Vehicle purchase update

Finally getting close to pulling the trigger and getting a new ride to replace my 2002 Vue (153K). Thought I was sold on the Ford Escape, until this past Saturday.

Took a Rav4 (V-6) out for a test drive. Wow! Nice power, smooth and handles well. Very impressed with it. Upon more research I found it gets the best mileage of all comparably equipped small SUV’s and has the most interior space for lugging stuff around. Every review I read was glowing.

Any Rav4 drivers out there?


Not Yet
My poor little Toyota Truck is 13 YO and 240,000 on it so its about time. Not good timing as I just put most of my available cash into the house and remodel and sending my son to Japan this fall, but I think maybe this summer when the 2010 are coming will be a really great time to buy.

Not so stoked on the styling, but that low rear will be easy to rack kayaks.

Stick with the six cyclinder. This year they put a new 2.5 four cyclinder in it that cranks 179 HP, but its a brand new engine. The 3.5 six puts out 269 HP and only gets one MPG less than the four. They have been using the same six since 2005. The engine upgrade is less than $2K. I can really use the extra HP on Sonora Pass.

I actually went past day dreaming about it and went to see one. Now I actually want one

Is the old one really done?
Think about it. You could rebuild the entire truck for a third of the cost of a new one…if it even needs it.

I know, I’m not much of a consumer, but I know of what I speak with a nearly 500k old truck that runs like new.

If the body isn’t rusted out, keep driving it!

of my driving is business related…I can write off a good amount of it.

I have been using a 2009 Rav4 (v6) while my van is in the body shop. After driving it for 2 weeks now, I have found it to be very comfortable (6-2/210) with good power and visibility. However, gas mileage seems low…getting 22-23 on freeway driving at 65-70mph with a/c running. It also “feels” top heavy when cornering at speed. Probably a damn solid vehicle with regards to reliability. As I’m in outside sales, the mileage deal wuld be a killer for me. That said, I would take a hard look at a Escape Hybrid as they get top ratings and have some federal and possibly tax incentives. Good luck.

$750 tax credit for the Hybrid Escape
Not worth it as far as I’m concerned…

Already Spent $4,000
Its a strange problem. Will not start when the motor is hot. I have spent over $4K trying to fix it. I am certainly not going to trade it in.

I will keep it and continue to try and get it fixed, but its time for a new vehicle. Our other vehicles are a full sized 2001 Silverado, and a '92 Chevy Conversation Van that gets 10MPG.

That was a majopr criteria when house hunting. I have off street parking for six vehicles

1998 Rav4
Andy - maybe this is too old to be a good comparision, as Toyota has upped the engine size and made the vehicle wider and heavier but you may find it useful.

Mine was not a base package, but came w. 5 speed manual. Sport package had A/C, power windows, power steering and locks, CD player, moon roof, McPherson struts, tinted windows, fairing, covered spare,roof racks etc. (but not 4WD). That’s what I remember.

I just prefer manual transmissions and IMO the 1.8L engine performed much better than the automatic esp. w. the A/C on. I test drove both one after the other and the manual tranny was clearly the better performer as far as acceleration. I gave them both a good workout on the interstates during an a hot

80+ degree day in summer of 2000 when the Rav was two years old. Yup, I bought it used.

LOVED the RAV - fun to drive, peppy enough for hwy,

super sipper on gas. It was my 4th Toyota, bought used, and, as with all the others, super reliable and -0- maintenance other than tires, fluid changes etc. The resale values hold very well, too… my 138K Rav sold to the second buyer who saw it for $5800 when it was a solid 6 years old.

In April 2004 I replaced it with a new Matrix XRS which is lower height, 25% cheaper to insure since it’s rated as a wagon. It’s six speed w. the requisite goodies I like and, for me, an even better kayak transporter and as good on gas as that 98 RAV.

Unless the revamped RAV has tinkered too much w. the original concept I think you are making a good choice!

Who the hell is working on it bro?
4K would put a pro-built blue-printed motor in the thing! Very simple vehicle. The issue you have will be a simple one with the fuel system. Vapor locking sounds like.

I came very close
to buying one a couple of years ago. Really liked the small V-6 with the Sport Package. Good roof rails, and I really like the barn door for boating (opens with boat in place).

What nixed teh deal (other than teh Toyota dealer offering me bupkus on my Outback) was the seat. Just too short for a big guy like me. ANd with the seat the whole way back I still felt cramped. But it would have delivered better mileage than my 2006 Suby Tribeca.


personal likings
In this catgeory, I wanted to like the Rav 4 the most but with pure subjective personal taste, just could not get myself to like the look of that spare tire on the rear door. Small thing but impacted my decision.

I have had it to three private shops, and the dealer. So far I have replaced:


Fuel pump

Fuel Pressure Regulator

Crankstaff Postion Sensor

Ignitor Module


Fuel Relay witch

Distributor Coil

Heat Shield


Air temp Sensor

Throttle Body Sensor

All I really know is its getting juice, but no pulse to the injectors. The injectors have been tested.

don’t laugh
I bought a new Kia Spectra wagon to bridge me over 5 yeawrs till the hybrids are on line… It’s the exact same size as a Matrix but a lot less expensive… no problems so far… also 30 mpg… hauls a kayak great… you can probably find a used one less than a year old and less than 10,000 miles for under 10k.

I also like the VW TDI but at the time couldn’t wait 6 months.

I’m not sure a V6 will be where it’s at in a year or two. You might be dumping that for higher mileage.

Have you tried this?

– Last Updated: Jun-22-09 3:48 PM EST –

This is for 88-91 camrys but should work for other Toyotas

Oops you said injectors not getting pulse


Write me Andy…
What do you want to know. I had a 2006 V-6 Base with extras. Loved that car,but the pain of divorce finances made me let it go. Fit the bill for the things we did perfectly. Trip mileage pulling a small trailer and boats on top was decent too, 19-21MPG. Trip mileage was excellent at 28-30mpg. Around town yielded varied results at 15-21mpg.Best features were long rack spread,rear seat head & leg room,and cargo hauling capacity seats down. If I could get the 35-40mpg I am getting now,I’d buy another RAV4 in a heartbeat.


2007 Rav4 V6
Hi Andy,

I bought a Rav4 V-6 for the power to occasionally tow, the good ride, quiet interior and good handling. It has comfortable seats in front (driver seat has lumbar adjustment). The V-6 gas milage is similar to the other sm. suv’s with 4 cyl–around 20-22 in town and mid 20s (usually) to high 20’s(occasionally) on highways at modest speeds. I would like a bit more leg room and more rear travel on seat track in front but can just make due at 6’ 1".

I removed the factory rack and fabricated adaptors to use a Thule fit kit and Tracker II feet. This allows me to change racks at the push of a button for canoes, kayaks, bikes, or have nothing on top for better gas milage.


"4K would put a pro-built blue-printed motor in the thing! "

Probably with a supercharger, to boot :wink:

OK, I’ll bite
What do you drive that gets the good mileage, and will it carry long boats? I’m on the hunt for something that will carry 2 sea kayaks and get 35+.


Had a '97
Loved it, would have kept it, but had it on a lease, a very bad lease. When I was ready to buy in 2001, the body style changed and I didn’t care for the new style and ended up with an Escape. With the 4 banger I got 30+ mpg and took it off road quite a bit, including some godawful places in the Arkansas Ozarks. Have toyed with the idea of buying an old 96-2000 RAV4 on E-bay I liked mine so well. Here’s a pic of our old one. I’m sure you’ll be happy with the “Upgraded” version. WW

Dude, you are getting worked big time!
find a good mechanic. I hate hearing that stuff. Just horrible.