is about paddling not spelling. Good job to drive someone away over something stupid.

Nah, I think toolish remarks that make this forum a less welcoming place reflect on you more then a misspelled word.

Are you training for racing? For endurance training most experts suggest one L.S.D.(Long Slow duration) training session per week. An LSD should be a minimum of 2 1/2 hours at 65 to 75% of max heart rate. If you are new to kayak endurance training 5 or 6 hours a week may all your body may be able to handle until you have been training for a while. So to answer your question - yes it is OK to rest. It’s good to push the training but you also need to listen to your body to avoid injury and coninue to make gains. Good luck!

Hey Ragz
First, ignore any nasty remarks you might get here, and just pay attention to the folks that want to help.

If I paid any attention to some of the nasties I get regarding my views on certain topics, I would have been out of here a long time ago

On the training: You can’t do it over night.

You have to build up very slowly to what ever it is you are training for.

If you are hurting you should most definately take a day or two or three off.

Your build up should be so that at the end of the day when you are driving home or after arriving home you should have what I call a “pleasant soreness”, but if you are hurting, then it is time to back off, and stay at the level or even back down until you achieve that “pleasant soreness” feeling, and then increase in small increments agan

Lots of other hints, but that has always been my criteria, and it seems to work.

Jack L

Cross train for the long haul
It should not hurt bad after a day on the water. Maybe you should listen to local racers on how to do it easier. Start slow stick with it. I also bike and do 5 k runs. Water should be fun, not suffering. I did the 70 and 90 miler a few times. Good form and years of training will make 10 miles easy


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Ah's still here, Pilgrim. Hey Ragz, pay no mind ta dem speller-oobsessed goomers. Ah' dun't.... an' dem's knows better than ta yell at me since ah's jus' might show up at dem's front door one day wit me fork ready fer supper...

Already woyked on Andy_S.


Most likely suspects of hurting arms.
- You are paddling incorrectly.I did at first;most do.

  • Your paddle may be too long.My first was.
  • Too much ;too fast. Typical guy thing.
  • Your paddle may have blades that are too wide and be too heavy.My first paddle could be used to dig holes or split wood.

yeah im pretty sure im paddleing wrong
im hopeing some day i find some one localy and i can watch them . i tryied youtube but just don’t get it

Okay, I just downloaded Google Chrome
so now it’s gonna tell me if I misspelled anything like the word “chrome” crome. Cool, it underlines as you type.

Then just right click and select the proper spelling. Very cool…THANKS!

Kind of hard to describe without
photos :

Do not pull your paddle through the water with you lower hand.

Reach as far forward as you can and spear the blade into the water.

Push the paddle with your upper hand and guide it back with your lower hand.You should have to only grip lightly with the upper hand.

For example, if you wanted to push a post in the ground over, you would not grab the bottom and pull. You would push the post down from the top.

This does not feel natural at first, butyou will be able to paddle with no bicep or shoulder pain.Your shoulders get tired, but not damaged.

which paddle

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which paddle would ya choose out of these 2 they are what i have now
this 1
or this 1 im around 5 foot 5 and my kayak is 28 inches wide

use the heavy one first
then switch over to the light one when you are tired.