Tybee Island temps

I’m thinking about a kayaking vacation to Tybee Island this year. Can someone tell me what air/water temps are in April, May & June. I live where air and water are both 50 degrees most of the time. I’d like to go there when the water is warm but the air not too hot. Thanks.

here ya go…


Excellent! Thanks.


You live in one of the most beautiful areas of the country, I think you might find Tybee boring to paddle in. I was just down there for four days of paddling and while there, everyone in our group from New England remarked that we know why we love paddling on our rocky New England coastline.

Tybee is a fine place to visit but the paddling is mainly playing in the triangle or a trip around Little Tybee into the rivers and creeks where the oyster beds line the edges of the marsh like a barbed wire fence. Got out to pee and lost my footing in the slippery clay like mud and put my hand down in the water for a second and came back up with a slice 2.5 inches long from the razor sharp shells. Every time I ran over an oyster bed in the murky water on the falling tide, I swore - thought my fiberglass boat was going to get sliced open!

I suppose if you are going with non paddlers, it might be a nice place to paddle and be with others who are going to the beach. I really like the eclectic hippie feel to Tybee, definitely different than Hilton Head!

I guess I just prefer the rocky coastlines dotted with little islands to explore.


ex-pat Californian - Tybee info
I was born in SF, spent a lot of time up your way. I live in the Southeast now, so I get the ocean temp difference completely.

We are going to Tybee the last week in March. Not to camp - doing a vacation rental. Spouse does not camp and will indulge me in reading a good book while I paddle.

This is the outfitter that is pretty popular in the area http://www.seakayakgeorgia.com/ They can give you the water temp info.

You might also want to check out https://georgiakayakers.clubexpress.com

you don’t have to
stay in the tidal creeks. You should also plan where you will get out and take a break and not assume you can climb out on a oyster bed or the pluff mud.

Is that what you do up north? Just head out and assume you can stop anywhere along those rocky shore lines?

The wildlife and marsh area is very beautiful place.

If you want more excitement you can go to the ocean as well. We also have a lot of little islands as well with a nice sandy beach.

Most people like the wildlife and playing in the surf.

The no-see-ums can be bad in the spring at the landing. Have a hat and some bug spray if there is no wind to keep them off. But once you get going you are fine.

You may want to

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consider the Charleston area as well.

We have a lot of paddle groups here and there are so many places to pick and choose. Some creeks have more oyster beds but they are easy to figure out where they are along the banks.. if I don't know an area I usually go out at low tide.. they also wont damage a kayak if you hit them. You don't want to tip over on one but they are always in calm water..

Otherwise there are just as many sand banks and places to get out.

I haven't been to Tybee but it looks like a great place right on the ocean. The back river probably has some oyster beds in the very back so I wouldn't plan on stopping in the middle.

I know Charleston is awesome kayaking. You can head out to the Jetties and surf (something I haven't done yet)I like the river inlets..

Edit: if you need some info on kayaking in Charleston I or anyone can put you on some great trips.. people from all over paddle with our group.. I'm sure that wouldn't be a problem..

right on suzanneh
warm water, sandy beaches, and sunny skies are not for everyone. and oysters, yecch! who would want that? eating fresh shellfish, mussels, crab, shrimp, and finfish is so…primitive. they arent even processed! this place is way overrated. i just cannot fathom WHY all the northerners keep moving down here. go figure!

Isn’t kayaking about exploration

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Perhaps Marciat would like to paddle someplace that's sandy and has water warmer than Northern California. Perhaps she would like to see a different landscape. Perhaps she'd like to take one day to lie on the beach instead of paddling up a creek in a headwind, with an outgoing current and through those Wild and Savage oyster beds.

I guess wanting do those things somehow makes Tybee the wrong place to visit.

I like New England too, but it doesn't mean there aren't other places I'd like to paddle. After feeling like I've just crawled out of a snowbank this winter, temps in the 60-70 degree range and water temps in the high 50's sounded great to me, small surf, small Triangle zippers, oyster beds and all.

After all, isn't kayaking about being in different places and learning new things from paddling there?

paddling Tybee
"everyone in our group from New England remarked that we know why we love paddling on our rocky New England coastline"

You forgot to add that the rest of us had a blast surfing in both long and short boats. Our rocky coast, though scenic, often lacks places with the cosistent surf and sand of Tybee.

At the ECCKF
I am finally going to join a club and start doing some coatal paddling with you guys. I am mostly interested in sea kayaking ventures. It is sinful that I live two hours from Charleston and the only put in I have used is the folly bridge. I wouldn’t even know where to put in anywhere else and I am sure there are lots of good places.


Several groups

we have a new meet up group


And we have members from all over… several from Reiligh and Atlanta, etc…

You are welcome to join! There have been some great trips so far… the next one is to Bull Island that will be really good, so I hope to see you there!

