Waterproof speakers in a Kayak

I am really thinking hard of installing a stereo in my kayak.

I am not sure how complex I want to get with it but i envision anything from an ipod with speakers to a full on STEREO installed into the boat that uses a motorcycle battery, solar power, and 12 volt waterproof speakers.

I am currently having trouble finding sufficently water proof speakers, of ANY type. Any ideas??

Motorcycle shop
Motorcycles use waterproof speakers. Might be worth checking out your local shop.

Or use earbuds, that way you’re not infringing on anyone’s desire to enjoy the quiet.



Stick with the jet-ski…

gimma a break…
Yes yes peace and quiet on the water… I will be paddling 3000+ miles… A stereo will be nice.

If I was paddling 3000 miles
… I might consider a WP Ipod. But a car stereo, motorcycle battery, and full speakers … in a kayak … on a 3000 mile expedition?

This is why I come here, the learnin’ never stops.

aisle twelve
…next to the waterproof kayak cigarette lighter, the waterproof kayak DVD player, the waterproof kayak climate control system and the waterproof kayak seat warmer.

Nice Troll! NM


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suppose i shouldn't let on to the chainsaw that is coming too..

I am so glad i live in AK.. None of this stuff flies in the lower 48..

Oh well..

Then you aren’t into the journey

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Enjoy the journey and the sounds of silence.

If you are really going to paddle 3,000 mile you won't have room for these suggested toys unless it's 10 miles at a time.

while i find the back and forth jokes amusing, NRS does have a number of options. The Freestyle completely waterproof and even shock resistant mp3 player has gotten some really good reviews, plus it comes with it’s own water proof ear-buds. Or if one already has an iPod pelican also makes cases for nearly all old-gen and new-gen iPods, nanos and standard. As for actual speakers… that’d be tough, but if you find a way to make it work, tell me because I’d really like to know.



Take a BANJO!!!

Okay, I’ve got to chime in

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on this one.
First off, there's nothing wrong with listening to good tunes while paddling so long as you're able to hear what's going on around you, just like a vehicle on a highway. There's only so much silence or Kittiwake screaming a person can take.

Second, a radio? Dude, I'm just a fricken pubic hair away from calling you a troll because everyone knows there is really no radio reception on the waters of Alaska. You'd realzie this if you actually lived there and know your shit. PWS is surrounded by glaciers and mountains.

Third, if you're traveling "3000 miles" and want to listen to some tunes, you should think about an MP3 player of some sort not an FM radio. Satellite radio doesn't work in Alaska. Neither does Satellite TV unless you have a 3ft dish sitting in your back yard or mounted to your kayak or patio deck.

Forth, are you for real or what? I despise folks who get on an online board and dink around with Alaska inquiries. Alaska paddling is some serious shit. Put down that PB-n-J sandwich, pull your head out of your ass and pay attention. On a 3000 mile paddle, the last thing on your mind should be trying to find a music radio station. What the hell is it going to do for you when your ass hits a rock, busts open your boat and you're 10 miles from the nearest shoreline in 50 degree water? Sorry if I sound mean, but dammit, people like you, well, your on-line questions anyway, scare the crap out of me and every other rescuer out there.

Fifth, as I said before, there's -nothing- wrong with music, However, to get serious replies you must re-think your wording of the question to really be taken seriously. Stating that you're looking for watreproof FM speakers for your kayak on a 3000 mile trip in Alaska isn't doing you any favors.

The (former) Voice of Prince William Sound

Give him hell PP
The guy is going on a 3,000 mile trip and needs help with WP speakers. Hello! Maybe he’ll be asking boat or paddle recommendations later.

paddle pirate only sounds mean
because she is

Didn’t you

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hear he's going to do it in a Pamlico 140 and no float bags??

On a somewhat serious note - anyone who wants to enjoy music in the outdoors should do so using a personal listening device like an ipod or other mp3 player with headphones.

All the other people out there want to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature. They don't want to hear your Spice Girls or Britney Spears blaring while your overloaded kayak hits a strainer and rolls over.

If you are dumb enough to take some sort of radio to the outdoors with real speakers, and you disturb others, don't be surprised if they tell you what dumb a$$ you are. I'm sure I'm not the only person here who has done so in the past when someone at an adjacent camp site is disturbing the peace.

On the bright side if he's paddling in Alaska we can only hope he'll piss off a killer whale or a grizzly and become lunch.

In the words of GK and others here....

Paddlin on...

She has to be…
She’s paid to thwart Darwinism on the water! A noble calling.


Having trouble finding them???
Give me a break. A simple google reveals lots of them. For example:


That tells me you are not serious. It also reminds me of students where I teach who cannot resist putting their speakers in the window of their dorm room and going outside to sunbathe while announcing to the world what great musical taste they have and that they don’t give a damn if it intrudes on what others want to hear. Go away troll.

You’re also going to need TiVo

I’ve got a new hero
Wow. That was some awesome post.

Well said – I don’t think you left anything out.




has some weatherproof but not waterproof. I would just put the subwoofer in a dry bag. Remember to get a stereo deck with a removable face; I hear there’s a lot of kayak prowls within a 3000 mile radius of Alaska, you wouldn’t want your stereo ripped off while on an expedition. That could prove to be catastrophic.

I’ve got a kegerator in my Explorer and can email you the plans if your interested. Lord knows, I could’t have completed my 13 miler the other weekend with out it. Always carry an extra beer mug, seems I keep meeting kayakers on the water and dang it if they never have a beer mug on them.

Of course you are using a marine battery and solar panels.

I have a knee tube that dispenses cd’s like a Pez dispenser. Real handy. I load it 2cd’s, then a bagel, 2 more cd’s then another bagel. You can adjust the ratio to fit your individual metabolic needs. Every now and then you may get some peanut butter on a cd, though. Be careful.

My friend had an old massage lounger that he was parting out so I took the bottom seat out of it and fashioned it to fit in my Explorer. Solar powered, keeps the cheeks massaged and won’t let the legs fall asleep. Great for a long trip like yours.

I went to the local truck toys dealer and bought seat heaters and installed one on my bulkhed footbrace. Heats the entire cockpit. My paddlin partners call me “Toasty Toes”.

They also had some PIAA off road driving lites on sale, so I bought a pair and a front brush guard to mount them on. Works really well at night.

The guy told me that deer whistles work well for seals too. So I bought some, mounted them outside each PIAA light. They work really well, I haven’t hit a seal yet.

Good luck on your trip. Keep us posted.