we are getting so ripped off!

a block of foam for $40 and up? a bilge pump for $30? a paddle holder for $40? a glorified rain jacket for over $200? and my personal favorite, a sponge, that’s right, the kind you and i use to wash our dishes with, for $15!!! and don’t get me started on the price of yakama and thule rack “systems.”

give me a break.

I Bought Everything You Listed!
'cause there was a gun to my head. ;}


its only paper
and you aint taking it with you

Your choice
There are lower-cost alternatives for everything you listed if you’re creative and adaptable.

You forgot …

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..the PFD, the whistle, the paddle, the boat, the knife, the GPS, the VHF radio, the water shoes, and the padle float.
If you want to play you have to pay
If you still want to play but don't want to pay go the other route:
- block of foam = substitute- pool noodles
- bilge pump = substitute - milk jug with
bottom cut off
-Paddle holder =substitute - broom holder clip
-Glorified rain jacket= substitute - trash bag
with holes cut out for arms
-Sponge = substitute -old cotton rag
-Rack systms = substitute - two 2x 4's tied
through the windows


the gun is to my head again. If I don’t go right out and buy those things, then I am just going to have to shoot myself.


You only buy most of them once.
Bought any gas lately?


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$3.20 a gallon for the really cheap crap and all I do is use it to go to work. I think I'll go fondle my bildge pump now....

you should see what I’m getting paid!
for a job that rightfully, 30-40 years ago would have only paid $15-20 thousand

Probably won’t like a Tilley…
I get the tile grout sponges at HD they have one of the sides as a scrubber, great for cleaning.

Substitute for a Tilley
My wife has a great one which was free.

A “Calusa Blue Way” ball cap won in the Estero River Race by Grayhawk.



ok, I’ll give you a break
you’ve obviously never had to work at or run a retail establishment.

…what do you paddle? A Pungo? …or do you paddle a ‘ripoff’ commercial sea kayak, be it a British made, custom wood, or other commercial boat?

This is an expensive sport to most - but then you could always take up powerboating and just go ahead and flush those $100 bill down the toilet - which is what happens with a really expensive sport/pastime.

Just watch PNET and other club classifieds boards and you will be able to pick up these items for just a fraction of what the original price was. (I know, I am usually the one selling them) Of course, if you need them ‘right now’ then your ability to find bargains might be curtailed somewhat.

But like the others on this thread have said, you only buy most of these items once…so look at it as your contribution to your safety, comfort, and love of the sport.



If the heat is too great
get out of the kitchen.

Maybe you would prefer to spend your hard-earned simoleons on tickets for professional sports. Now there is a rip-off.


For the
first few years I paddled with a cheapo regular life jacket and no spray skirt or any of the bells and whistles. I simply chose calm days in protected waters and made due. I even had a $30 paddle to use. Slowly I saved money until I had a nice wad saved up for kayaking. I waited until I knew the closest shop had a good sale going, then went nuts. I bought a Snapdragon Glacier Trek Neo skirt, a Seals cockpit cover, an NRS pfd, a nice Gaia dry bag, some water shoes, a bilge pump, sponge, and a bb paddle for a total of about $300. A paddling buddy gave me the shoes (Perception Neos) in return for use of my truck for an hour. I just had to be pateint for a while, start simple, save money; now I can enjoy the sport in my CD Sirocco with very adequate equipment.

try these
For gloves, I use wells lamont neoprene at $5. Cold weather? Wear disposable gloves with fingertips cutoff from wells lamont. Buy paddle clothes at salvation army. At the gym I grab sneakers from throwaway box and use them for paddling. I made excellent paddle float from 4in thick ethafoam shoved into old back pack.

I try to be creative so can afford turbo wing paddle and graphite boats. I own one paddle. Some people have many.

I’ll pay!
Most things I can find much cheaper, but when it comes to racks I want the best. After all I invested all that money in a quality yak, I want it NOT to go flying off my vehicle at 70 MPH. So the Thule and Yakima racks I can see paying ( you get what you pay for).

I also agree $40 for a paddle holder and $15 for a sponge is just pure greed by the companies. Kayaking is becoming a fast growing sports because it does not take gas and oil to run them, and companies know this, so they will charge waht ever they think they can get away with. Its those rich snobby people who buy these over priced things(because they don’t know better), so if you want a company to stop being so greedy…FORCE THEM …don’t support them by buying their overpriced products. Who ever sells the cheapest priced product will get the business. Example: The $15.00 sponge your talking about can be bought at the Dollar General store for $2.00 or a slightly smaller one for $1.00. If the Dollar General store supplier for sponges can make a profit on $2.00 or $1.00, just imagine the profit the company selling the $15.00 sponge for is making. STOP supporting greed people. Stop driving as much, and only if you have to, stop buying expensive electronics. If people bought only what they NEEDED and not what they WANTED companies will be forced to sell everything including cars and trucks at a much lesser price. Unforntunately we live in a society that has the mentality of “I want it and I want it now!”. What is sad is our kids are learning this and hense the high prices. If you don’t beleive me, then look at the price of an X-box 360 when they first came out…then look at the old Nentendo games…1/3 the price for the Nentendo games. Its this supply and demand thing I have always said will cause the downfall of our economy, simply because of one over powering factor that no one takes into account, and that is plain and simple greed! Enough said, lets go yaking!!

Drive down the cost per use
by paddling a lot!

The paddling itself is mostly free.

I had fun last night for $2.50 in pool fees. Had an awesome experience a couple weekends ago at a section of Yaquina Bay and River we never explored before, for free. (Dennis and Jack drove.) Gonna have the time of my life exploring another new section tomorrow for the cost of a 45 minute drive each way. In early June I’ll be two weeks paddling wherever my heart’s desire and abilities enable, from Mayne Island, B.C., to South Puget Sound. $8-15 per night camping fees, plus gas for transportation. Total gas won’t be a lot more than driving to work daily.

If you paddle a lot, it’s a helluva deal.

Paul S.

anyone who can’t figure out how not to
… spend $15 for a sponge is a marketers’ tool.

hogwild is a troll…
and you all fell for it. Get out paddling people.

BTW it’s not me!

Happy Paddling billinpa