Waterproof Wallet?

Having soaked my leather wallet for the 2nd time in two weeks I was going to go buy a small dry bag or box to keep it in – but I wonder – does anyone offer a waterproof wallet? I guess I could get all my paper cards laminated…

Dry box. Keep mine in a Pelican.

not waterproof but close…
I just picked up a Timbuk2 wallet which is made out of ballistic nylon for just that reason. While it won’t keep my money dry, the wallet itself is waterproof. I’m more comfortable throwing it in my “dry” bag than my nice leather wallet.

Waterproof fanny pack
I bought a waterproof fanny pack after a VCP hatch cover gave up on me, that “accident” cost me a new cell phone and a soaked leather wallet.

Ducti Wallet

The Ultimate Wallet, I bought them for all of the males in my family, they LOVE them.

(ps, I don’t how waterproof they are, they’re just fun)

Donna :slight_smile:

Aquapac Wangahnui dry packs.

$20-$30 - beats soaked wallet.

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Hyde Park, NY

Plastic wallet
Yeah, a plastic wallet would be an improvement…

Watershed has a small pouch with
a zip seal which is even more failure resistant than their larger bags. I keep my wallet, cell phone, etc., in there when on the river.

Zip lock baggie
Think & act simply. Slip your wallet into a zip-lock sandwich bag, put it in your pocket, button your pocket and paddle away… No need to buy yet another expensive special purpose dry-bag, dry box or river wallet. If you want even more security throw the wallet/baggie in your regular dry bag with your other “must stay dry” gear– double protection at no additional cost.

ziplock bag
I usually keep a ziplock freezer-bag in the pocket of my pfd for wallet and cell phone (or I leave them in the car). Cliff Jacobson had some fancy ziplock bags at the Quietwater symposium that I got a couple small ones that should hold a wallet and cell phone. I think they were ALOKSAK Waterproof & Airtight Bags.

Why take a wallet paddling?
Paddlers I know all lock up the wallet in the trunk or some other place in the car. I have a key permanently attached to the PFD. I carry some money in a bag and that’s it. Other than my typical safety gear, why would I want to take my wallet with all my credit cards etc?

Cars at launch sites unattended, safe?

Don’t laminate your Social Security Card
it melts

don’t buy a kevlar one

Never had something taken
I leave all sorts of stuff in the bed of my truck at launch sites. I live in a highly populated area. I’ve never had something taken without also getting a note of who took it and how they’ll get it back to me. I have had things left in my truck. Sometimes trash, but sometimes beer, so it’s a wash.

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No way on earth anyone
should be carrying a SS card with them in this day and age of identity theft, anyway. Unless you think you might be applying for a job at any given time. Moreover, laminataing it makes it invalid - a technicality and no employer would ever care, but some useless trivia nonetheless.

I have a Tumi wallet that is made of a ballistic material that had been in the Bering Sea and survived. Wish I could say the same for everything that was IN IT at the time.

I like the one with the grommet!

Maked great stuff…

Google it… They have a site…

Don’t depend on a baggie!!!
When I first started kayaking last year, I put my cell phone in a ziplock baggie (brand name, not generic) and I ended up getting moisture in it just from paddle drips in the bottom of the boat. The bag never got submersed, just wet, yet there was still enough moisture inside to worry me. Fortunately, the cell phone had no damage, but I wonder what would happen if it was exposed to much more water.

I highly suggest for valuables, like a phone or wallet, that you get a “Real” dry bag . . . .

Dry bag
I have a fancy dry bag which keeps sea water out but i still get alot of condensation inside the bag which has caused problems with several phones that i have owned.