Valley Avocet owners

I’m looking for a quality–tight fitting (on the coaming) neoprene sprayskirt to fit an Avocet. Please, I’m not looking for generic advice on sprayskirts; I would like to hear from anyone that has a Avocet RM with a skirt that they like.

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Mountain Surf

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I've got one of their old touring EZ-ON models, which is the driest skirt I've ever used on an Avocet RM. The EZ-ON Dur-O-Ring(full rubber rand) would be the closest thing in the current lineup.

Thanks for the feedback
I just checked one of my whitewater skirts (Mountain Surf duro ring) and was surprised to see that it fit pretty well. I wouldn’t have guessed it because the coaming size on my current WW boats are 34 X 19. The Avocet is is 29.5 X 16. On the other hand, my Greenlander Pro (snap dragon w/ bungee rand) is 32 x 15.5 and wouldn’t even stay on!?

Anyway, the next time I take the Avocet out I’ll use the WW skirt and see how it works.



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I have an Avocet RM and use a Snapdragon Glacier (Breathable I think) in size Medium. I find that it fits the boat very well.

Here is the fit guide


I agree with improviz.

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2005 Valley Avocet RM. Precisely the same Snapdragon Glacier Trek as per improviz. No issues, ideal fit, size medium deck.

Good Fitting MountainSurf Is…
probably the most bomber…

Especially if you don’t get extremely cold temps where finger strength and dexterity get compromised, making a Mountainsurf skirt a 3 season proposition.

Of course, you folks on the left coast have a different consideration of what “cold” is than from those of us on the right coast. :slight_smile:

Just busting on you, Bob.


same boat
Good that you mentioned the 2005 model - that’s what I have as well.


Elephant Gear, Yak
ive recently started learned of these companies. Wonder how they escaped my attention. I love finding new companies (new to me)

Snapdragon Glacier Trek

CKS had the “Snapdragon Glacier Trek” on sale so I ordered one. Tried it on the kayak this morning. To test if it would pop off I pushed down on the top of the skirt. It easily popped off the sides of the coaming. I would not trust this skirt in the surf. Back to the shop it goes.


No Kidding…
any skirt with nylon material as part of the construction (aside from neoprene facing) will not be able to sustain the wear and tear of the surf zone over the long haul. Nylon material, compared to neoprene, has no give. It will result in the skirt popping off easier. The nylon itself will wear and eventually rip under the multiple impact of wave hits.

Heck, I have a couple of dry tops where the overcuffs are worn down and about to rip from being blown out repeating by breaking waves in the surf zone.

Neoprene is the best thing that happened for surfers or those who like to play in the surf zone.


Rough up the coaming of your 'cet

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with sandpaper.

Wet the Snappy with use on water, and let it dry in sun: it'll shrink to some degree.

Or return it and get another, more inferior, sprayskirt and still have same issues.

You enjoy Valley boats, it seems. Consider am ocean cockpit for your future boat.

Thanks for an interesting post, wheels. Happy paddling.

Reinforced versus non-reinforced edges
I have an 04 Avocet RM. I have tried two Snapdragon skirts, both “medium” cockpit sized. The first one had a reinforced edge that did not hook firmly on the edge of the boat’s cockpit. I think the reinforcement stiffens the edge just enough so that it slips off the rounded plastic. My SO has that same skirt and it works great on her glass boat (and its much sharper edged cockpit coaming). The second skirt was purchased without the edge reinforcement. It is a little softer at the edges and stays put pretty well.

NRS Kilt
Molded rubber rand version, L deck, fits on my 2005 Avocet RM very well. It is PITA to put on, hard to remove, but it stays were it should.

Unfortunately, it is about to give up the ghost…

Need to find replacement…

IR Toughskin Rand with Large deck fits very well, at least on land.

Explanation - creates air tight seal with coaming, does not pop off even when I am attempting to stand up/ push off with hands at hips/ mimic wave implosive action by pushing on the deck.

Warning! According to IR numbers, Medium deck should fit. It does not even come close to fitting :slight_smile:

Usage report
Very tight and dry sprayskirt. As I mentioned before, a bit of work to put on, but it kept me nice and dry.

I’ll see how many years it will last…

With some reservations
The last two times I was out on the water, I felt that the sides of this skirt did not seal as well as the front and back. When edging hard (water above the skirt line) I could feel a little bit of water coming in. I don’t know if the bungee loosened up over time, or maybe I’m doing more work on edge these days. So, although I was promoting the fit for this skirt/boat, I may look for something even tighter on the next one.


How’s the wet exit?
Thanks for the report. Have you tried to wet-exit yet? How hard is it to do with such a tight seal?


It is very subjective :slight_smile:

I think it is OK - the classic two handed push forward pop off technique works very well. That said, I would not recommend it to anyone who has entrapment apprehension.

Let me emphasize - it is hard to put on, but it stays on and keeps me dry - my major concern.

I wonder
why IR says on their web site that they don’t recommend rand-style skirts for touring boats? Is is a liability “small print” warning or something more functional? I found it an odd comment.

As for the wet-exit effort - your reply is fair enough. Every person feels a bit different about hang-time. I wanted to hear that you actually tried it :slight_smile:


Rubber Rand Sprayskirts
After trying several brands because my rubber-rand Harmony LC-1 was too hard to put on, I went back to it. Keeps the water out better than any other.

A few hints for put-on-ability: Some rubber rands have hard plastic tubing around the outside edge. I took mine out.

Initially, I slathered on 303 Protectant and let it soak in, then wet the sprayskirt, stretched it around the biggest cockpit I wanted to use it for and let it sit for a day (no, you don’t have to be wearing the skirt when you do this).

I frequently treat the rubber rand with 303 and always wet the skirt before putting it on the coaming.

I have a few used ones if you’re interested. They don’t make them any more. I use mine on a P&H Sirius (28.5" x 15") and an Eddyline Merlin LT (31.5" x 16.5").