Want to date a paddler in the Carpenteria CA area, M4F


There shall always be swingers!
And I suppose there’ll always be some zingers.
But “Frankly” paddle on however you paddle on.
No hang-ups where love lingers.


Only if it’s a nice kayak on the roof. :grin:

I remember wanting to get into white water canoe. I tailed an Old Town Appalachian all beat up for miles.

You want a beat up kayak. That shows the owner is not a show off but a paddler.

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A couple of possible theme songs.


Great! Thanks…

Ah, the challenges of waterborne romance.

I tried courting a fellow paddler many years ago by making him an original birthday card riffing on Edward Lear’s “The Owl and the Pussycat” illustrated with caricatures of us. In reality, our wholly platonic outings had been mainly coastal kayaking and camping, but he was a photog and a fishing guide with a fondness for ADK guideboats and canoes. Also rather owlish.

Alas, my artistry failed to inspire any ardor on his part (I had yet to learn that widowers are a tough nut to crack.) But I had fun creating it anyway. Just found the draft copy that I kept in a box of old papers. Excerpts below for general amusement, sparing the doggerel portions past the first two verses.


Wow! That would have worked for me… :sunglasses:

Where’s canoeswithduckheads when ya need him?

@castoff Dont Paddle today is my song. lol. awesome.

@willowleaf Wow. If I got a card like that shes a keeper. Unfortunately I dont see a millennia making a card like that now days. I miss many aspects of women of yesteryear. You sound like my dream woman too. Got any single daughters? :slight_smile:

Google is now punishing me for this joke. I receive Google advertisements for dating sites. My wife looked a little uneasy when I mentioned it.


Sorry, Solo, no daughters – not even nieces. I do prefer somewhat younger guys but I suspect you may be in the grandson range.

Here’s the rest of the owl and kitty ditty, FWIW:


A few years ago I was single and my kayak was ALWAYS on my car. When I started looking for a new car my boss asked me if I expected to find one with a yak on top. Of course, I replied. Don’t they come that way?

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Willowleaf, those drawings are gorgeous! Plus I like that poem in the first place.

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Willowleaf, have you considered children’s book illustration? I enjoyed the card, and the fish, turtle and mouse. Classic! Very creative!

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Owlish? Is that a character or physical trait?

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Good going, give it a try! I think people are way too reluctant to adopt unusual methods of mate-seeking, and thus everything nowadays is swipe-left-swipe-right and all that BS. I’m with Willowleaf - you sound like a catch. Were I single and in your demographic I’d be paddling with you - but only after seeing a pic of your boat. :wink: Good luck and please let us know if you meet an eligible paddler.

@willowleaf The card just keeps getting better. Love it.

No replies yet. Tell a friend of a friend about me :slight_smile:

Have you tried lessons or group trips? Last lesson I took there was an attractive woman there by herself…

Also though the Reddit kayaking board is pretty much full of new recreational paddlers, the demographic is a lot younger there, I’d wager.