I’m going to need a new watch soon and was wondering what others like. I would rather not spend more tha 150$ It must be good in salt water!

any casio or timeg rated to 180 feet
or better will meet your needs. $50 or less at campmor.

I just use my
hear rate monitor. Light weight and soft strap is nice when paddling.

found the watch for me at EMS. It’s a field watch, titanium case, waterproof to >300’, and has a large enough face that I don’t need my reading glasses to see what time it is. It’s $70.

One thing to watch out for-before I got this watch, I bought a sports watch (not at EMS) only to find out that I couldn’t read the time with polarized sunglasses.


Keep in mind…
That you have to lift the added weight on your arm several thousand times per paddle.

When I first started paddling I would wear my Seiko dive watch and then have pain in my left shoulder. Leaving the watch off cured that pain. It weighed about as much as my current paddle… GH

i love my Suunto - - -
it’s waterproof, it has a compass, barometer, altimeter, tells you the date and day, has numerous alarms, a chromometer, several logs and best of all … it tells time. soon, they’ll make a model that makes breakfast too. i’m keeping an eye out.

now yer being silly - - -
weight on the arm? aww c’mon greyhawk yer dreamin. there’s not a watch in the world that’s heavy enough to cause shoulder pain and i don’t care if you paddled across to france with it. i think psychology may be playing with your mind here?

Any Timex Expedition.

watch weight
While I find it hard to believe the added weight was a problem, I can believe the constriction and restriction of a watch may be a problem. I can’t stand to wear a watch while paddling.

Nike Triax C5 Heartrate
monitor has a big enough face that you don’t need glasses and the heartrate monitor lets you control your exertion as you paddle.

Never thought of the restriction that a watch could create, but it is a good point.

Since I don’t paddle as far as most, I don’t think it will be a problem for me, but for some of the long distance folks, it could create the problem described.

Happy Paddling (if it ever stops raining)

Swiss army watch…I have had it for 10 years and in the salt water often for the last decade. Never missed a beat.

Watch Link
You may want to check out the Water Resistant question on this link:

Paddle Safe - Louis

Freestyle Shark
My wife bought this for me on our honeymoon. I have used it daily for the present & future tide prediction funciton for most of North America. Costs more than $150 (she won’t divulge the price) but it’s great. This especially comes from someone that Consumer Reports should have as a product beater, I mean tester. :wink:

See you on the water,


I have been using the same Timex Expedition watch for the last 5 years, replaced battery once, (and it is still waterproof), same rubber strap. Nothing fancy, just tells time and date

Cost about $30.

I live on the beach, paddle in salt water only, wear it all the time.

Sometimes less is more.

Be careful
about that Swiss watch thing, Jim. Next you’ll be wearing a Tilly. I like my Wenger GST Air Chrono. The Ti/Sapphire construction makes it pretty bomb proof. I don’t expect to ever survive going deep enough for water to get past the screw-down crown and buttons. Better still, it doesn’t beep or nag me about what time it is.


Thanks all !
I live for less is more and found an expedition that will fit the bill for around 50$ I’ll put the rest toward surf zone class.

Casio Mariner
I had a Casio Mariner. A very good watch but you must remember to screw down the stem piece. I didn’t and got it full of saltwater when I could maytaged in the surf. Never really worked right after that.

I replaced it with a Swiss Army watch. I never thought it would last long, but it has. It has been is saltwater, but I can not recall ever taking a real beating with it on…

No tilly for me.
The swiss watches are water resistant to 100 meters…ok for swimming or paddling

Go CHEAP - G-shock
I wear a very expensive Citizen Aqualand watch but I justified it because of my scuba diving. I do like the watch for kayaking as I can get temp readings of the water and/or ambient air.

If I was buying a watch specifically for paddling I’d go with a Casio G-Shock watch. You can pick them up for $29 and they can take a beating!


Takes a licking
but keeps on ticking has been my choice for yrs. Timex expedition for 20$ at , they also have a expedition w/a compass -digital readout fro 30$ . It DOES work , used it in the 10K Is.'s and I only missed my hole when I didn’t use the compass ( oh yeah I remember that mangrove from last yr. , I don’t have to check my bearings ).Lost thta watch on the beach cause I took it off . Bought a WallyWorld aqua tec for 7$ and although I’ll get another compass timex this cheapo is running fine through all the paddling o the last 8 months.