transporting a bike

anyone know of a good way to bring a normal sized bike (not a folding one) on a kayak? I’ve scoured the internet with no luck.

If I wanted to do it, I would just tie…
it on the rear deck.

You wouldn’t believe some of the junk that I have paddled with that we pick up on the outer keys off Florida.

Just think about rust though !!!

Jack L

They used to make this product that had a cargo deck that went on the back deck of the kayak and then had an outrigger. They also made a fork attachment for bikes. Sadly it seems that the company is no longer in business. Maybe you could find someone that has one, or just look at the website and rig something like it. I think.

Ryan L.

on the deck
The wheel of a bike, at 26", won’t fit inside the boat. So you’re putting THEM on the deck anyway.

I would take the wheels out, strap the frame on the deck first. Then strap the 2 wheels on top of the frame.

But no, I won’t ever expose my bikes to the wet marine environment like that.

Use a Canoe
This one of those times I would recommend a canoe.

no canoe.
I cant pack a canoe in panniers.

thats a really cool product. it’d be awesme if the platfor could slide from the kayak to the lil outrigger float. but this won’t work for me. you see, everything in or on the kayak must be able to fit compactly on my bike also. kayak and bicycle are my only transportation.

most of my time on water is through waterways along the middle basin of the st. johns river. I’m not too worried about rust. plus my road bike is a piece of crap anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m gonna try something like this. I’m just afraid of the center of balance being too high or whatever. I don’t want to be unstable!

In that case,
if you’re worried about center of gravity, strap the frame to the back deck. And put the wheels on the front deck. That’ll keep the weight as low as you possibly could.

wait a minute!
You have a folder?

am I going to explode?

indeed I will try it this winter. but currently I am 1200 miles away from any craft that belongs to me :stuck_out_tongue:

not sure

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"am I going to explode?"


Not really. But most folder I've seen aren't very rigid. So strapping anything on deck might be too much of a load to the boat.

My suggestion was assuming you'er paddling a rigid boat, which I'm quite positive it will work even in moderate sea. But I can't be as sure on folders.

Yes you can
An inflatable or a Pakboat

Slingshot + Pakboat

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Yep, perfect set-up would be a Slingshot folding bike and a Pakboat XP-15 folding kayak.

But then by the time you paid for them you could have bought a used car, so it wouldn't be a solution for base economical purposes. But for longterm "off the grid" transport you'd be pretty much set.

Now there's a projoect for some enterprising basement engineer: an aluminum kayak frame (like Pakboat or Feathercraft) whose components also can be reconfigured as the frame for a bicycle and a "bugger" type trailer. Better yet, make the nylon kayak skin and frame longerons also adaptable as some sort of tent/shelter. Good project for a student industrial design class.

thought about this
Actually, we’ve talked about doing this ourselves. Decided if we were going to haul a bike we would construct some sort of H-frame outriggers for the stern and stuff the bike in one of those industrial weight big trash bags and bungee it to the rear deck with the wheels extending over the outriggers. Or frame vertical and parallel with the kayak, upside down and lashed to the stern deck with the wheels stacked on the bow deck. Haven’t tried either one yet. Helps to have long (17’ and 18’) Greenland style yaks with low stern decks.

I guess I need to know why you want to do this before I spend a lot of time on this. When paddling on rivers, we’ve been known to drop off items at certain locations along the route so that we can pick them up when we finish the paddle. A bike locked 10 feet up a tree isn’t noticed, much less stolen, so when you haul out, you can hop on the bike and retrieve the car.

I assume you have a specific route where you are going to transition from boat to bike and it seems likely that one could find a spot to drop the bike off and pick it up later. If it were a commute situation, it is likely you can find a nearby place to store the bicycle safely rather than transport it on the kayak.

Water and bicycles are usually a bad mix (a non steel frame with alloy parts would hold up best), but that doesn’t seem to be what you are describing here. Steel framed bikes and water, especially salt water, won’t hold up for very long at all.


Unicycle? :wink:

packing the boat along on a bike really isn’t the issue…being able to paddle downstream without having to shuttle the bike is the goal I’d imagine…Thought of it myself, but it seemed to much of an issue so I let it drop…