we are getting so ripped off!

so didn’t I…!!!, Oh My…

You don’t suppose the CIA’s conducting somekind of mind-warfare, created a population ruled by mind-control direct from Washington…do you???Oh My…

Ya Think…? LOL!

You are so getting athlete’s foot.

I’m so gullible! NM

Designer sponge…!
Come on clarion,

Those designer sponges from Pango Pango cut 15.825 seconds off the time spent with regular ones. Look at what one could do with the time saved!..

so mad
when I read that sentence structure it conjures up a young woman with platform heels stomping her foot

Seekest thou Advice, Suggestions, or
General Help?

A good sponge is easily woth $20
especially if I’m too cheap to buy a properly fitting spray skirt.

Paul S.

another solution
don’t drive 70 MPH

You mean I DIDN’T have to spend $20 …
… on that specially made Kayak sponge at REI!!! NOW you tell me…

Man, do I feel stupid … now where’s that receipt…

Agreed ,Jim,and
movies,concerts,etc. Just can’t see some of the prices they ask for some of those things.

Happy Paddling billinpa

Hall monitor’s here!
Everybody, act natural!

Other boats
are more expensive. For years I was an avid sailor. The boats I owned were mostly in the 18 to 23 foot range. Moorage was expensive, new sails were expensive, ditto for insuarance and winter storage. I lost sleep everytime a storm came along. Bottom paint, an annual thing that keeps barnacles from making their home on the hull, cost $80 a gallon. Friends of mine who own powerboats complain about the cost of fuel for boats that get, maybe, four miles to the gallon. All things considered, kayaking is a reasonably inexpensive water sport. Of course, an old inner tube and a swimsuit would get you on the water for less…

translation for g2d:

should a block of foam cost $40 and up?

should a bilge pump cost $30?

should a paddle holder cost $40?

should a glorified rain jacket for over $200?

should a sponge cost $15!!!

and don’t get me started on asking about the price of yakama and thule rack “systems”!

has he started yet?


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Just bought a Thule 881 "Top Deck" for $80 sight unseen from Amazon. When they arrived and I unpacked it, I couldn't believe I just spent $80 for four small pieces of plastic with a metal bottom bracket. PLASTIC. But if they do what they are designed for... I guess I'll be happy.

But what are you going to do? I agree, too bad it's hard to find these items from smaller companies anymore. Didn't Saris just get out of roof racks?

Ha,you guys got trolled pretty good

Me thinks thou seekest traffic.
I love a good troll, now and then.

Paul S.

Yeah we know…
But if we had something better to do, we’d be doing it… :slight_smile:

New tires for a BMW motorcycle
$457 for two tires mounted and balanced. Everything paddling related now seems reasonably priced.