Used Onno Kayak Paddle

A neighbor is selling her Onno full carbon kayak paddle due to non-use. Very light weight, about 24 oz.
It’s in very good condition with a simple push button ferrule.

Your thoughts on what is fair value. Thanks.


Paddle length is 235 cm. She thinks it was called “full tour” or something like that.


Pat (ONNO) made some great value priced carbon paddles and was willing to customize. I have his 205 cm midtour paddle, a limited/prototyped 180 cm teardrop shape (Hawaiian style) waveski paddle and a 185 cm WW paddle that was stolen. It’s two bad he got in over his head, with combination of family and business issues…

Anyway, the ONNOs are ultralight and great for touring applications. However, for surfing/ww, perhaps a tad too light. I had to patch a couple of cracks in my play paddles. I dont’ believe I paid north of $200 for the tour. The ww and surf paddles were in the $150 range (these were customized with angle options and dual indexes for rolling).

There is a 4 piece sectional ONNO mid tour on sale right now on EBAY for $165. Your friend can ask higher and see what she can get.

PS. The “Full Tour” has “normal sized” blades as would be seen on most touring paddles. The Mid Tour blade is smaller and elongated, like Werner’s Lil Dipper. The idea of the later is too provide less stressful, higher cadence paddle for smaller paddlers.


My full tour is my guest paddle . It’s a great paddle but my left shoulder objects. It has introduced several paddlers to what they are missing. Pat’s paddle is selling similar light weight paddles for other companies.

Paid $275 in 2012 for my daughter’s Mid-tour. It came from Maine; Water Walker Sea Kayak, LLC

I’ve used it occasionally but it is a difficult transition switching from a cedar GP to the Onno. It is very particular as to proper stroke initiation and exit. My daughter says that it rewards good technique and punishes poor technique & I agree.

Hmm… $275 in 2012. Maybe inflation or something. I just don’t remember paying that much.

I just did a search of this site. In 2004, I was in on a thread talking about Onno paddles and weight. From what I posted, I seemed to have had both the mid tour and the WW paddle from Pat by then.


Some people loved them and they’re no longer available. Easy to come down but 6iu can’t go up in pricing.

I talked to him a few times but I felt like his psychiatrist. He screwed a bunch of people so I never bought one.

In my opinion, the push button ferrule kind of dates the paddle since everything nowadays has more feather adjustment and possibly length adjustment. Because of that, even in near-new condition, I’d limit the value to around $200.

This is the end result of a custom made paddle having to compete with mass produced paddles at price point. If anyone is curious as to why they can’t buy what they want unless they conform. {and want, what is on the market}

In order to make a decent return for time and labor, a small paddle maker has to connect themselves with an established company that mass produces and has a vender link. {and can buy supplies at a volume discount} {Ono and Novorca are just two such examples of paddle makers that did’t do this…Northern lights is another} Superior Kayak’s is another that has never connected with a mass production company. They however are still available…so far… but always cited as being expensive … but are not when compared to Blacklight Paddles.

Then , more often than not, they lose control of the end product as the machine marches on.

Divorces and production expectations combined with low profit margin forced several independent paddle makers to throw in the towel. {income that doesn’t allow the business to bridge the difficulties}

I have sold a few Carbon Greenland Paddles but have always done so without setting a price {because nobody could afford it, if I were to make any profit} I have looked at them more as a gift and have told the people to just give me what they think it’s worth.

I finally quit making paddles.

A 235 is a very big stick and the Onno Full Tour puts a lot of strain on your body. In that length I would advise against it. The Full Tour is also very “sticky” in the water, much of that due to the dihedral that is more pronounced than with most other paddles. Someone mentioned that it punished poor technique but in my case it hindered good technique. Depending on your needs and aspirations it may not be the paddle to buy.

I was thinking it was a wind paddle. 235 CM for any kayak paddle is LONG.

Pat made great paddles, I have four, one I have repaired about 20 times and I still use it, a lot. the others are in great shape. He did special pricing for people he knew would get his paddles exposed and reviewed, so Sing and I and others here probably paid a lot less than buying through a retailer. If it’s 235 , full tour blades with a ferrule, I would be a little leary about how much strain the joint gets, it’s old now. Personally I wouldn’t offer more than $125 for the full tour. If it breaks at the joint I can you you how to fix it, have done it and it works fine. You could also cut it down to a shorter paddle.

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Too bad you quit, Roym, your paddles are so beautiful. But making anything carefully by hand is a labor of love and you usually can’t make that profitable. Plus sometimes trying to takes away the fun.

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Yes, it seems hard to survive making custom paddles while competing with mass produced paddles, which can be quite good. Last summer I purchased a Nimbus paddle, still produced on Quadra Island, BC. They were the only vendor I found that made a light weight quill paddle. I hope they survive.

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ONNO’s problems were not with the quality of his product or finding a vendor and going to mass production. Pat had personal issues and misfortunes and unfortunately made some very bad decisions that ruined his business. A lot of us here hoped he could work things out.

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If you take people’s money and don’t supply product or return money you are a crook.

I agree Seadart, I placed his name after the wrong statement. Patrick is a case of not making enough income to weather a divorce and the child custody battle and ensuing accusations that was all apart of that. Lawyers cost money and the timing of orders combined with the cost of lawyers … He just flat out needed to make more money and couldn’t . The timing was the same for Ron {Novorca} Divorce while trying to invest in increasing production while His paddles were still being sold, but not ready to produce in any numbers. He had a very diligent salesman at the time. {He too , just couldn’t make enough to satisfy }

BTW Neither Patrick or Ron had product quality as a factor.

I had ordered a paddle from OHNO long ago, when he was evidently in dire straits and unable to fill orders. After 6 months, no paddle - but I was able to get my money back. His paddles had a good reputation. His was not only a small operation, but also a one-man shop I think. If so, he was very vulnerable.