waterproof binoculars

Anyone have any suggestions for a good pair of waterproof binoculars?

Whats your budget ?
The Nikon Monarchs are really nice.



I bought . . .
. . . Barska 7x32 for around 60 bucks. Waterproof. They are pretty good. Colmination is spot on. I also have some Zeiss that I compared them to. Can’t really tell any difference. Barska is made in China.

Leupold Yosemite
Very nice optics for around $120.


Tasco Sierra 8x25
Just picked up a pair - excellent value for the money, which isn’t much at all - less than $20 US on websites…

definitely not up there with the $100+ ones, but hey, those aren’t 5x better…

Take a look at these from Vortex…

The price isn’t bad (under $80) and they are tough little things. Vortex has a number of “levels” however. Stay away from the cheaper yellow-clad models and seek out their rubber armoured units like this one.

Two other points/opinions from a paddling perspective: 1) An 8X pair is often easier for paddlers to use than a more powerful 10X pair, simply because of the movement of your boat. I have friends who use just 6X for this reason. 2) Consider a monocular for both ease of use and their (obviously) smaller dimensions. They fit better in most PFD pockets and you can get to them that much quicker. Paddle on!

Leupold Arcadia
Anyone have these?

a GOOD SET OF 8X50 binocs that are nitrogen- charged but weigh a ton and take up half my cockpit.

I also have a small pair of Bushnell 7x25 that are waterproof and very nice. I keep them under the deck-webbing (leashed tothe kayak of course.

BUT, nothing beats my Barska 7x22 monocular!

It is small enough to fit in my PFD pocket but shows what I want to see. AND, since it is a monocular, IO don’t have to worry about knocking one lens out of whack and tossing the entire thing out the window.

Do we really need BI-nocs in a kayak when a MON-oc will do?

I prefer to use both eyes because
whichever eye is closed is blurry when I reopen it I’m viewing for a while.

Call this place
I think (and many many birdwatchers) think this is one of the best places to buy optics. I’m not a member, part owner or connected with this place in any way. I believe it has a brick and mortor storefront in Madison WI.

The have let me order 2-3 bino’s at the same time on a cc and then return all but the one I purchased.

When you call - you usually get some pretty experienced and knowledgeable sale people who have looked through pretty much everything they stock. The also set up a booth at lots of events around the country.


Unfortunately they have recently changed their website - you used to be able to sort bin’s by eye relief, waterproof etc.

Now its by price or brand.

So I would just call


Bushnell 8x42 Nature View
They are a great value. I do a lot of bird watching and found them recommended on a bird watching sight (which I don’t remember now). When I loan them to people they almost always comment on how good they are. Granted they are not high end Nikon but in terms of bang for the buck they are right up there.

Binoculars for the kayak/canoe . . .
. . . don’t need to be that good. They do need to be waterproof. You ain’t gonna spend hours looking through them like a birdwatcher or a guy standing watch.

I bought them for kayaking/birding
They are waterproof. They really do fit the bill (so to speak).

Celestron Outland 10 x25
They have multi coated optics, high index BAK-4prisms and are water/fog proof. Nice compact binoculars for around $50.

good deal on Binocs …
… eBay listing , type this # in the search window , 200304767017 .

Eagle Optics Rangers 6x32

– Last Updated: Feb-06-09 3:40 PM EST –

Reasonably compact, WP, nitrogen-filled, great eye relief. The 6 power makes bobbing about in a boat less jittery. These are mid-priced glasses, $300. One feature I appreciate is that they will focus to about three feet - yes, three feet. Great for looking at flowers and butterflies.

Leupold also makes a comparable bino for a comparable price, also available from Eagle.


Cabela’s has several pair. These are advertised as 100% waterproof, and with their return policy and the price, I’m going to get a pair.

Nikon Monarch s 8x36. Great
binoculars, but a little pricey. I got them to replace a pair that weren’t waterproof and got ruined after an unexpected swim. They’re a good compromise both in size and weight.

maybe this one-
I’ve had these on my short list for a few years, but my old 8-24 travelite has not yet fallen in the river.


anyone use more than an 8x? I like to watch the birds, I know 10x will be tougher to use in the boat, but I am not always afloat.

-Dan V.

Nikon trailblazers
I really enjoy these and a great price for the quality


Nikon Trailblazer 8x25 ATB Binocular


Nikon Trailblazer 8x25 ATB Binocular


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Choice binos for bikers and hikers

High value on the trail is measured by the fistful. Pick up Nikon’s new Trailblazer 8x25 All Terrain Binoculars for rugged compacts that balance versatile viewing power with a size you can afford to carry on any trail. The Trailblazer is a perfect choice for bikers and hikers weathering unexpected storms … as well as canoers who can’t pamper their binos while paddling.

* Waterproofing with tight O-ring seals safeguards viewing, long after the rain or snow shower is over.

* Fogproofing with nitrogen purged optics prevents fogging on internal lens surfaces for clear views in spite of sudden temperature changes.

* Smooth rubber armoring is easier to keep a handle on in wet, cold conditions.

The Trailblazer binoculars are sure to be a favorite for any nature observation. A wide 429-foot field of view helps you find and follow wildlife on the move – from any range. Turn and slide eyecups bring a wider field to eyeglass wearers, too. And when it comes to taking a better look at butterflies and other insects, its hard to beat the crisp details you’ll see from as close as eight feet with the Trailblazer compacts.

Field of View 429 ft./1000 yds.

Eye Relief 10 mm

Close Focus 8.2 ft.

Weight 9.9 oz.

Dimensions (HXW) 4.1 x 4.5 in.

Weatherproofing Waterproof/Fogproof