I also joined the Low Country Paddlers and have only been on one trip… I read that you can just show up and pay $5 and bring a ACC waver and you are good to go… or contact them about joining the group. I think Columbia is fine…

I paddle all the time with these guys so I’m sure it wont be any problem with LCP either. I’ll send you a PM with some additional contact info.

I think
Suzanneh would enjoy the Charleston area. Sometimes I love going out to the more remote and laid back coastal islands, but soemtimes I’m looking for more action on the deeper rivers and what not… and run into other kayakers and what not…

Give us a try next time!

Where was the surf? We did demos in wind chop, not surf! I did have fun, but wouldn’t exactly say it is a place known for consistent surf. The triangle is a blast when you are lucky enough to be there when conditions make it interesting. When we were there just recently, it was just a bit of popcorn and not particularly consistent surf other than 2’ on one day for a short time.

I wasn’t very diplomatic with my question and response to Marciat. I really didn’t word things right - just that MarciaT comes for a very different coastline in N.California,( a place that I would really love to paddle) and I was curious as to what would bring her to Tybee.

That’s what happens when I post w/o thinking and rereading what I’ve written!



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The past times I've been there we had some pretty big surf, especially off Little Tybee and where you more than likely did your demo in "wind driven chop". During the SKG Symposium in 2007 they closed down the Triangle for two days because of the conditions and most of the trainings had to be moved as the sea/wind state was well above the BCU remits.

The predictions on Magic SeaWeed for the time you were there were pretty accurate in that there wasn't a whole lot expected as far as surf/swell went. Therefore, you kind of had to go with what you got. While it may have been disappointing, one could make do with what one had.

I realize people have different expectations in which to use their varied skill levels. I'm sure yours are far better than most and thus you were disappointed by the boring, "pop corn" conditions you found. Still, it's all paddling and paddling is good, no matter what.

i get it, you had a bad experience.

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i'm very sorry for that. spread the word! tybee sux! we have plenty of negative invaders. spare us, please. our poor struggling environment has suffered enough from the tourist onslaught. the oysters here are so starved that they attack the unwary just to get some nutrient from the depleted and polluted waters! just stay home and enjoy what you have. and thanks!

The bull island trip
looks like a 5 mile paddle? Andbody go out the cut and into the ocean?

gotta go check the tides and I figure with a group an hour and a half paddle to get to the inlet or thereabouts?


Yes it’s about
4-5 miles there… I’m sure the tides have been planned so we will be leaving before low tide, allowing time for walking around the island… It will depend on the conditions for going out in the ocean and that decision will be up to the group leader… William is really cool guy, was in the Coast Gard, I believe, and lets other people explore around on their own, do rolls etc… it would probably be a good idea not to go off alone into the ocean, etc… there is usually another guide who is also cool and was a guide in Seattle for over 20 years… so you would have to ask them… he will probably say go for it!

On our last trip, it was the first day in my new Q boat, so a few times he called me back over closer to the group in open water, which was fine. He hasn’t seen me roll and self rescue and that boat was a bit of challenge!

Usually the group paddles don’t include ocean trips. That would a show and go situation. And I’m just a member so I’m trying to provide some general idea of our group. Hopefully, we will stop close enough to the surf where people can play around and still be in view, but that’s just an idea.

On Saturday, I went back to one place we went and went out into some light surf.

it should be a lot of fun! I haven’t been to Bull Island in a long time… it’s one of the best trips…

if you have any more questions feel free to contact me , William, or Sea Kayak Carolina…

When it warms up
William mentioned scheduling more advanced trips as well… maybe these will include some ocean activity… and have more info on the requirements… usually for surfing a helmet is required etc… also the ability to self rescue… etc

While you might be fine in the ocean, someone else who can’t even self rescue might try to follow you…

there are also several other 3 and 4 star BCU etc, so thats probably why it will be fine as long as everyone is safe…

funny about surf
I really am not a surf kinda guy or a whitewater kind of guy. I like ocean swells past the surf and long paddles down the coastlines. so while I have some experience getting through the stuff coming or going, I don’t have a tendency to stick around in it.

I have done some whitewater at the Whitewater center and once down the Chatooga and some surf sessions at Folly and they are fun enough but just don’t make me as happy as loading the boat with camping gear and taking off down a coast for a day or month :slight_smile: Even a day paddle with some miles! Rivers are ok too but nothing like the ever changing ocean.

Of course I know how to do a beach crawl (and agree with TITS where the guys say they suck) and can probably more times than not get to shore in one piece, I also have a helmet and use it when needed.

I might just end up at Moores landing this Saturday and do the run down to Bull Island and check out the inlet just for fun and if it is squirrely, will just continue down the intercoastal and take a look around.

Depending on the best time, I just got an e-mail from Scott announcing their kickoff sale and I might stop by for a bit. hey he mentioned free food!