Type III PFD Recommendations

I started another thread looking for an inexpensive inflatable PDF for Kajaking to just have minimal protection with a light, unrestrictive, cool PFD. Everyone pointed out the major drawbacks of inflatables especially cheap ones. Though I was dead set on getting one. So now I am looking for a standard Type III PDF that is as less bulky as possible and cool. So far the Astral V8 and the NRS Vapor and NRS cVest Mesh Back have been suggested. Would you like to weigh in on these or suggest other models…Thanks mjac

There are quite a few of us fans of the V8 on here. I’ve got several PFD’s but that is my “go to” in hot weather or when I want as little restriction as possible (like rolling or self rescue practice.)

Already have. Several times.

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I’m very happy with my V8 and I hate PFD’s and for many years I didn’t wear one. I’ve heard complaints about the small pockets but personally I don’t care about big pockets on my PFD. I think the V8 is quite light as well as cool (ventilated). I haven’t tried the NRS models but I don’t doubt that there are other good options than the V8. I think there are other Astral models that people like too.

It’s is looking more and more like the Astral V8. You saying it is what you prefer in hot weather and for least restriction is even more evidence.

The V8 keeps coming up. Hard to ignore that. Pockets? Gadgets? Least restrictive and coolest on top of the list.

Isn’t the V8 discontinued? That’s what it shows on the NRS site, at least

Astral makes the V-8 , $120. Per the ASTRAL web site , their long time best seller.
I’ve seen shorter discussions on $3K kayaks.

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The OP needs to get to a store and try on some of these recommendations. Anything short of that is pure conjecture.

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I do not think it is NRS. It is Astral.

Yeah, but we having fun and I indirectly learned. lot. Do you realize you all completely changed my opinion on the type vest I wanted? I was dead set on an inflatable for the various reasons I stated and everyone here totally changed my mind. How often does that happen?

Going to try and find an Astral V8 tomorrow locally. If I can not find one I am going to take a shot ordering it online.

Apparently NRS was just selling it at some point then.

I like the look of it and need something myself that has an open back as my new canoes are both coming with kayak seats. I’ll have to find one to try on.

The NRS Clearwater is of a similar design

The Clearwater looks a lot like the V8. Both are made for kayak seats.

You know more then me…Why go with the Clearwater? Why not go straight to the Astral? There almost identically priced.

I don’t know anything about either and haven’t done any research.

I do own two NRS PFD’s for my kids and the quality is quite nice. I’d have no problem ordering a pfd from them to try.

I bet they are both high quality and comfortable. If I did more long trips, I could probably justify worrying about ultimate comfort more, but in reality, it probably won’t matter.

The NRS Clearwater is NOT ventilated in the front like the V8. That ventilation (the unique mesh-filled slits in the foam) is what makes the V8 so comfortable in sultry weather.

The V8 has, so far, been the only PFD that I don’t want to immediately rip off at the take out in warmer weather. In fact, several times I have climbed in my car after loading my boat only to discover that I am still wearing the PFD.

You may have some challenges finding them, though. Many of the regular vendors seem to be short on stock after a huge uptick in sales this summer and the slowing of receipt of materials and products sourced from Asian workshops. Astral’s own site notes that they will not have the V8 back in stock until 11/24/2020. Even LL Bean, which usually stocks them in their retail stores, reports being out of stock.

Uh Oh, will find out today.

You are right. I did not see that. You click on the sizes and it says “available” and at a glance stop. there, then it says “12/22/2020.” This is not good.

My son and I both paddle with the Salus Eddy-Flex. They are light weight, comfortable to wear and provide good flotation. It is doubtful that you will find any PFD, ventilated or not, overly cool to wear on very hot days unless you get it wet. (not an option for you I know). So it then boils down to what fits you and your budget best.