Website problems?

Is anyone else having problems with the message boards? I’m getting this a lot, or just pages that come up completely blank.

Yes, all the time now.

Often on my iPad. So far not on my desktop.

All the time for me, too. It’s definitely detracting from my desire to read here. Hey @VSAdmin will you please investigate?

In case it matters, I’m browsing from a Mac with Safari.

same here on Android phone and windows (Chrome) PC. After some seconds the error disappears the the desired page appears.

The error notice (or blank page) stays up until I hit reload.

No problem


I haven’t experienced any issues. PC running Chrome.


I am using a desktop computer and Mozilla Firefox. I get the error message screen basically every time I try to navigate back to a prior page. But if I hit the “Try Again” tab, I usually get back to the prior page.

No issues. PC & Chrome

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No issues, PC and Firefox.

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No issues for me either - PC and Firefox. JJust tried the navigating back a page and that worked fine for me also.

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@VSAdmin I’m still having this problem with the forums and it’s making the site insufferable. Please investigate.

Heya all,

Anybody else been having this issue and can you share your device, software, and any other information with us?


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As I said, I’m on a Mac using Safari. My software is up to date, I’m not using a VPN or private browsing, or blocking any part of the site. The other people who have chimed in with the same problem are using a variety of machines/browsers. This problem is only happening (for me) on the forums, not on any other part of the site. I can’t read without constant errors or blank pages so I’ll just periodically check back to see if it’s fixed. Thank you for investigating.

Yes, PC with Firefox and has been happening a lot. About 6 times in the last 10 minutes or so today.

no problems
Safari on phone
Chrome on PC

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The above information was relayed to the dev team to investigate, so you just get the (Error) page in post #1


PC with Chrome. No issues.


PC with Edge browser no issues.
Android tablet with Silk browser no issues.

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