Using a gun as a spare paddle

Does anyone here use their gun as a spare paddle? I’ve never carried a gun while paddling but all this proliferation of firearms on the message board is making me feel a bit vulnerable as an unarmed paddler. I don’t want the redundancy of a spare paddle if a gun with a big stock will do and would appreciate any backfire… I mean…feedback…from you gunslingers.

When ah’

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see's dem man-ettin' arctic caterpillers ready ta bushwack me in my canoo, ah' mount my combo beavertail paddle/50 caliber machine gun on me thwart mount, slap on de ammo belt an' blast away.

Fat Elmo

Maybe a couple shot guns
One 12 gauge and one 28 gauge, specially modified at the ends of the barrels so they fit together for a nice paddle shaft. The front sight to the 28 could interlock to slots on the 12. Second patentable idea I’ve had today.

I’m going for a walk.

Paul S.

I shot a my paddle once…
… missed it and put a hole in a groundhog…


I think your stroke rate will suffer from the weight, however:

Canoe - you could modify the t-handle from your cleaning rod to use as the T of a paddle. Just jam that sucker down in the barrel. Keep your safety on…Wouldn’t want it to fire while switching from side to side…NO wait i’ve got it…you wouldn’t want it to misfire while doing a pry stroke. (i think thats right, i don’t really paddle a canoe)

Kayak - I think you will need two rifles straped/taped together facing opposite of each other. Even heavier, but the upside if you run out of rounds in one rifle you can do a baton twirl and begin firing with the other rifle.

I might have more time tomorrow to find some links to post that will clear up your question handedly.



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If it's just a spare, you could use a 12ga Remington pump action, this way in a pinch you could just grab your spare, use a sliding stroke & get a round off with every stroke.
Stand down "Army of one" who needs ya, with that rate of fire, we'll be a "Navy of one".

light & compact
How about a pair of AR-7s and some duct tape? You’d have a spare that you could easily stow, and they’d even float if you dropped them.

This sounds very dangerous
and unreliable.

“Kayak - I think you will need two rifles straped/taped together facing opposite of each other.”

Better to go with AquaManagement’s patented interlocking barrels, due out in the spring. It will be more expensive of course, but the added quality and safety will be money well spent. We’re working on a very light barrel/shaft as well.

Paul S.

An’ fer ya canoo polers
A pole dat doubles as a bazooka…

(dis thread is givin’ me ideas fer a new FOX reality TV show)


No, wait…
How about a pole with a built-in piston and air reservior – every time you plant it, you’re builing up pressure in your giant air gun…

What about a taser?
Many paddlers who carry guns seem to do so to shoot snakes. In this news article a taser is used to stun a python so that the handler can be freed. If paddlers were to carry tasers, what else could a taser be used for?

Oooo… Oooo…

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Ah's knows! Ah's knows! Dem taser kin' be used ta keep dem pesky 'yakers away from us canooists.

(duck an' cover)

Happy New Year


You gotta catch them kayakers first…

your request for deployment is denied. The device described has been listed as mission incapable.

It has been determined that a taser in a ready-for-action position might not survive the “eskimo roll” needed to evade incoming fire. To ensure mission integrity, its use would have to be restricted to land actions. Therefore, it is not a desirable option for operational success in a maritime environment.

Besides, tasers won’t stop everything, & my mantra is; “Always bring enough gun - to get the job done”

There ain’t no wimmin in this corner of the lodge!

No, but I’ve used my paddle as a knife
A few years ago, after four days of heavy snowing, I stepped onto some 6’ piles and began “slicing” huge, dense chunks of snow from the house roof. The shovel didn’t reach far enough, and the scoop didn’t work well for this purpose, so I switched to my paddle. The blades sliced perfectly, and I could then slide the blade under the heavy snowcakes to slip them off the roof.

Dun’t worry…
Ah’ hear tell dat LaWanda an’ Bambi will be here shortly. Time ta shine up me purty scalp.


You could probably
do it again after this last set of storms. I’ve had at least 3’ here in Westminster and I bet you’ve had nearly double that. Geesh, a week on vacation (and consequently not turning on the 'puter very often) and the advice board turns into gun arguments. C’mon Spring!

Name the movie
WWII movie where the troops paddled across the river after the smoke producing boats did a poor job of smoke. Did the Italian-American soldier reciting “Hail Mary, Mother of God” make it across?

On some club paddles I’ve been asked to bring a machete or an axe. My machete is very wide and the and squared off where most machetes are pointed. It cuts well and is a pretty good one handed paddle