Using a paddle leash?

Thanks for the slightly tangential tips. There isn’t much point to improving things now but Ill be revisiting this sort of thing once I’m paddling that boat.

How about a Scotty paddle leash, find it on Amazon and other places. I find it’s a perfect length retracted or extended. A light weight coil type that comes with a double rubber ring and a rubber attachment strap. A plastic clip on both ends. Also check out North Water leashes and paddle britches and scabbards for spare paddle storage on your deck.

Adjust a coil leash length by putting it under a deck line there’s no banging on the deck. I have a few never had a problem.

Wolf, I am with you. I paddle alone a lot, though in Florida, and use a leash always.

Was an old surfer, so leashes were required there so they don’t bother me.

I recently saw a FB post where someone was looking for a paddle the lost while on a river, of course they weren’t using a leash.


If the river was whitewater, leashes are not appropriate. Even if there was a place to leash it to on full out WW boats, which there is not.
If it was a flatwater river, it is an area of different opinions.

About the only thing that could make a coil-cord leash worse is to add a bunch of bulky, unnecessary hardware. The Scotty wins the grand prize for that! :wink:

Seriously, as with most paddling equipment, simpler is best. Here’s the paddle leash made from a sail tie that I mentioned previously. No clips, no hardware, no moving parts, work on the wrist and can be slipped under deck rigging quickly when necessary. It cost less than three bucks to make.

Paddle Leash - coiled Paddle Leash - in use


That looks like the leash that I use. Or don’t actually use depending on how that is taken. I have one pretty much permanently coiled on my main paddle and another one or two around in my stuff. My recollection is that we bought them from a small business being run by a couple who were assembling these on their kitchen table.

There were a few people selling them back when I made this one. I’m a DIY kind of guy, so I just did it myself using instructions that were available online. I dug around and found some instructions I wrote at the time:

“Rather than paying $7.50 plus shipping for the Campmor leash, I buy $2.50 sail ties (18” IIRC) at West Marine, which are the same thing, except that they aren’t modified to work as wrist leashes. On the fixed end (blue ball) I cut one side of the bungee at 5" long and whip it to the standing end to form a 4" wrist loop. I then pull the slack through the orange ball until the end is only 3" long and whip that to form a smaller (2") loop that fits comfortably over the shaft of my paddles. It will stay in place when desired, but slides easily with a slight tug. It works fine for fully extended paddle stroke and Pawlawta rolls."

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