Want Some Horrible Advice?

You found the right site.

Many of the suggestions, recommendations, and opinions posted here are from people who have no first-hand knowledge of paddling a particular boat identified by the Original Poster. Please keep that in mind!

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Wow…how were you steered wrong here…

I’ve seen many replies that seem the responder has no idea what the original question was.
In the past it seemed there were also many responses from people who seldom paddled and had no clue about how any boat should feel or respond.
I see less of that now.
I know who the serious paddlers are and know I’m not one of them.


I would please. I want some horrible advice. Just please make it funny.


You get what you pay for


News flash - the internet teems with misinformation - film at 11…


Bad advice is like a bad map. It is worse than no advice.

Contributors here have a wide range of knowledge and experience. Shockingly, they have different opinions too.
With that in mind, it’s only natural that any advice and/or suggestions offered might work for some and not for others. To me, the important thing is intent. I see no deliberate effort to mislead or misinform here. The people on these boards genuinely want to be helpful, but deciding what to take and what to leave is up to each of us.


Ok Dog, wear cotton and go paddling on a flooded, stump filled river that is 40°.
First hot, bright day, forget the sunscreen and leave your water in the car.
Have a lilly dipper show up for a 10 mile paddle.
Take a new paddler on a flooded river after she’s been up most of the night with gut problems.
All the above from personal experience.


Also from personal experience:
When shuttle tripping with friends and you leave your car at the take-out, don’t forget to lock your keys inside so you don’t lose them during an unplanned swim.


This thread is useless without specific examples and photos

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Horrible advice is the best kind!

How else are people s’pose to learn from their mistakes???

Why, I’m still in therapy over a boat I’d bought after reading about it here years ago…The replies were all by folks who seemed to have PhDs (Doctorates of Paddling)and skill ratings that were off the charts from mine. The boat itself was purported to be the greatest thing since sliced bread: The most versatile craft of any kind, anywhere! Suitable for every type waters, fresh or salt. Recreation, surf, Class V–You name it! So I then immediately sold off all the other paddle ducks in my fleet, and decided to obtain this one do-it-all vessel. (I won’t say what make/model it was, not wanting to disillusion anyone who might still have that same boat today. Because ignorance is bliss sometimes.
Psst, here’s a hint: It even had a “gray thing” inside!!!)

But after a short while, this amazing recommended supercraft started to seriously fall short of my expectations.
It didn’t seem to travel well. And one day it started complaining about my car topping, or when I tried to take it on a plane without its prior permission.

I’ve called a Suicide Prevention hotline to try and discuss this. But like Rodney Dangerfield, they keep putting me on hold.:scream::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


and for heavens sake, leave that worthless pfd at home, unless you need a seat cushion.
sprayskirt? who needs a sprayskirt, spare paddle - c’mon now. And don’t tell anyone the class 4 river you’ll be going down, alone.


Someone PM me on PNet way back when. Said that I REALLY should try one of these if I was into kayak surfing. I declined. I didn’t/don’t have the skills for it.


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While watching this video, I think besides the boat choice for Sing, a different length of paddle should be considered. "Just my advice! "


I guess I’m missing if there’s some specific context to this thread I’m not aware of. But if it’s about black bears making recommendations or giving advice, I am in full agreement.


I think that’s a different thread.:laughing:

Thanks! It’s going to be hard for me to get the skills to do all this successfully, but Imma try! I might be back with questions though.

That one I’m already good at.

Questions? Why bother? The OP says “the suggestions, recommendations, and opinions posted here are from people who have no first-hand knowledge…”

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