Vermont Tupper

anybody have any knowledge of this Company or this model? Can’t find any reviews

The Tupper has been discussed a few
times here on, but I can only find two vague references to it in the Archives and they don’t have any useful info. Apparently the other threads are gone.

not much on the web either. Called one of their retailers and they had little info and no clue on price

Vermont Canoe
is Openboater’s venture. He has been very helpful to me regarding Mad River Canoe history and the particulars of their models thanks to his long involvement with them back in the day. I’m curious about the Tupper as well. It seems like a great little 'yak alternative for my wife and daughters.

Tupper somewhere
I’m curious also, seems on paper like a good boat. Someone must have paddled it as they manufactur it… maybe not?

I did
contact a seasonal retailer in NH a couple of months ago about price/availability and, if memory serves, they said it was a special order and in the 16-1800 range.



-FRank in Miami

In the Adirondacks
Not even close to the Ware river.

test paddle at Old Forge, NY

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Mountainman Outdoor Supply has an on water event,Paddlefest5, in Old Forge NY 16-18 May. They will have the Bell BuckTail, Native Watercraft Compass, Pb SpitFire, Vermont Canoe Tupper and Wenonah's Wee Lassie on the water. Further, Pete Hornbeck is about sixty miles down the road, so you can test six pack canoes on the same day!

book marked the website
May 16 thru 18 I believe. No mention of the Vermont line on the site though

I bought one from Ramsey Outdoor store in NJ .

It was a 12 foot canoe that turned out to be

very tippy for me . They let me return it .

Someone who is lighter or smaller than me

might like it .

Vermont Canoe
Vermont Canoe[s] is listed as an exhibitor for Paddlefest as of this morning, 09 March.

What d’ya wanna know?
I’ve been playing with my demo model Vermont Tupper for about a year now. This is a spritely paddling boat that is surprisingly quick on the water for 12’. Happens to surf short chop beautifully, even with a 50 lb. hound in the front trying to bite the water. Manuverabilty is great, almost reminiscent of a more classic whitewater river runner. I’ve teased the creator of it that he should make a whitewater version.

This little canoe is meant to be paddled. If you are looking for a placid plant yourself on the water and fish canoe you’d be better off finding an old Compass Cayak (now Native Watercraft Compass). If you already enjoy playing with the water in a whitewater, sea or touring kayak then this will be a great 24lb. 12’ fun boat to go explore marshes and twisty streams. It is build tough enough to take the occasional scrape an bump without you wincing too badly. The ash wood work is beutiful, resiliant and simple to maintain.

This canoe isn’t going to be the perfect match for everyone but if you like paddling more than just drifting about it’s definitely a fun ride.

Drop me a line if you’d like a picture or two. Have it here in the Showroom and a camera’s handy.

See you on the water,


The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY

PS: for referrence, Me = 6’ 205lbs, 230cm paddle, Hound = 50lbs of overactive nose and tail.

retail price
would be nice. No response from company so far. How does it handle on open water, 2 to 3 ft swells. How does it roll? JK!!! :0)

Kevlar only
$1764 in either red, white or green.

Rolling? Need those thigh straps I hinted at before. It has suprisingly high secondary as I’ve dangled both legs over one gunwhale with my seat in the seat casting around some submerged structure for bass, without swimming with them.

See you on the water,

The River Connection, Inc.

Hyde Park, NY

I’m back…

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Sorry for the slow response. I got hit hard with the "crud" and I've not been on line or checking email for the better part of a week.

Anyway, the Tupper is a Robbie Frenette design. Robbie is the owner of Raquette River Outfitters in Tupper lake and, amongst other things, is a renowned ADK guide boat builder. Robbie wanted a pack canoe that was suited for the quick change of weather and conditions that are so common on Tupper Lake and most lakes of the ADK region. He incorporated flare from stem to stern which results in a very dry ride as conditionas get big. The canoe has very little wetted surface area and, as Marshall stated, is surprisingly fast and agile. This is a high performance pack canoe. Again, as Marshall stated, it wants to be paddled: fast, manuverable, surfs like an champ, and tracks well for someone with an efficient, balanced stroke. It takes very little energy to get it off the starting line. I recommend a small touring blade shape...less is more. Larger blade faces can overpower the canoe. The canoe can handle a heavy load, but, as paddler wieght increases, it's performance and stability are relative to the ability of the paddler. The canoe rewards a relaxed boater. The stiffer you are, the more tender the boat will feel. Relax those hips! The canoe is a perfect example of one that will grow on and with the paddler. Time in the canoe brings big rewards. I like to call it a "bad ass" canoe. The canoe is also great for kids as it requires little energy to make it go and because of it's size.

We've mounted the cane seat off the bottom at a height that facilitates a more vertical paddle stroke. It is also canted slightly back. There is a Surf to Summit back band as well and Yakima foot braces. I personally use a 215cm paddle. It prefers a more vertical paddle stoke to maximize it's efficiently. I never sell one of these with out doing my best to get the potential buyer to test paddle. A good 10-20 minute test paddle is ideal.

In summary...very manuverable, seaworthy, fast, dry, light, and fun.

You can find a paddlable demo at River Connection in Hyde park, NY, Raquette River Outfitters in Tupper Lake, NY, Complete Paddler in Denmark, ME, Wild Meadow Canoe in Center Harbor, NH, Umiak Outfitters in Stowe, VT, Mainstream Kayak in St Albans, VT and Mountain Man will probably pull the new one out of the warehouse for you if that's where you want to go.

Now, far as Mountain Man's Paddle Fest...we will not be attending this year. We do have inventory at Mountain Man, but because they chose to carry just about every manufacturer in the industry and also allow non stocking builders to come to the event, we find it difficult to find our niche there. It is a great event but the event is cost preventative for us as we are still a small company. Our needs are best served currently by retailers who have the ability to showcase us and focus their attention on fewer lines. Don't get me wrong, though, Mountain Man is a fine retailer, they are just too big for us right now.

I hope that answers a few questions. My email is

Open boat, open mind.

Surfs lake chop and ocean waves like a champ. Loose hips! The stem to stern flare makes it a very dry ride.

Spray cover to come in 2009.

I want to
take the time to thank Rob and all for some really good input on this. Am currently in process of putting some money down with a test when the water opens up

Thanks All


Dave read: “bad ass” canoe
and I think that definitely piqued his interest. We don’t call him Danger Dave for nuthin’.

Dave, if you get this sweet lil boat, I’d love to test paddle it sometime.

Put a deposit
on the Tupper today. Pick it up end O March or so. Maybe I can get commissions as a Demo Rep!! What say Rob :0)