waterproof sunscreen

What do you use? I use Coppertone Sport, but I don’t like the greasy feel. Is there any better options for kayaking?

All I Know…
is that the residue left on your hands doesn’t bother you nearly so much with a Greenland paddle as with a Euro paddle.

They have a line of sunscreen they call “Ultra sheer”. Much less greasy. But I still wipe my hands before paddling after using it.

Dries very quickly, not greasy at all, and waterproof for longer.

Grizz baar grease
an’ flies like it too…


(akually Bull Frog be good)

I HATE the feel of sunscreen on my skin
we have Hawaiian Tropic 45 plus all day waterproof, and we were just commenting when we were puting it on the other day before our paddle, that it soaks in and doesn’t leave you feeling like you have sunscreen all over you, especially on your face. Infact, we need more and I hope I’ll be able to find it.

Infact it says sheer touch formula with vitamin a,c and E.

I’m also open to other suggestions.

Ocean Potion Suncare …
… oil free “Sport” extreme sunblock .

“PARSOL” 1789 is a registered trademark of DSM Nutritional products Inc. , it is manufactured and distributed by “Sun and Skin Care Research Inc.” , box 236277, Cocoa Fl., 32923 .


It is great stuff , broad spectrum SPF ,UVA1,UVA2,UVB , soaks in and doesn’t leave oil feeling , really works .

I call Sunscreen the “love/hate relationship” .

two types
Ombrelle is one of the best in terms of function and skin health, and I use this over most exposed areas.

Less impressive, but non-greasy and easy to apply are the alcohol based spray on sunscreens. These spray on and dry instantly, so I use them on my hands and face.

Kinesys makes one, and Bullfrog, I have heard is good. I just use a store brand for that.

You are game!

What is it for?
If it’s for general use on the body, trial and error - have found plenty that work just fine, but for my face I use an Ella Bache’ Cover Cream - its like a skin coloured zinc that is also SPF30+. Doesn’t come off (unfortunately that means it doesn’t come off anything!)

Tad pricey, but last years.

Have used it for a long time for surfing in the very sunny Gold Coast of Australia and if I wear it I don’t get burnt, point proven! An no amount of water or sweating wears it off.

SOL sunguard
Their Bluewater formula works great. It has zinc oxide in it for better coverage. No stinging in your eyes, and it doesn’t feel gross on your skin.


Their lip balm is excellent too!


Kinesys is the best I have found.
Goes on like water, does not wash off,dries completely grease-free, and you can get it unscented.

My lilly white legs were in the sun 5 or 6 hours Saturday and got just a tinge darker.

Recommended by Outside magazine.

Consumer Reports
gives the NoAd SPF 45 its Best Buy rating and at $0.63 per fluid ounce, it is quite a bit cheaper than the competitors. The top rated Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch SPF 45 is $4.43/fl.oz. Hawaiian Tropic scored well and was more reasonable at $1.50/fl.oz. for SPF 30. Banana Boat, Bull Frog (spray), and Coppertone all scored poorly. I recently tried the Bull From gel and it seemed to cover well and perform better than the spray (maybe my manly/hairly legs are not suited for sprays).

Apply plenty and don’t pay out the wazoo for the highest SPFs. Most people don’t burn in 20 minutes and you’d have to be out in the sun for 20 hours straight for SPF 60 to be more beneficial say than SPF 45 or 30. On an worst-case day, I might start burning in 15 minutes, so with SPF 30, it would take over 7 hours to start burning. So, SPF 30 applied heavily or with one reapplication after lunch is fine for my pasty-white self.



no ad
doesn’t work for beans.

netrogenA the 70 block is to me the best, its non greasy and last all day, no need to reapply after a few hours like with coppertone

take a few jiggers of 303 daily
for that full body, white on white glow, no matter the UV exposure…

Bull frog gell…
has worked well so far. I bought a small bottle back in April and it will last all summer.

Not greasy at all. I put it on right before I get in the kayak.

Non greasy when it goes on and whats left on my hands dries before I can get in the kayak.

I think mine is like 25. Not saying it’s the best, just that it had worked great so far. I know other kayakers who use it.

Been using the No Ad 45
and seems to keep me from burning.


Another BullFrog
I prefer the gel, the spray on is good too, but I don’t like the over-spray ending up on everything. I had a bad experience with DEET and expensive prescription sunglasses once…