Want to date a paddler in the Carpenteria CA area, M4F

Hey ladies, I’d like to date a fellow paddler, or paddling-curious type. I’m in my mid-30’s, a working professional, love all things outdoors but especially paddling, hiking, backpacking and mountain biking. I enjoy exploring the back country, hiking ridge lines in the Los Padres, mountain biking the fire roads or single track, hammocking, endangered species/fossil hunting (looking for them to report I mean), nature photography, botanical gardens, art museums, road trips, mini golf, boating, and wood working among other activities.

I dont know how to sail but would like to learn. Ditto for paragliding. I am not a typical Californian and spent most of my life in the midwest.

probably looking for someone in their mid-20’s to 40ish. I assume dating during covid is weird but paddling, hiking, biking, or beach day seems like a perfect low risk, socially distance-able activity. I’ll pack a picnic and a bottle of wine if that sounds good. Ideally looking for someone local, but if you’re foreign or a dual citizen all the better. I’m fine with leaving America as soon as the situation allows.

First date doesn’t need to be a paddle. I’m down for a day at a semi-private beach around Goleta, paddling, hiking, chill hammocking, or suggest something that sounds fun to you!

PM me to start a conversation so I can introduce myself more personally.

P.S. Send photo of boat…


and mountain bike…


Hee, hee, hee; want a piece of candy little girl?


Wanda Tibbs May be available


What could be more appealing to single women than the low risk activities of drinking and paddling, drinking and biking, or drinking and hiking with a stranger?


Oh my. I suppose it had to happen sometime.

But most of us are way too old for him anyway.


Haha. I like the way you think Grayhawk and daggermat. I have called a long skinny boat sexy before… :slight_smile: haven’t done it to a bike though.

Tom, I was thinking of picnic and wine after the activities. To be clear im not saying lets get drunk and go paddle or hit some single track, duh.

Celia, ya, I figure my odds are quite low. Actually very very low of 1. finding anyone in my area 2. they are 25-40 females 3. single 4. would actually message me.

But hey, you’ll never find that which you do not search for. I promise im not an internet creep. Bring a guy friend along if it makes you feel better. Im easy going and understand this is not exactly normal, but neither is life right now. Coffee is a fine first meeting too. I’m open to anything

Met my wife paddling. But didn’t advertise on the internet. You can say anything on the web. We went out in the kayaks with a singles out door group. Odds were usually 8 to one, girls to guys. Ladies go out in groups.

Before 2020 joining a church function was a possible meet-up place… but alas… :mask:

We are starting to meet again. It will work again.

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No church for me. Did it as a kid and that was enough of that.

I’ve been to a couple Meetup groups and beach cleanups, but obviously that got the kibosh along with everything else.

You’d be my dream date (right down to the fossil hunting and woodworking) if you weren’t half my age. Oh, well…


This offer is only for females?

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I met my “14 year old me” freshman year of hs crush again at 23 in a package store parking lot. Hit her car with my knee, riding my chopper, it was either “pull in the clutch and drop the beer, or hit the car and save the beer” and I opted for the latter. Janice came over so I could take the dent out of her car (my knees are used to being damaged), and we’ve been together 38 years now…not suggesting this method, but it did work for me :crazy_face: Did give up choppers and race bikes for mtb though. More thrills, better conditioning.


Lol. I wish I was gay. I’d have my pick of the litter. I traveled for work and got multiple offers from guys. Unfortunately for them im quite straight (no judgement if you’re not though). I’ve been told by friends ladies check me out but always too late. apparently I need to be more observant :slight_smile:

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I do think we need to be more observant of body language. One morning after a one nighter in a Milwaukee motel I was told the night clerk was in love with me. It completely went over my head the night before. It was a long business trip and I would have loved a dinner date,

About 20 years ago now, I had just gotten back to Atlanta from a paddling trip to Charleston SC. I joined some work friends for drinks at a mexican restaurant. My truck, with kayak on top, was parked in view, just outside the window at our booth. At some point, one of my lady friends commented that my kayak was like my girlfriend and she didn’t think that was quite right. She asked if she could put me on a dating site. Perhaps because I had had a couple of margarita’s at that point, perhaps not, but anyway I said something to the effect of “Sure, why not.” Anyway, long story short, that’s how I met my first and current wife. It’s kind of surprising given that my friend gave me the name “paddler61” which was perhaps a bit open to interpretation. Anyway, she’s not a paddler and only went with me once but doesn’t seem to mind sharing me with “Natasha Ann.”

Haha, great thread! Good luck to you, @SoloNoMore

Just drive around with yak on car roof. Paddlers tend to follow other paddlers. Like hound dogs