Want To Relocate?

There’s is a new development in the planning north of Kingman, AZ. Currently wells are being drilled to establish water rights. This development is designed to provide affordable housing for people working in Las Vegas. I’ve heard that 12,000 units are planned. A new paved road is in the planning to make the drive to Vegas less than an hour. Lake Mead is easily accessed so boaters will find this to be an excellent location of live.

I thought I’d pass this on for any people thinking about relocating.

Got any good wilderness areas with
room for ONE unit and a well ???



Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon is only a few miles away. Grand Canyon National Park and Lake Mead National Recreation Area manage much of the land there.

There is remote property to be had. It’s cheaper to have water hauled than to drill a well though. I have a view lot. Meaning a view of the beautiful Grand Wash Cliffs. That’s going to attract wealthy people someday.

Why haul and why drill?
I have been using gravity water for the past twenty years.

Got my own 250 gallon resoivoir about 75 feet up the mountain which gives me some where in the 20 to thirty PSI range.

Oh yea, I forgot about that Giardia thing, but snail poop and salamander slime is evidently good for us, since we have never been sick from it yet and usually visitors take home jugs of it.

On that good view thing:

If the developement is going on the south rim side, I’ll take a lot on the north rim side a couple of hundred miles north !

Maybe with a few poor neighbors



The Big One
Maybe if it were close enough to a major fault line - otherwise, no chance of ocean and no sale!

affordable housing + one hour commute + high gas prices = not so affordable alternative. :frowning:

That’s how much you’ll have to pay for a starter home in Las Vegas.

Screw the ocean along the US coastlines. There’s only a handful of coastal areas you could drag me to. This is just my personal opinion. I just can stand all the development and pollution.

Well with 12,000 units planned
and no water or sewer you better start getting ready for DEVELOPMENT and POLLUTION!

Warning the desert is not for most people. Especially if they have to ask why you are trucking in water. LOL

A slowdown in AZ development would
relieve pressure on water sources. AZ needs to go Fremen in its water philosophy.

"That’s going to attract wealthy people someday. "

So, who’s the developer and how much stake you’re holding?

Hope you live long enough to enjoy the “someday” part. I would put my money at the casino than to bet on the “weathy” part, especially for a developement trying to attract people who can’t afford “350k starter home” in Vagas!

Do you have a more exact location of where this development is taking place? Maybe even who the developer is?

Lawns I want lawns lawns in
norcal below the redwod curtains, lawns of grass in LA, Lawns in AZ. JUst joking of course, GO Native!

North Of Kingman
The devopment is 36 miles north of Kingman at the intersection of Stockton Hill Rd at Pierce Ferry Rd. Stockton Hill is partially dirt but Home Depot and Wal-Mart have pledged money to finish paving it. Don’t know the name of the developers but the county would have that info.

I would add that the Park Service wants to pave the road to Gregg’s Hideout Campground. Right now it’s a 17 mile dirt road starting near the proposed development. Their object is to reduce pressure at South Cove. Gregg’s Hidout is an excellent put-in for kayaks and canoes.

Of course living in the desert isn’t for everyone. If that was true the place would be crowded. I’m just passing this info on for those who might be interested. Some people like having restaurants and bars they can boat to. I’m not one of those. This area is for those who desire open space, warmer climate and a diverse desert environment. Just the other day I saw flowers still in bloom. I like that.

Walmart and Home Depot paying
for the development? Well you are well on your way to surburban hell. I drove through that area once after a hiking trip in the Grand Canyon. It was pretty secluded 7 years ago if I remember right.

Walmart Home Depot paying??
Something smells fishy in that statement.

If they are paying for the road, you can bet they got property tax exemptions and are not paying for any other infrastructure improvements either.

That’s just not the way these corporations do business.

Uh, do you know that area?
Not much rainfall. It’s not like Hawaii, where they collect rainwater because wells are not feasible due to type of soils (at least in some areas).

Parts of CO have the same water problem. We have 5+ acres in the Four Corners, and wells are only allowed for 35 acres and larger. Everybody else outside of town has to haul their water and store it in cisterns. Nobody there thinks of it as unusual.

The developer’s name is Jim Rhodes. Las Vegas folks know him well. At this time I am not aware of any “deals” as far as improvements to the existing Stockton Hill road go. I know the developer was working with the Feds as far as Gregg’s Hideout Road. It’s likely that he would foot the bill for the paving. Stockton Hill is currently in the 5 year road plan to be improved at the County. We try to do 2+ miles a year depending on the choice of surfacing.

This area is growing VERY fast!! The home prices in Kingman are quickly catching up with those in Phoenix and Vegas.

I work for Mohave County in the Public Works Department. The Engineering Division prepares road construction plans and reviews submittals for County development among other things. We are going crazy trying to keep up with the growth!

Good luck with that water supply
The Southwest is living on borrowed time for fresh water supplies. The population growth, while economically appealing in the short term, will spell environmental and fiscal disaster over time. Here in the Midwest, we’re sitting on the most abundant fresh water supply in the world, the Great Lakes, and we have developed a multi-state/province consortium to protect this priceless resource. Too bad the Colorado River basin states haven’t had similar foresight.

I thought his development was out by the airport extending to DW Ranch Road. Or does he have 2 big ones going.

As far as water you get it from the aquafur not the Colorado River. I own property but don’t live there. It’s hard to keep up. It seems to be going nuts there. So much for remote quiet living.

Drilling a well is not so bad. It sure adds value to your investment. Depth varies a lot. I know people that are 400’ and I am at 925’. $15-$18 a foot. I’m solar and wind power, no grid with propane for cooking and heat. I love the area when I can get there. It is definately not like the desert living most people think about. You know flat, sandy dirt unbearable heat. There are plans to redo the docks at Pierce Ferry I heard. Has anyone revealed the secret of what those things floating in Lake Havasu are? ;-D