underwater camera..anybody brave

enough to have tried one of these out yet?


6.6 is misleading…3.3 and then interpolation…

thinking I will just save a little more for the optio…

Not this model…
But I did recently buy a Pentax Optio WP, which is waterproof up to 3 meters, and love it for what it is… simplicity and function.

I have a Nikon D70 also and keep it out of rain/water/sand anything else, so the optio is exactly what I needed for watersports.

Looks fine to me

The housing looks similar to ones you can get for Canon and Olympus (and others) cameras.

They work fine for SCUBA diving.

I sell you a…
… barely used Canon A70 and brand new underwater housing (130ft) for $275. Camera was $350 new - and housing is still selling for around $160. Also includes an expanded memory card. Still have all documentation, cables, etc. Pretty sure I still have the boxes.

16 pages of camera info/review here:


Pic of the underwarter housing:


I got it to use paddling and never have.

Camera looks cheap…
The camera that’s in the case listed on ebay looks just like a camera a friend of mine has. It’s a very cheap camera. My friend’s camera says it’s a 3.2 MP but it takes the worst pictures I’ve ever seen. I would not want one.

My two cents worth…I would not buy it.


for 125 bucks

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I can get the large slr bag for my panasonic fz10 which I love. Just musing..


I got a large Aquapac waterproof bag for my Mavica. It BARELY fits, but otherwise I am pleased. Only about $50 on ebay; cheaper than the

company website.

Who lost my sale because they didn’t answer a simple question about the bag… The ebay seller answered quickly.

this one looks good too

Get ther little one…
THEN my pics will be better than yours… :wink:

your pics
are already better than mine.

At least you are out there taking pics. I am too paranoid to take the camera along and since I seem to be developing an affinity for waves and swells, it pretty much means a waterproof housing of some sort.

Of course if all I did was putz around mangrove flats between naps and hurricanes like you I wouldn’t need one. (just kidding but you do live in paradise!) Just imagine…living year round in Key Largo…life is tough.

Seriously…when are you going to take me on the BB run? I went around key Biscayne last weekend so this tells me that at least I won’t fade on you… did a respectable 12 miles all told.

When it cools down…
Heart attack weather now, going 13 miles full out…

I will have to dust off the Caribou.

not too bad if we do early morning?
meet me there at 0600?

first time out no hurry…just want to see the route.

Run away from it Don’t buy
I have one my wife bought it for me. IT’S A POS.

It takes lousy pictures.

It takes 30 seconds between shots.

The software it comes with is terrible, and takes forever to down load to your PC.

You have to use its software to download the pics as they’re in a format not recognized by any sw I can find.

It is very sensitive to being moved while taking a picture.

The screen is washed out in moderate light and it doesn’t have a viewfinder making it hard to frame your pictures.

However I did a nice shot while snorkeling, I caould have had more if it didn’t take so laong between shots.

You can see I really like it.

Underwater case
I have a Cannon PowerShot S200 just 2 MP I bought a underwater case just before we went to Hawaii it worked great I was just unsure the first time it went in the water, no problem it worked fine. Now everytime I go out to kayak the camera goes in the case and it goes with me.


Powershot S30
I have a Canon Powershot S30 with a waterproof case that I take kayaking every time. National Geographic hasn’t offered to buy my shots yet, but it takes pretty good pictures when I remember to wipe the lens part of the case off beforehand.

Ricoh Caplio 400G
With all the discussion in the past about suitable cameras no one has mentioned Ricoh’s digital weatherproof Caplio 300G or the newer model the 400G. I recently purchased the 300G,it is very simple to use and takes excellent photos.


I am just curious, is this camera available in North America.


I have never seen this camera. wonder where to buy it in North America…


Hey Paul
Here is a link to the Ricoh Caplio 300g.

Camera Action are based in Melbourne Australia.

I bought mine from this business, they are a reputable company specializing in volume sales.



thanks. however, having it shipped from Melbourne to Florida is a bit out of the question. Now Victoria Bitters would be another thing altogether. Haven’t had one of those since the 90’s.

Found a jar of vegemite at a specialty yacht store …what a treat! brought it to work, spread some on some toast and drove everyone away…double treat. (I can’t help it if these people have no taste…)

seriously though, if that camera was here in the states I would seriously consider it but it looks like the pentax optio is the way to go or to just get the underwater bag for mine.

More Info…
Than you need is available a scubadiving.com under gear review, cameras.

I’ve a 35mm Ikelite autowind found on ebay for $45.00 w/ case. New in box. If it floods or gets lost, it won’t break my heart, and it takes pics just fine. Used it at 75’ deep in Cozumel last weekend.

Had I the money, the Olympus c770 w/ underwater case is what I’d get for digital photos…Very nice, and you can use the zoom and all the buttons right through the underwater case. Sweet, but I’d get a week in Central America for the same price.