Many of you may remember my posts about my Nordkapp LV that I made a couple of months ago. Sparked a lot of conversation and I ended up removing the posts.

I wanted to let you know how the whole situation turned out. Many have asked.

Peter of Valley ended up replacing my boat free of charge, and even threw in some custom options to compensate for the trouble.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Peter and Valley publicly and to highlight his high dedication to producing a quality product and keeping customers happy.

My hat is off to him and his company for such standing behind their product and for truly honorable business practices and dedication to their customers.


Matt Bowler

“There’s nothing like (a) Valley”

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Valley has been making great boats for over 35 years. When I bought my first Valley in 2003 the quality of design and build was well established.

In the most recent years, under Peter Orton's direction, Valley has expanded their line and updated their manufacturing. New tweaks have also occurred in the details. And there is actually a web site! Something that was not true previously.

Valley's customer support is truly impressive with Peter interveneing when necessary to insure a paddler is properly treated and satisfied.

The unofficial motto "There's nothing like a Valley" continues to ring true.

That’s good to hear
As I’m planning on moving from a folding kayak to a fg model this spring and Valley along with Impex is on my short list. I’m 5’6" and 150 and am not sure of which VCP I’m leaning towards. OTOH I hope to check out the Impex Force 3 as a fast general play boat that is suitable for camping.

If you are thinking of a Force 3 then you may want to check out the Aquanaut or the Aquanaut LV.

Both are great all around boats that are suitable for camping, fast and great for playing in rough water.


At your size
the composite Aquanaut LV would be a better match than the standard Aquanaut.

Somebody will ask, so …
… what exactly will you do with this customized Nordy LV that you don’t like and got for the price of a demo? It seemed to have cost Peter/Valley a pretty penny…


Post some pics

and at his size…

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...I would think something even smaller might be in order. Is it just me, or does anyone else find the avocet and aquanaut LV to be overly roomy?

Thansk for the feed…
… I live near Akron, Ohio and plan on driving ‘up’ to River Side Kayak near Detroit in a month or two. RSK apparently has a good selection and some knowledgeable people.

Will be indoor rolling this weekend and outdoor rolling after I grab a boat and a dry suit.

stay away from the Anas demo
:slight_smile: I have my eye on that one.

And if you get in it you’ll probably want to buy it.

The last time I demoed I found the composite Aquanaut LV to be a nice fit and the composite Avocet to be too roomy. I haven’t tried the current plastic versions. I have an older single-layer plastic Avocet with extended thigh braces that fits nicely. I’m 5’9", 160.

The Force 3 was a bit tight for me, and the Force 4 was a bit loose.

Aquanaut LV is nice size for…
…me at 6’2" and 185lbs. I just put my feet right onto the forward bulkhead. Its the easier Valley boat for me to lay down on the rear deck. Very nice fit.


Valley boat size
Also at 5’ 6" and close to the same weight, I found the composite Aquanaut LV to be the best fit for me. The second choice was a composite Avocet. The RM version wasn’t bad, but the slightly larger size was noticeably different in feel, so I ended up the A’naut LV, and my girlfriend chose the Avocet.

Nice to hear.
Glad you posted the information. But …

TURN OFF YOUR DAMNED CAPS LOCK!!! We can hear you just fine.

Let’s not get carried away
Valley makes a nice boat. My wife and I have 3 between us. But none of them was without problems when purchased. 0 for 3 is not the workmanship of legend. Let’s not fall all over ourselves stroking Valley for correcting issues that should have never left the factory.

Aquanauts etc…
The Aquanaut hull is the one closest to the Force boats (I guess I should say the Force boats are closest to the Aquanaut as the 'naut came first). If a Force 3 is the right size for you then an Aquanaut LV would be a better fit than a standard 'naut.

While you’re at it, you might demo a Nordkapp LV. It is a fun boat.

Well the other thing I did not mention was that the boat was a demo boat, purchased at a reduced price…and he still replaced it with a brand new boat.

I believe that is going above and beyond.


They don’t sell valleys anymore, but…
Have you been to The Backpacker’s Shop just east of Lorain, Ohio? You’ve probably been to Appalachain Outfitters.

And in reply
"Have you been to The Backpacker’s Shop just east of Lorain, Ohio? You’ve probably been to Appalachain Outfitters."

You are correct. AO handles Seaward, or I should say that they did. The Seaward line seems very nice but AO is dropping them. My impression is that they move mostly RM kayaks. Haven’t been to the BPS and I kinda forgot that they exist.

But I did call RiverSide today and they mentioned that they have a frickin’ huge pile of kayaks coming in in about a week. Amongst them will be some Avocets and Aquanauts. Sounds like their selection will be over the top. I’m pumped to make the run but not too pumped about the $$, which will be required for a boat and the gear (particularily the dry suit).

All great to read as I have an Anaut LV
on order.